Friday, May 29, 2009

FREE Ice Cream at Walmart 5/30

If you're out n about this weekend or just have a sweet craving make sure that you swing by Walmart to get a FREE ice cream treat. It will be Saturday 5/30 from 11 am -4 pm or while supplies last. So it is a good idea to head out early. You can go here and check and see if your local Walmart is participating! One of mine is...YAY! The kids will be super happy while I shop!

Don't forget your FREE chocolate!

If you haven't done so already make sure that you go and sign up to get your FREE chocolate from Mars. The limit is 4 per household during this promotion. You will receive the voucher in a few weeks via snail mail :D

Mom tester for Parenting Magazine

Wanna be a "mom tester"? You can sign up here to be one via Parenting Magazine. (I love this magazine btw...) When you fit their criteria they will contact you to test out various products for them. It could be anything from toys to strollers. They just ask that you give your HONEST opinion, good or bad. You even get to keep the stuff it says! How neat! Kinda reminds me of being a BzzAgent. (which is super awesome by the way!)

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Target Clearance finds n deals!

Here are some good scores I recently found at Target:

2pk Colgate Max White $2.24 use $1 Target cpn(found in the palmolive 3pk when u buy it) and $1 manuf cpn=$0.24!!!

3 pk Kleenex $2.12 use $0.25 manuf cpn or $0.50=$1.62-$1.87

Oil of Olay bar soap $0.48 used $1 manuf cpn=FREE plus possible overage!!

Woolite $5.29 use $1.50 manuf cpn=$3.79

Nexcare Travel band aids $0.84 use $0.55 manuf cpn=$0.29

LOT of Ziplock and Glad products are on clearance=various

Cottonelle Wipes $3.19 use $1 IP cpn (when you make the pledge)=$2.19

Lysol BIG can $3.11 use $2 manuf cpn=$1.11

Spray n Wash Bonus pack $3.81 use $0.50 manuf cpn=$3.31

Also you can pair up the Cottonelle toliet paper IP cpn with the Target one and get 12 DOUBLE rolls for $4.49!!

Bring your binders and be on the look out...I usually scan the isels and end caps for the best steals!!

$5 Eukanuba coupon!

Here is a great Eukanuba coupon! Save this $5 coupon for a sale and you can score some really cheap dog food! I still have quite a bit thanks to the $5 IAMS coupon from awhile back...go here and fill out the form for yours! My bestie should be happy since she buys this for Ms. Gertrude :D

Be on the look out!!

Be on the look out for some AWESOME COUPONS on specially marker 2 liter bottles of A &W Rootbeer! More than $100 of various coupons including A &W, Hefty, Wonder Bread, Dannon, Mission and many more!! They also have recipes! A great way to kick off summer!! If anyone finds these let me know and I will post up the stores.

We got the preapproval!!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first major step is out of the way, there is quite a bit to be done before we can actually call this ours...but the gears are in motion. Since this will be taking up a good portion of my time I will not have a lot of deal pics, but I will try and still post some goodies for everyone to enjoy! Thanks for all of the support and great comments, you guys are the BEST!!!!!! :D

DIY Food Storage Rotating Shelves

I came across this and thought that it would be PERFECT to share with everyone. I am constantly rotating and moving my stockpile and this rotating system seems like a GREAT idea and time saver. I did look up pre-made ones on some sites and they are not budget friendly (at least for me) I would rather have hubby take the time to build me some nice custom ones. Over here you can check out all of the details and pictures that were posted along with it. Compliments of WikiHow :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wooo hooo! Another Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet is available! I love this booklet!!! All the ones that I have gotten in the past have had a FREE Cascade rinse agent coupon along with A LOT of other good ones!! Hurry and sign up here! It takes approx. 6-8 weeks, but well worth the wait!!

Ahhh Tomorrow....

