Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FREE Hallmark Silver Heart of Motherhood Charm!

Wow! This is awesome go over to BlingDaily.com and you can get a FREE Hallmark Silver "Heart of Motherhood" Swarovski Charm! Just go over here add it to your cart, sign up an account and even SHIPPING IS FREE!! Whoot whoot!! Who loves FREE stuff?? WE DO! YAY!

Thanks, It's Hip to Save!

Bath and Body Works

So I was running a bit low on my handsoap and decided to make a trip over to Bath and Body Works seeing as how their soaps are on sale :D I also printed out the FREE signature collection coupon with any $10 purchase. So I got 10 anitbacterial soaps and 1 signature collection shower get all for only $21, instead of $63.53 I saved $42.53!! (This make me feel a tad better after my terrible experience at Target, ahhh the thrill of a deal...lol) I also used a $10 off a purchase of $30 or more. Only $1 was tax on the items, all and all a great price for my FAVORITE soap :D

Confessions of a coupon shopper....

I am thoroughly upset with Target! Specifically a rather unpleasant cashier named we'll say Jane. I went and had a TERRIFIC game plan of the items that I was going to purchase. Here is what I was going to get:

  • 3 bags of IAMS smart puppy
  • 5 packs of Johnson's Baby Q-Tips
  • 3 Johnson's buddies Shampoo's
  • 2 bags of Cheetos
  • 9 bags of Fruit Snacks
  • 1 Crayola Beginnings Crayons
  • 2 Gerber Graduates
  • 2 Betty Crocker Moist Delights
Subtotal before coupons=$69.36 (+taxes)

Subtotal (plus tax after coupons)=$24.86

BUT Queen of the snoots said that I couldn't use manufacture coupons AND Target coupons, to which I replied yes you can, check your corporate coupon policy. THEN she said that I could NOT use the Archer Farms coupons on the $0.89 fruit snacks because it was for the boxes. Which I did tell her that it did not state that on the coupon. She was VERY rude and when I asked her to take the items off that she would not let me use the coupons for she huffed and threw (literally) the items on the floor. I was in awe! I told her she had no reason to have such an attitude and that the companies PAY Target to take the coupons, they even get extra money. I did go to the service desk and have to get an additional $3 back as well as some of my coupons that she tried to keep. For which I told them that if I was not getting the items, they no longer had right to my coupons. They tried to tell me that the $1 ANY Johnson's Baby product did NOT count for baby q-tips...uh okay...since it does not say baby they said. So here is what I ended up with:

  • 3 bags of IAMS dog food ($5.89 each)
  • 2 Gerber Graduates (FREE plus $1.06 overage)
  • 1 Johnson Buddies Shampoo ($1.14)
  • 2 Betty Crocker Moist Delights ($0.77 each)
  • 1 bag of Cheetos ($0.29)
  • 1 Crayola Beginners Crayons ($5.00 on sale)
Total actually spent=$22.64 with tax

Not as well as I had hoped. I do plan on contacting Target and carrying the coupon policy with me from now on. I have even thought about traveling 30 minutes to go to the next nearest Target so that I do not have to deal with these particular unfriendly cashiers. As it is NOT worth all of the stress. Have a story you would like to share? Let me know and I will happily post your "Confessions of a coupon shopper..."

On a happier note I got a GREAT deal at Bath and Body Works and will be posting that shortly with the pic :D

NEW! Live chat!

Got a question? Want to chat?!? Contact me LIVE on my NEW Live Chat! A great way to share deals and compare our shopping adventures!

Disney World Package for a family of 4 only $1263.09!

So, the kids have been wanting to go to Disney World for some time now. I have been searching and searching for the best offer possible to get the most bang for our buck and frankly I believe I found it!! Disney World is now offering a FREE MEAL PLAN(this includes, 1 quick service/fast food, 1 snack and 1 sit down meal per person per day) with any stay August 16th, 2009 through October 3rd, 2009!! A 6 day, 5 night stay in a Disney value resort with ALL of our meals, 4 days park tickets, taxes, travel insurance etc. is ONLY going to cost us $1263.09!!! OH YEAH!! That is sooooo awesome!!!! The kids are going to LOVE this, especially since Tristan starts school this year :D Hurry on over here and check out the details. I couldn't get the best price online, so I called 407-939-6244 and spoke with a super friendly woman. She asked what I wanted and I told her that I was looking to spend the $1390 as stated online. AND SHE GOT ME AN EVEN BETTER DEAL! She told me that you only have to put down $200 and have until July to pay it off, which is even better.

