Friday, April 17, 2009

Spent only $17.49 saved $671.28!!!! HOLY FRICKEN COW!

So let me start by saying I did SEVERAL transactions and went to 3 different Walgreen's today. Only because some of the Walgreen's did not have the items that I was looking to buy. My friend N.W. told me that she had stopped at the Kmart and they had some great little coupon books with $75 worth of coupons in them and that I should get one before heading to Walgreen's....

FIRST STOP...Kmart....I grabbed a few booklets and then browsed some of the items that I had coupons for to prepare for this Sunday's Double Coupon event. I just wanted to get an idea of prices and then see what I could get for little to nothing...that's the name of the game!

**( Again I did SEVERAL transactions at each store to achieve the LOWEST OOP and the best deals. I did start with $8.50 total in RR before shopping so that helped keep down OOP costs)**

Here is what I got total:
*26 Loreal Men's Skin Care products (clearance $1.69-$2.69) used $3/2 manuf. cpn
*18 Sunsilk Shampoo & Conditioners (some even had bonus mousse or shine gel $2.09) used $2/2 manuf. cpn got $6 RR for each 6 did separate transactions
*1 Nivea Cream (clearance $3.29) used $1 manuf. cpn
*3 Zicam ($3 clearance) used $2 manuf. cpn
*3 Fiber Choice Tablets ($2.49) got $2.50 RR for each
*3 Colgate Toothbrushes ($3.29) got $3.50 RR for each
*2 Phsycians Formula Lip Gloss (clearance $4.29) used $1 manuf. cpn
*1 Phsycians Formula dual eyeshadow (clearance $4.79) used $1 manuf. cpn get $10 MIR from spending $10 on Physican's Formula Products
*4 Hershey coconut kisses (clearance $0.62) get $5 MIR
*2 Breyers Ice Creams (2/$6.29) used 2 $0.75 manuf. cpns
*3 Skintamite Shave Gels ($2.99) got $3 RR for each
*2 Edge Shave Gels ($2.99) got $3 RR for each
*2 Scrunci Hair ties ($2) got $2 RR for each
*1 Pringles Southwest Chips (clearance $2.49) used $0.50 manuf. cpn
*1 Poppycock (clearance $2.99) used $0.50 manuf. cpn

AND I still have one of the $6 RR from the Sunsilk left for next time!! YAY!!

Total $17.49 with tax OOP
(after $15 in MIR and $6 RR left)

Total saved $671.28!

(that is with coupons, RR both used and left, MIR and after clearance)


(Total saved w/o taking into account clearance)

No matter how you look at it I think I did FANTASTIC!! I did especially well if you take into account all of my GREAT clearance finds and the drastic mark downs. The Loreal men's items were marked down from $10.49-$11.49 that is just awesome!! Great for those baskets I will be making for Chrismtmas and etc. for all the guys in our family. I feel so accomplished today...


  1. Wow! That is just crazy. I recently started to follow your blog and try to figure out this coupon thing. I even made my first trip to Walgreens last week--after seeing your posts, it makes me want to figure this out! I almost wish we still lived in Wisconsin so you could teach me. :) Oh, and I love to watch my husband's eyes jump out of his head with surprise when I show him what you get and how much you saved.

  2. That is an insane amount of products! Something like this would've taken me 1 day to figure out what all I was buying, writing it down, getting my coupons in order, etc... and then another just to perform all the transactions! But awesome deal!!!

  3. This is CRAZY!!!! Did you have good checkers? Or in other words, were they easy trips to do?

    (btw I always check for updated comments on your blog so you can answer my questions over here, plus on this one I am sure others want to know. With walgreens 75% of the battle is with the checkers.)

  4. Hi CJ,
    All of my Walgreen's checker are REALLY awesome. I pretty much 95% of the time check out at the beauty counter and ask them if they mind if I do 2 or 3 transactions. I always make sure to spark up some conversation with them as they are ALWAYS happier when you are friendly. Many of them are SUPER impressed that I save so much. All of my coupons were taken with no problems. I was REALLY excited. My friend has lots of problems at her local Walgreen's though...she would rather take the drive and come here. OH Physican's Formula products are on clearance AND 40% the lowest priced ones are $3.29 then use the $1 manuf cpn...(had I know this I could have saved a few more bucks! lol)

  5. Hi Mindy,
    Thanks for stopping by. I will be glad to try and help if you have any questions. Your comment made me laugh thanks :)

  6. Hi Laura,
    Yeah I sort of thought it out, but the coupon binder is soooooo helpful. It makes shopping a BREEZE! I LOVE IT! I recommend them to everyone ;)

  7. Congratulations! That is a GREAT bargain!!!!

  8. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for stopping by! Yeah I was pretty excited to see my totals :)