I'm am terribly excited and nervous all at the same time. Tomorrow I have an appointment at the bank to see if we can get the loan for this absoultely perfect (well once we add our own touches) is the PERFECT location...NO NEIGHBORS! LOTS of yard for the boys to play, a creek/river what have you...a sauna room, a hot tub room, a workshop for the hubby...enough garge spaces for ALL of our vehicles including Tristan's, a fireplace and most importantly 2 COUNT em TWO bathrooms!!! Since apparently we all only have to use the facilities at the same time...go figure...some things will have to be updated but none the less it will be transformed into a work of art with a little effort and paint...ohhh I am sooooooo excited...wish me luck!!!!

Walmart using those Kraft coupons!

I ventured out to Walmart to use up some of my great kraft coupons (these REALLY are some GREAT coupons btw) I spent $14.60 OOP and got all of these goodies! I took a survey awhile back and they said that I would get some coupons for doing it...THE COUPONS THEY SENT WERE AWESOME!!!! I got the Sense and Spray FREE and also scored some other deals at other stores with them!

Here is what I all got:

4 Ritz Bites $2 used $1 manuf cpn=$1 each
1 Glade Sense and Spray $5 used $5 manuf cpn=FREE
2 Cool Whips $1 used $1/2 =$0.50 each
2 Bagelfuls $1.88 used $1 manuf cpn=$0.88 each
2 Lunchables $2.24 used $1/2 manuf. cpn=$1.79 each
2 Kraft Deluxe $1.50 used $1 manuf cpn=$0.50 each
3 Hunts Puddings $1 used $1/3 manuf cpn=$0.67 each
2 Dole Oranges $0.84 each used $0.55/2 manuf cpn=$0.56 each

It was a good run...I will be sad when there are no more Kraft cubbards a bursting with all of the great deals and goodies I have been able to get....I even had to pass some onto my mom and sister to make room for more. Good thing there will be another donation/food drive coming up :D

CVS Newbie....$7.13 OOP not bad

So I had to stop into Manitowoc this afternoon to pick up my car since it was at the shop. After always reading about CVS I figured that me and the boys would swing by and give it a shot. I did not do any of the ECB deals, as CVS is 30 minutes from my home and unless I had the time (and more knowledge of how it all works) to use them all that day I decided to see if I could score some of the clearance finds and what have you.

Here is all what I got:

8 Ziplock Twist n Store 3pk Reg. $3.89 clearance price $1.85 used $1.50/2 manuf cpn=$0.55 each
6 St Ives Apricot Travel size scrub $1.49 used $1.50 manuf cpn=FREE
6 Schick 2pk Razors $0.99 used $2 cpn=FREE
1 Oral B Stages Toothbrush reg $3.99 clearance $1=$1

So my total was $5.80 BEFORE tax and $7.13 after...not too receipt said that I saved almost $43 today...I was happy to find the clearance Ziplock containers because hubby likes to forget the containers at by the end of the year I have a beautiful collection of "poor man's tupperwear" consisting of cream cheese, cottage cheese, cool whip and sour cream

If anyone knows of any GREAT deals to be had at CVS I'd be happy to hear them...perhaps with a mentor or a little schooling I many venture back! ( Nevermind the Polar Bear Mookie thought he would add his toys to the pic :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Awesome PORK coupon!

I have used this coupon before, but I just wanted to share it with everyone since it is such a GREAT bargain especially when you get meat right under or around $6. It is from Kingsford and doesn't expire until 12/31/2009! So you can use this bad boy ALL SUMMER LONG! Woo hoo!!! All you need to do is buy a select bag (within size limits) of Kingsford Charcoal and then one other product. I chose the KC BBQ sauce because I had a coupon to get it FREE when I bought the about a score!

Go here to print off your coupon!

Walmart really cheap!!

I didn't really need anything from Walmart but had a few good coupons and had to take my brother to the store. So I decided to pick up a couple of good deals with coupons and rollbacks. Here is what I got:

5 Glade Sense and Sprays $5 (paid $1 each)
5 Glade Lasting Oils $5 (paid $1 each)
4 Ziplock expandable bottom bags $1.88 (used B1G1 cpns and $0.55/1 paid $0.67 each)
8 Mac n Cheese $0.50 (paid $2 only $0.25 each)

Total before coupons $64.60
Total after coupons $16.76
SAVED $47.84!!