Hurry this offer is only good thru June 21st, 2009!

Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet

Go over here and fill out a short form to receive your FREE Home Made Simple coupon booklet filled with $30 worth of GREAT coupons! I have to say that I simply LOVE this booklet. I have gotten it twice (the coupons were a little different each time, as they redid it so you could get another booklet) So worth it! Both times they did have a coupon for FREE bottle of Cascade Rinse Aid, that alone is around $4.19! Get on over there and sign up today as it takes a few weeks to arrive :D

Monday, March 30, 2009

Gerber Pledge/High Value Coupons

Go over here and make a pledge for your child/children, nieces/nephews, grandchildren etc. and once you have successfully submitted your pledge you will need to click on the coupon link. You can print off $3 off coupon for Gerber baby food, Graduates foods or Graduates for preschoolers. They also have a $5 off coupon for formula! It did only let me print the coupons once, but hey that's okay. I did need to register, so the whole process takes a few minutes but is definately worth it!

Bath and Body Works

So one of the things that I really like to buy are the Bath and Body Works foam antibacterial soaps. they are on sale right now 5 for $15. I plan on getting 10 of these (as I think that is the limit) and then using a $10 off $30 coupon(the ones from the surveys on your receipt) and then I also printed the FREE signature collection body care item. I'll post pics after my venture :D

PINK @ Bath and Body Works?!?!

ATTENTION fellow PINK lovers! Pink is NOW at Bath and Body Works! How awesome is that?! I have two BBW located here in town but NO Victoria's Secret stores. Now I can get some of my favorite products a LOT closer to home. And here is the BEST part they are NOW on sale 2 for $20 for various body mists, body washes and body lotions! Go here and check out all of the details or visit your local Bath and Body Works. I am super excited especially since I had planned on making a trip there tomorrow! YIPPEE!!


Yay, I love cool FREE stuff. Here's another great one compliments of Hip to Save. So you will need to go over here and pick out the card to customize it. Then when you are checking out make sure to enter TRIAL in the promo code box. Your total shipped is $0.00!! I did have to sign up to be a Gold crown member (but hey that just means more cool offers right?!) I made a cute Easter card for my boys :D They are going to be so excited! Not sure how long this offer is good so make sure to go over and do it right away...

Soft Soap Rolling deal DEAD!

Alas I went to the one of the three Walgreen's here in town and tried out the Soft Soap deal. I purchased one and received a RR (register reward) for a FREE Soft Soap, so I went over and grabbed another one. Paid my $0.20 in tax and darn, no more RR...maybe if I feel up to it I will try one of the other 2 stores here and town and see how it goes...

My best friend tried it in Manitowoc (about 30 minutes away from here in Sheboygan) and she had to call the manager because she did not even get one! She often has MANY problems at that Walgreen's because they are NOT very coupon friendly...so occasionally she will come here. It is VERY frustrating as a consumer when the cashiers are soooo rude to the customers. I mean they act like you are taking the money out of THEIR pockets! In what way does it affect them? You are purchasing items, which help generate revenue, which in turn boosts sales to help the suffering economy...WHERE IS THE PROBLEM! The stores are getting the face value of the coupon PLUS at least $0.08 more! They are getting MORE! Duh people, it is NOT our fault that we are trying to get the most bang for our buck and score a sweet deal! Seriously lighten up...sorry for the rant but some people need to stop. Don't get me wrong there are some REALLY nice cashiers out there...(especially my fav Katie at my Walgreen's both the kids and I LOVE her :) The bads seem to over take the goods at times...Any who...

1st 10,000 get a FREE tote

Go over here scroll down towards the bottom and click to make your pledge. Once you submit it will tell you if you got a FREE tote. Great for all of that deal shopping and get for the environment! I got one early, so hurry over and check it out!!

