Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Do you know the way to use eBay?@>%!!>#@!!

If you don't already know....I sell on ebay to bring in a little extra cash flow to buy extra things for the house and the kiddos...I have been doing this for a few years ever since my oldest was a baby. Lately for some reason I have had an overwhelming amount of nonpaying bidders, let me tell you this is the MOST frustrating thing for sellers. I have already paid all of the fees charged for these items(and let me tell ya they ain't cheap now-a-days) and then I wait...and wait....and wait....and wait....and apparently WAIT some more. I send several polite reminders saying that I am happy to work with them and that I am MORE than flexible if they just contact me. And yet I wait....NOTHING...SERIOUSLY people!!!!! I have to wait until the 8th day to file a non-paying bidder report, then I get to wait some more....WHOOPI! I am telling the last month alone I have had 5 NONPAYING bidders! UGH!!!! I list items with the buy it now option/best offer. So there is NO mistaken hassels of waiting until the last minute. I have resorted to adding the immediate payment option to my listings so that I do not have deal with this anymore. I did manage to get 2 of the 5 people to pay by opening the non-paying bidder complaints. But alas there are 3 out there that owe me money to the tune of $282.95...yeah WOW! I really wish that these people would not waste all of my time, energy and efforts by doing this. This is my income and helps me to get those little extras for the kids and what have you as I stated before. I just wish that people would take it a little more seriously.

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