Target....5/23 $2.86!

Another quick stop that I made yesterday was to Target. I went to get a few quick things. And I also took my little brother to pick up a few things for my mom because a bunch of the Target coupons expired yesterday. I got:

2 pk Colgate Max Strips Toothpaste clearance $2.24 (paid $0.24!! manuf cpn and Target cpn)
2 Philly light cream cheese $1.12 (paid $0.62 each with Kraft coupon)
Shout Bonus Refill Pack clearance $3.81 (paid $3.31)
6 St. Ives Travel Lotions $0.97 (used $1.50/1 cpn FREE plus overage!)
2 Huggies wipes $1.02 (paid $0.02 each)
1 Lysol clearance $3.11 (paid $1.11)

With the overage for all of the stuff above I paid only $2.86!!!

I also got in on the Bertoli deal I purchased 4 bags (3 of which were on clearance for $3.27 1 was $6) and after the $5 gift card I paid $3.81 for 4 meals! NOT BAD!
I would have gotten another but those were the last 3. I also used 2 $2 coupons and 2 $1.50 off coupons.

Again sorry for the lack of pictures but I have only had 1 hour of sleep with the boys being sick as the baby has the worst of it... :( Target has A LOT of great clearance deals check around as they had a few isles at my Target.

Pick n Save AWESOME deals!

I don't have a picture sue to the lack of time with the boys being sick but just wanted to make a couple quick little posts. I scored some really great deals this weekend. As I ran out while the boys were resting and taking their naps. I actually went to Pick n Save two times because the deals were sooooo good! Here is what I all got:

Transaction #1:

1 pk Pork Spare Ribs $6.01 (paid $0.01!!) used $6 off pork coupon
1 pk boneless Pork Chops $6.36 (paid $0.36!)
2 Kingsford Charcoal $5.99 (paid $4.99) they have coupon tear pads by the soda
2 KC BBQ Sauce 2/$3 (FREE w cpn when u buy charcoal)
2 Claussen pickles 2/$6 (paid 2/$5 used kraft cpn)
1 Hidden Valley Ranch Mix $1.25 on sale-no coupon

Now since I bought 5 select items then I also had a coupon for $3 off

TOTAL $13.99 for everything!

Transaction #2:

2 Kingsford Charcoal $4.99 (used same cpn) 18 lb bags
1 Johnstonville Brats $6.88 (paid $0.88) 3 lb box
1 Pork Spare Ribs $6.19 (paid $0.19)
2 KC BBQ sauce 2/$3 (FREE)
1 Hiddenvalley Ranch Mix $1.25
4 A1 Marinades $2.63 (paid $0.63 each)
2 Kraft Singles 2/$3 (paid $1 each used Kraft coupon)
2 Johnstonville Turkey Better Cheddars 2/$6 ($1 each)

Total $16.61!
I was also going to get some Wacky Mac for only $0.25 per bag but they were sold out! Rats!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

This weekend...

So if the boys are feeling better we have a few fun things planned. One of which is going to see the Night at the Museum 2 (with our FREE movie tickets...) then we are going to have a fry out and Monday we planned on going back to the New Zoo in Green Bay since we had so much fun the last time. The boys really liked being able to feed the girafe. Carmine liked it so much he tried to eat the girafe's food himself...goofball!

Ahhh Choooo!



So both of my sweet little boys have come down with colds... :( They have the sneezes and coughs and when Tristan gets the coughs he will cough until he throws up...and last night was my lucky night he made a trail from the bedroom to the I know he tries his best but yuck---EE! Alas after that they both took some medicine and slept through the night. I have not had the chance to post as many things as usual, but the little beasties need my attention more. I have some deal pics and other things that I will try and post up maybe later tonight or tomorrow...until then I hope you all have a GREAT,SAFE Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here are some great coupons for Marie Calendars, Hebrew National and Crunch and Munch! If you are not already a member of Simple and Delicious then you will have to sign up, but it only takes a minute or two. Then you will get future emails with great offers!

