Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walmart 4/15 SAVED $142.90!!!!!!!

So I had a GREAT shopping day today (minus the grumpy cashier at Walmart she changed her mind when I told her that I would just take my coupons and purchase the items elsewhere...) I forgot to take a picture before I put everything away, so I took several pictures after, as I was SUPER tired and didn't want to haul it all back out. My brand new freezer is half full!! Sure putting that baby to good use!! I did 2 transactions because I forgot to grab the FREE sour creams at first to go with my Hormel Bacon Bits coupon, thus the 2 receipts.

My total with tax BEFORE coupons was $218.76
After coupons with tax $75.86

SAVED $142.90!!!

I almost fell over myself!! That is sooo awesome! The 15th is my BIG once a month trip as hubby gets paid once a month. So I get the majority of our items then and only buy things here and there IF needed. We have PLENTY of snacks from all of the great Target deals so I stuck mainly to meat, products and the other things I had coupons for to get FREE items. I got 104 items!!

Here is what I got:
10 bags of Lay's Chips (various flavors)
10 Hillshire Farms Lunch Meat
5 Frijto Lays Dips
6 Daisy Sour Cream
6 Hormel Real Bacon Bits
10 Diet 2 Liters of Soda (various flavors) there are 14 shown because I got the 4 Sierra Mist ones at Pick n Save later...
10 Sara Lee Breads
20 Kraft Dressings (various flavors)
2 Strawberries
3 Perdue 4pk chicken breasts
6 Honeysuckle Ground Turkey
2 Cucumbers
1 Lettuce Head
1 5lb bag of potatoes
2 Avacados
1 3pk of tomatoes
1 Bag of baby carrots
2 Ortega Seasonings (for my Bedtime Stories rebate)
1 pk Mushrooms
2 2pks Pork Tenderette Steaks
2 6pk Bacon/Cheddar Burgers
3lbs. Bananas

I was SUPER happy when I left Walmart. The manager did try to bully me a bit about the coupons, but I held firm since you are allowed 1 coupon/item. She called another manager and they confirmed it. I said that next time I would make sure to bring the corporate coupon policy as well. (I personally think that she was a bit perterbed that I had so many coupons and saved so much.) They are made for a reason :D


  1. WOW! I think that is one of the biggest success stories at Walmart. I am surprised you won the battle they can be so mean. Whenever I get into it about store policies and coupons I am always worried they are pull "the right to refuse service" card on me.

  2. That is awesome! I've never froze bread before. Does it taste any different?

  3. Hi Jenny,
    Bread freezes just fine...I have done it for long as you let it thaw enough ;D

  4. Yeah my friend who works at Walmart told me that the "wonderfully friendly lady" (note that I say that with TOTAL sarcasm...said that she should tell me that I got lucky today...I was like HUH? I will DEFINATELY be caring the coupon policy with me from now on along with the others I have. She was just cranky cuz I know how to use coupons... :D