Thursday, April 2, 2009

Walgreen's SOY JOY bars only $0.05 EACH!

So Walgreen's has Soy Joy bars on sale this week 2/$1, not bad as they are normally $1.39 each. I got 42 bars for only $0.05 EACH!!! (plus tax of course) I used some B1G1 Free coupons and then paired them with the $2 off 10 bars to make this a super sweet deal. I also got a Glade Fragrance Collection candle for FREE ($4 manufacture coupon along with the $2 easy saver coupon). I did two transactions and they went a lil something like this:

Transaction #1
1 Edge Shaving Cream $2.99 ($3 Register Rewards earned)
1 Chapstick $1.99 ($2 Register Rewards earned)

Total $5.23- $5 Register Rewards=$0.23 OOP

Transaction #2
42 Soy Joy Bars 2/$1 (used B1G1 coupons & $2/10)
1 Glad Garbage Bags $6.99 ($1 Register Rewards earned)
1 Glade Fragrance Collection candle $5.99 ($4 manuf. IP coupon & $2 Easy saver Coupon)

-$3 Register Rewards
-$2 Register Rewards=
Total: $5.81-$1 Register Rewards=$4.81 OOP

The kids and I all tried a Soy Joy bar in the car and let me tell you, they are REALLY good! I was really impressed since we had never had them before. So glad that we got a bunch. I may even swing back for some more before Saturday since they have a decent shelf life and I believe the hubby will like em too! (And they will be a great snack on our road trip to Disney!!)


  1. I went to and to the soy joy website and it said that I already used the site and downloaded my quanity. I never did that! Can you let me know where you got that coupon. The company is closed at 3:23 p.m. for the weekend and the offer is off tommorrow. HELP

  2. Hi,
    I got the coupons from the newspaper. Do you have a different computer or a neighbors that you could use to print them from that site. Sometimes when it is a good coupon I use the laptop and the desk top to print them. If you have a window washer program (you can download these for free) you could wash your computer and then try printing them, as it will no longer have your IP address. Hope any of this can help you. Best wishes! :D

  3. Meagan
    Thanxs for the info but I went from lost to lost with no return. I am a newbee and have no idea what a window washer program is. However, I tried again today to luck. Tried to get archive grocery coupons...nothing. Went back to old e-mails from in my e-mail....nothing. If there is anyway to get this would help. Also the glade soy candle coupon is gone as well. Appreciate your help.

  4. great shopping hey are those soy joys really good been wanting to try but was wondering

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    I am so sorry. Window Washer doesn't have to do with coupons it is just a program you can download to your computer that cleans it each time you use it. The $4 Glade Coupon reached it's printing limit, but you can get a $2 one if you go to the Glade website. Not as good, but they may go on sale since it is a month long thing which COULD make them free, like when the Sense and Sprays went on sale last month (of course after I bought them for $ they then went to $7.99, so I would print the $2 Glade coupon and wait and see. As for the Soy Joy I am not sure what else you can do. Like I said I did use ones from the newspaper. You could search ebay and wait for another sale. I often do buy coupons there when I know it is something I would like to stock up on. I'm sorry I couldn't help more. Best wishes!

  6. Hi Shopannies,
    OMG I didn't think that they would be as good as they are! Even my 5 and 1 year old LOVE them. And hey they are good for you! I thought for the price if they were bad I could give them away but we really like them. The berry and strawberry are the flavors on sale. But the others are probably pretty good too. If you have any of the newspaper coupons for the B1G1 or $2 off 10 bars they are worth it (to me Take care!

  7. Meagan:

    I was determined to get that Soy Joy deal. Here is what I did. Went to Walgreens and told the mgr my situation....Received a rain check for the Soy Joy deal 2/$1...Then called Soy Joy and they are sending me the coupon for my trouble. I knew there was a way to this. Hey, check out the website for Small and Mighty and when you send to a friend .50 goes to charity. Thanxs...I am really Robine in Burmingham. Where can I download the washer function?

  8. Hi Robine,
    I am so glad that you got it worked out! I felt terrible that I couldn't help you more. I will ask my husband for the website when he gets home for you. :D Best wishes!!