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers coupon

So I tried these a few weeks back when Walgreen's had them on sale and they are sooooo good! Even Tristan likes them! Well I found a coupon for $1 off of 2 meals...pair it up with a sale and you are good to go!

$10 off $100 2 Kmart!

Here is a GREAT coupon for Kmart especially if your Kmart is doing doubles! $10 off $100 Purchase...make sure that you give this coupon first :) Happy Shopping!

Loreal Hair Color Coupons!

Go on over here to get some coupons for Loreal Hair color products. There are a few available. BONUS I just saw some of these products on clearance at my Walgreen's!

$5 off $25 at Walgreens

Today and Tomorrow ONLY you can save $5 off $25 at Walgreens. Go here to print your coupon. Valid May 20th and 21st!

FREE Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs!

Go here and fill out the quick form and score some FREE Oscar Meyer hot dogs! YAY!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Walmart Saved $61!

Walmart my second and last trip for today and it went MUCH smoother than Target...mental note only go to Target during the day time (that is when all of the NICE people are working). I spent $75.92 at Walmart and saved $61 even which is pretty nice even the cashier was excited :D

Here is what I got:

3 Honey Maid Smores Bites=$1
2 Popscicles=$1.19 each
3 Bagelfuls=$0.88
3 Jello's=$0.16 each
6 Lunchables=$1.79 each
2 Miracle Whips=$1 each
2 Cool Whips=$0.50 each
2 Kashi Waffles=$1.04 each
1 Rediwhip=$0.88
6 Jello Snack Cup Packs=$2 each
2 Jimmy Dean Sausages=$0.54 each
2 Beef Stew Meats=$1.49 each
2 Kraft BBQ Sauces=FREE
8 A1 Steak Sauce=$0.56 each
1 Wheat Thins=$1
1 Manwich 3 pk=$2.68
2 3pks of tomatoes
2 Oscar Meyer Bacon=$1.18 each
1 Planters peanuts=$3.68
1 Velveeta=$2.38
4 Crystal Lights=$0.49 each
2 Oscar Meyer Bolognas=$1.88 each
4 Chef Boyardee cans=$0.51 each

A pretty good haul since these two trips will cover us for the month. I do 1 big shopping trip for the month. The rest of the month if I purchase anything it will be on a really good sale or next to FREE if not all in all I did good :D

Target Spent $46.55 saved $86.59

Well I ventured to Target and let's just say it was not one of my most FUN shopping trips. I did get a lot of items at a decent price BUT I had to make 6 separate transactions. I have the habit now of asking prior to checking out just to save myself alot of headaches and arguing in the end. The girl ALSO made me place my coupons NEXT to each item so that she could check them as she rang them up...YAY ME! Blah...and the crabby manager that I do not get along with was working so I figured it just best that I do what the cashier asked to avoid a show down at the OK

Here is what I got:

4 Hershey Bliss bars=FREE
4 Quaker Bites=FREE
5 Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs=$0.54 each
8 Crystal Light Packs=FREE
6 Oscar Meyer Hot dog packs=$5.94
2 Kraft Dressings=$0.49 each
2 Kraft Miracle Whip=$0.49 each
3 Ritz Crackers=$0.49 each
2 Wheat Thins=$0.04 each
3 Triscuit=$0.04 each
3 Huggies Travel Wipes=$0.02 each
4 Banana Boat Travel Sunscreen=FREE
8 Oscar Meyer Lunch Meats=$2.00 each
GE Light Bulb $0.49
2 kraft Cheese bricks=$1 each
8 Kraft Shredded Cheeses=$1 each
2 Kraft Slices=$1.19 each
Hefty Trash Bags 60 count CLEARANCE $4.64

A lot of Kraft items we completely cleared out, imagine that. I did get everything that I intended it was a decent trip...though a bit of a hassel.

