Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great Clearance Deals at Walgreen's

As I was strolling through Walgreen's today I found several great little clearance finds. Here are some of the really good deals (especially if you have a coupon to match!)

  • Bayer Heart Advantage $1.69 (use $1 manuf cpn)
  • Advil 24 ct $1.09 (use $1 manuf cpn)
  • Children's Motrin $1.39 (not sure if there is a coupon to pair up)
  • various Walgreen's brand tampons and pads as low as $1.79
  • Axe Body Spray $0.50 (if you find enough you could use these for the movie ticket deal I only found 1
  • Yogurt Covered Raisins $0.50
  • Schick Intuition (use the $4 manuf cpn for FREE plus overage

There are MANY more items, those were just some of the better ones that I managed to pick up today :D

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