Friday, April 10, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Coupons

So....I got one of those $75/$100 coupons after MUCH repeated mouse clicking and burning eyeballs. My hubby and I plan on taking the kiddos to Old Navy this week to get them some clothes. Hopefully they have some great things on sale to pair up. I am telling you last night was MORE STRESS that one person should have to handle. WHEW! Some people could get in, some couldn't (I didn't refresh so that is how I managed to stay in the site.) I had the $50/$100 (that darn hummingbird was FAST and out of excitement I clicked twice Drat!) But alas I did score the BIG one! WOO HOO! Ahhhhhhhhh, until next week...

The picture is an update of what I got for the kiddos all for $27.64~ I was a tad upset when I did get a hard time for the coupon though. As some of the items apparently were on sale so I calculated a little wrong. So at first my total with tax was $101 something so the cashier scanned the coupon and it wouldn't work. Then the manager came over and drilled me about the coupon. I was like, uh yeah, can you see the red burning BLOOD shot eyes that I have from staying up ALL night to get this coupon?? So then I told her how and where I got it and she did take the amount off. The boys each got some cute new items and most all of it was on clearance!! So you CAN use these on clearance items!

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