Friday, May 15, 2009


HURRY! HURRY! HURRY!! This week Mars is giving away 500,000 FREE candy bars not 250,000~! I got mine and I am super excited! Make sure you sign up asap so that you can get in on the FREE chocolate! Go here to register! It will tell you if you get the chocolate or not so there is no guessing. If your one of the lucky ones the coupon for FREE chocolate will arrive in 6 weeks :)

FREE Antibacterial w/$10 Purchase

Get a FREE antibacterial item (up to $5) with a $10 purchase at Bath and Body Works! Offer is valid through May 17th, 2009. Print the coupon here.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

All Bran Promise Pack Offer

Kellogg's All Bran is offering a great Promise Pack Offer. Included are a free sample of Strawberry Medley Cereal, Strawberry Drizzle Fiber Bar, Red Rapberry Drink Mix and $4 worth of coupon. Hurry only while supplies last!

Super Kmarts participating in doubles

Here is a list of Super Kmarts Participating in the next double coupon event. You can also call Kmart (1-866-KMART-4U) or check your ad here to see if your Super Kmart is participating.


  • 3575 Madison Heights, MI
  • 4059 Taylor, MI
  • 4995 Southgate, MI
  • 4998 Roseville, MI
  • 7634 Port Huron, MI
  • 9814 Detroit, MI

  • 4935 Moon Township, PA
  • 4936 Uniontown, PA
  • 4963 Morgantown, WV
  • 3555 Cambridge, OH
  • 3784 Fremont, OH
  • 3786 Medina, OH
  • 3910 Lorain, OH
  • 4745 Ashtabula, OH
  • 4910 Mentor, OH
  • 4939 Warren, OH
  • 4966 Brooklyn, OH
  • 4937 Chillicothe, OH
  • 4964 Hillsboro, OH
  • 4928 Queensbury, NY
  • 3251 Indianapolis, IN
  • 4203 Indianapolis, IN
  • 4438 Indianapolis, IN
  • 4913 Terre Haute, IN
  • 4938 Round Lake Beach, IL
  • 4984 Tinley Park, IL
  • 7416 Homewood, IL
  • 7525 Bradley, IL
  • 4108 Portage, IN
  • 3147 Kingsport, TN
  • 3785 Tabb, VA
  • 4758 Concord, NC
  • 4953 Charleston, SC
  • 4988 Norfolk, VA
  • 4997 Virginia Beach, VA
  • 7353 Johnson City, TN
  • 3043 Aurora, CO
  • 4996 Tucson, AZ

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So...I have decided Poppycock is like my kryponite! Yeah and of course it was on sale last week so I bought 10 bags...and I gained like 5 pounds...crap! It is just so good...I am going to have to hit up the Wii Fit extra hard or do like 30 loads of laundry (since I have to go up and down the

Bodycology FREE sample via

Choose between Coconut Lime or Brown Sugar Vanilla and you will get a FREE sample of handle soap, mist and lotion. Go over here, click "choose your samples" fill out the form and wait for it to arrive. Nice and simple!

More Kraft coupons!

Here's the full list of where you can print the Kraft coupons, compiled by Deal Seeking Mom:

You should be able to print 1-2 at each site, so if their specific ones that you want. I personally am on coupon overload...and think that I need more

Another FREE Hallmark card!

Hallmark is offering another FREE personalized card...these are GREAT! I have made Easter cards, Mother's Day, birthday and Father's Day cards so far all for FREE! How can you beat that?? Go here and enter code CARD4U in the check out. Make sure that you have registered an account so that it makes it easier to keep using all of these FREE codes (as the code cannot be used without registration).

Kmart Doubling AGAIN!?!?!

Will the maddness ever stop?! lol Kmart is doing yet ANOTHER double coupon event May 17-23rd..I think they are trying to break Stay tuned for more details!

Personalized Birthday Book only $0.01!!

Identity Direct is offering a personalized birthday book for only $0.01!! Shipping is only $3.99 This is a GREAT deal! My son got one of these for Christmas one year and it is his favorite book.

Thanks Hip to Save!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NEW Kashi Waffle Coupon!

YAHOOO! There are more Kashi waffle coupons available! Go here to print off 2 more $1.50/1 coupons. These are priced for $2.54 at my local Walmart which makes them $1.04 per box! Not too bad. They only had the Blueberry and the Honey Oat (I think that is the kind) Blueberry is really yummy, the other one is eh..not the worst but not the best. I bet the Strawberry is pretty good.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bath n Body Works goes Mobile!

