Saturday, April 11, 2009

So many deals so little


I have been scoring some REALLY sweet deal the past couple of days. Last night for instance I went to Walgreen's and Walmart once we got back from our Old Navy adventure and I got a bunch of GREAT deals!!

At Walmart I paid $10.88 WITH TAX for 44 items!!

I got:

10 Wishbone Dressings (used $1 manuf cpn)
5 Bags of Salad Mix (FREE when you buy 2 Wishbone dressings manuf cpn)
1 Air Heads Extremes ($0.55 manuf con)
2 3pks of GE engery saving light bulbs ($1 IP cpn)
2 McCormick Seasoning ($1 manuf cpn)
1 Glucerna cereal ($5 manuf mailed cpn)
1 Clean n Clear Advantage ($5 manuf cpn)
1 Clean n Clear Blackhead Eraser ($5 manuf cpn)
20 Planters peanuts ($1/2 manuf cpn) FREE!!!

I was soooooo happy when I got such a good deal for all of this stuff! Especially since usually food it a bit harder to get a good score on produce and what not.

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