Go here to sign up to receive weekly text message coupons for Bath n Body Works! All you have to do is bring your phone and show the message to the cashier....great way to save all that paper and ink...nice!

FREE Healthifeet Sample!

Go here and fill out the form to get your FREE sample of Healthi Feet foot cream! It will come in a few weeks and they will also send you a coupon! Yippee!

Another FREE Hallmark Card!

Have a birthday or other special occasion coming up?! Well is offering yet ANOTHER totally FREE (shipping included) customized card! Go here select your card and customize it and then enter this code at check out ICTCARD and apply it to your order....VOILA! It will take your total down to zero! (You do have to be registered on their site to be able to use these codes so make sure that you do so to take advantage of all these GREAT deals!!)

Walgreen's Deals!!

So I was going through the flyer and noticed some good deals worth mentioning. As I haven't noticed them on some of the other blogs (since there isn't a need for me to post all of the other deals from the other bloggers :)

Here is what I found:

  • Buy 3 Jell-o $0.59 each with in ad coupon=$1.77
Buy 3 and use the NEW Kraft coupon and in ad coupon=$0.77 or $0.26 each!

  • Oscar Meyer Bacon B1G1 Free for $5.99
    use $1/2 Kraft coupon=2/$4.99
  • Swanson Broth $0.69 w/ in ad coupon=$0.69
    use $0.40/1 coupon=$0.29
  • Buy 6 Easy Mac Cups= 3/$3
Use 3 $1/2 Kraft coupons=6/$3 only $0.50 each!

  • Nivea Products are 25% off!
    Use the Beautiful legs/My Silouette Coupon and get a FREE body Wash, then use the $1 off any Nivea IP coupon (no longer available)=? But should be a good deal!
  • Banana Boat Sunscreen is B1G1 50% off
    use 2 $1 off Banana Boat coupons from last weekends paper

  • Lean Cuisines are 2/$5
(if you bought some when they were on clearance for $0.99 then you may have the Walgreen's coupon too...I do :)
Buy 4 for $10
Use the $1/4 (plus Walgreen's if you have it)=$9.00
-WAGS cpn=$8.00 (not the worst or best so eh...)

I'll let you know if I come up with anything else. MAKE sure that you have enough items for the amount of coupons that you have (fillers). I always check the end caps and find items on clearance for $0.25 or less...nice and cheap and then I pass them out to the kids, neighbor or what ever. Sometimes you can find mints, hair ties, button what have you....a niec way to still save yet have enough items/coupon.

So far...

So far with oour wonderfully FREE movie tickets we were able to go to the movies 2 TIMES this week! Which is really awesome since we haven't been to the movies in AGES! First we saw Wolverine Origins...(which started off slower to me than the other X-Men movies but is a keeper). Then yesterday for Mother's Day we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens per Tristan's request. He had wanted to see it for quite some time so I thought it would be fun to see as a family yesterday. It was a really good movie. Tristan even said we should use more of the FREE movie tickets to see it again...I said I'd pass and that we could see it when it came out on DVD...which lead to a slue of when and why questions....ahhh fun!

Any how we still have tickets to go and see The Night at the Museum 2 and then 3 more tickets that are coming via mail. I wanted to swing by Walgreen's sometime this week to get more. It is great to be able to get items and tickets for little to nothing. Especially since I noticed that the price of the movie admission has went up to $9.00 here for adults....gasp! That is why we

FREE Signature Item or Home Fragrance @ Bath n Body!

Bring this coupon and get a FREE Signature Item or Home Frangrance item with any $15 purchase. Pair it up with the $10 off of $30 and or the $15 VIP tote and you will be scoring some super sweet deals! This offer is valid thru May 31st, 2009!

FREE Redbox Monday Code

Here is today's Redbox code 6A43JK. It is valid ONLY for today until midnight. Unfortunately this will be the LAST FREE Monday code. Starting in June though they will be doing monthly codes. So go get your FREE rental!

MORE Kraft Coupons!!

Go over to and you can print ANOTHER set of the Kraft coupons!!! Oh yeah! Many of them will get you FREE items at Walmart or Target (when paired up with the Target coupons). For instance the Kraft BBQ sauce is $0.97 at Walmart making it FREE! When you buy the Crystal Light at Target and pair the 2 coupons with 2 Target coupons you will get both items FREE! Yay...these won't last long so hurry!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

$50 worth of Kraft coupons!!

Hurry!! Print of your $50 worth of Kraft coupons. I am in the middle of doing mine and let me tell you there are some GREAT coupons! I can't wait as a bunch of them will pair up nicely with the Target coupons. There are only a limited number available so I would recommend doing it asap!

Happy Mother's Day!
Hope everyone has a GREAT Mother's Day~!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kmart 5/8

So after all of this great Hershey's movie deal I have been bombarded with more kisses than I know what to do I have been giving them away I mean one can only have so much My total at Kmart was $14.37 plus I got another FREE movie ticket so we can all go and see the museum movie next week. I really love these FREE movie deals, as we have not been to the movies in so long since it is so stinkin expensive. So this was a nice change of pace for a family outing. Here is what I all got:

4 Hershey's Dark Chocolate Kisses=$0.50 each
4 Huggies Wipes=FREE
12 Vitamin Water=FREE
1 Ziploc Bags=$1.19
4 Playtex Gloves=$0.19 each
2 Wet Ones =$0.29 each
4 Glade Soy Candles=$1 each
3 Kraft Mayos=$1.49 each plus $2 cpn
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toliet Cleaner=$1.50
1 Hot Shot Bug Killer=$0.49
1 Nylabone bag=$1.99
2 Chinet Plates=FREE
1 Glad containers=$0.50
1 Dental Bone $0.49

Nice haul considering the movie ticket...OH and I have to go back and get $4 back since they did not take a coupon off for one of the Glade candles...even better!!

Target WOW!!!

Wooohooo! I got mad overage today at Target! Usually I am not lucky enough, but I guess the poor fella was totally overwhelmed with all of my coupons. I did ask him prior to starting if he wanted me to break it up, due to the one per transaction on the Target coupons and he said I happily went along with it. I saved almost $94!!! And spent $21.30 for the amount of items I think that is FANTASTIC!! Here is what I all got:

5 Smartfood boxes= $1 each after coupons
7 Huggies Wipes=$0.02 each after coupons
3 Bliss Cashews=$0.69 each
4 Easy Macs=FREE plus overage
10 Mac n Cheese Crackers=$0.02 each
6 Quaker Rice Cakes=$0.49 each
2 True Delight Boxes=$0.82 each
2 Quaker Mini Bites=$1.19 each (the kids really like them and they were all out at the registers
10 Nexcare Bandaids =$0.29 each
10 Chex Mix=$0.49 each
6 Pace Salsa=FREE plus $1.50 overage each
4 Target 2pk sponges=$0.24 each
1 Scotch Nail Saver Scrubbers 6 pk=$2.23
Spray n Wash =$0.54 after 2 cpns Target and Manuf cpn

I think this is one of my best Target runs ever! I did forget the trial sunscreen though...darn it!

Walmart 5/8

So me n my bestie and the boys made our way out to do our Friday shopping adventure....after looking over my receipts I did realize that I will be going back to Kmart as I got stiffed out of a coupon...argh! They are pretty nice there so it should not be a problem though...I also want to go back and get 2 more movie tickets as Tristan has REALLY wanted to see Monsters vs. Aliens for quite some time and I promised him. We went to see Wolverine last night which was pretty good. Next week we are going to see the Night at the Museum, any who here is what I got at Walmart today. I did take pictures of my Kmart and Target transactions, but not the Walmart because by the time I got home most all of it needed to get into the fridge or freezer...

7 Kashi Waffles $2.54 (used 1 FREE cpn and 6 $1.50/1 cpns)
2 Green Giant Family Size Veggies $3 (used $1/1 cpn)
1 Pillsbury Brownies $1 (used $0.30 cpn)
1 Clamato Juice $4.38 (no coupon)
1 6pk Garlic burgers $6 (no cpn)
2 Digiorno Flatbread Pizza $2.50 (used $1 cpn)
1 Pillsbury Ready Brownies $2.50 (used $0.75 cpn)
6 3M Metal Hooks $3.87 (used $2.50/1 cpn)
3 Oral B dental floss $1 (used $1 cpn)
2 Soft Pretzels $2.28 (used $0.75 cpn)
1 Skim Milk $2.34 (no coupon)
2 Ballpark Franks $1.50 (no cpn)
1 Breyers Ice Cream $2.75 (used $0.75 cpn)
2 Hebrew National Franks $3 (used $1 cpn)
9 McCormick Marinades $0.75 (used $0.50 cpn)
1 Fiber One toaster pastries $1.98 (used $1.50 cpn)
4 Sure Men's deodorant $1.78 (used $1.50 cpn)
2 Aveeno Lotions $3 (used $2/1 and $1/1 cpn)

Total before coupons $111.44
Total after coupons=$57.55 OOP

Oh yeah! I was pretty happy...and the SUPER friendly CSM who had to come over and approve it said I did good...yay me! She was a "fellow couponer"! Back to the northside Walmart I shall go!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

KFC and their mail in coupon deal...

Personally I think that is pretty lame of KFC to make people send the coupons in for redemption at a "later" date. What is that all about???? How can they make a promotion and then pull it one day in? My mom went to redeem hers today and they said that they were no longer honoring them and that she had to fill out a form and then send it in the mail...And whoo hoo she gets a FREE soda to boot...well that is really sucky of them I think. They should not run a promotion if they were not going to follow they not realize how much ink let alone time people spent on printing these darn coupons! That is just sooooo wrong....way to go KFC! I am sure glad that I went yesterday...humphf!

Kmart 5/7 MORE free movie tickets!

I took my lil sister to Kmart today for her FIRST ever coupon shopping adventure! She saved almost $84 and spent $25 and some change...not bad for a newbie...She had to get some diapers and other kid essentials so her total was a tad higher than just getting a bunch of freebies. But have NO fear I made sure that she scored a bunch of those also. Here is what she got:

2 Kotex Pantiliners=FREE
1 Venus Razor pack=$2
1 Mac 3 Razor pack=$2
1 Huggies diapers=$5.99
4 Huggies wipes=FREE
2 Johnson's q-tips=FREE
1 Right guard body spray=$0.09
1 Rice Krispies=$1.49
1 V8 Splash=$0.66
6 12 packs of Jones Soda=$1.66 each
1 3pk of Marcal toilet paper=$1.69
1 Air wick freshmatic=$0.99
2 ACT mouthwashes=FREE
1 Tums smoothie=$1.69
4 Vitamin waters=FREE
1 Clariol Hair dye=$0.89

I think that is all she I did have a cart full of my own along with the boys so I sorta had my hands full. I think she did pretty darn good though!

As for me, I was SUPER tired today and didn't get around to taking a picture...yeah boo for me! It is really exciting (atleast to me) to see the pictures of the "end result" I am going out tomorrow with my bestie and the boys so I will make sure to take pictures of the end results there. None the less I did pretty darn good. I spent $23.17 OOP and got 2 more FREE movie tickets! These ones have to be for the Night at the Museum, but that's okay because Tristan really wants to see that movie anyways. Here is what I all got:

2 Dove Ultimate=FREE
2 Clairol Hair Dye=FREE
4 Huggies Wipes=FREE
1 Huggies Little Swimmers=$4.99
1 Pampers=$5.99
2 Chinet Plates=FREE
8 Hershey's dark Chocolate Kisses=$0.50 PLUS 2 FREE movie tickets
8 Vitamin Waters=FREE
6 12pks Jones Soda=$1.66 each
1 Marcal Paper Towel=$1.69

Not a TON of stuff but a LOT of good freebies and some necessities. So a pretty decent haul. Tomorrow will be Target, Walmart and lots of good freebies at Kmart for one last harrah! (At least until the next double coupon event.)