Thanks, It's Hip to Save!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

3/29/09 Target

So I went to Target to see what I could find today. I did have a list in mind, but I wanted to check out the store to see if I could find any good deals. I spent $20.57 and saved $40.85 and this is what I got:

6 boxes of Target fruit snacks reg price $1.52 ($0.52 each) $1 Target IP
10 bags of Cheetos 5 fire/5 reg. regular price $1.29 ($0.29 each) $1 Target IP
2 Oil of Olay bar soaps regular price $0.97 (FREE) $1 manufacture coupon
1 Suave Deodorant regular price $0.94 ($0.19)$0.75 manufacture coupon
5 Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotions on clearance for $2.54 ($0.79 each) $0.75 Target IP & $1 manufacture IP
1 Kashi Frozen Meal $3.04 (FREE) Home Mailer
1 Crystal Light Drink Packets regular price $2.49($0.49) $2 manufacture coupon
1 100 Calorie Cookies regular price $2.49 ($1.66) on sale
4 Glade Room Sprays regular price $0.87 ($0.44 each) B1G1 manufacture coupon
2 Boxes of Frozen Pretzels on sale for $1.87 ($1.12 each) $0.75 manufacture coupon
1 Cool Whip regular price $1.99 ($1.99) NO COUPON
1 pair of socks for kids Easter basket regular price $1.00 ($1.00) NO COUPON
1 Slinky for Easter basket regular price $1.00 ($1.00)NO COUPON
1 activity book for basket regular price $1.00 ($1.00)NO COUPON
1 4 pk scented markers regular price $1.00 ($1.00) NO COUPON

Most everything I had a coupon for except the $1 items and then the cool whip, but I was making a cake and needed it so. Many of the items I combined manufacture coupons along with the Target printables. I will try and get a picture together tomorrow sometime as I a pretty tired today :D


  • Various Johnson & Johnson full bonus size products (lotions, washes, etc) are on clearance at Target for $2.54! Use any of the various $1/1 $2/2 or $3/3 printable manutcature coupons found here and you can get some REALLY cheap baby products! Great to stock up or for gifts! Please note, prices can vary from store to store.

  • Desitin Creamy 2pk is also on clearance for $2.54! Match with the $1 manuf. coupon for more savings!

  • Nutripals are also on clearance for $2.65. I got those for $1.65 with $1/1 coupon...

  • Listerine Smart Rinse Clearance price $3.58 after $1/1 only $2.58!

  • Pantene Shampoo and Conditioners are also on sale (not clearance) for only $3.79, use 2 $1/1 coupons and also your FREE styler coupon with shampoo & conditioner purchase for even greater savings!

NOT BAD!! Make sure to go out and score some of these great deals before they are gone :D

Know of any other great Target Clearance Deals? Let me know and I will be sure to post them up!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

$6 Admission @ Six Flags on April 3rd!!

Wanna get into Six Flags for only $6? Head on over on April 3rd, 2009 (opening day) dressed as Mr. Six and you can!! You will need a black jacket, black pants, red bow tie, glasses and a bald head. You do need to check in at the Mr. Six Boot at the main gate. They are also having a Six Look-a-like and dance contest judged by Mr. Six himself! What a great fun and cheap way to go to Six Flags!


WOW! I was pretty shocked when I just heard this on the news! You can go to The Alexander Inn in Philadephia, PA and stay for only $1 PER NIGHT! Even for only 1 night! Now that is pretty amazing. This offer is on a first come, first served basis from Sunday thru Thursday until June 11th, 2009. It is good on a select number of rooms that are normally $119 per night! They hope that you will spend the money that you save at the local businesses in the community. NICE!

Venus Breeze on CLEARANCE @ Walgreens's

Venus Breeze Razors are on CLEARANCE at Walgreen's for only $3!!! Grab your $2 off coupons and head over there asap before they expire on 3/31/09!! If you have any $4 off coupons you will get these for FREE plus a $1 money maker!! WHOOT WHOOT! I went and picked up a few for gift baskets for Christmas! Gillette Fusion Razors are also on clearance for $3. Use the $4 Gillette Coupon AND the $2 Venus Coupon to get both for FREE!!
Thanks, N.W.!

Jane. Cosmetics @ Walgreen's

Jane. cosmetics are on clearance at Walgreen's some as low as $1.09(mascara)! Use the $1 off coupon and get some mascara as low as $0.09!! There are many other products that are low priced that you can pair up with the $1 or $2 manuf. coupons. Go and get some CHEAP make up! I got 2 face powders for $0.59 each! YAY!
Thanks, N.W. and Cindy!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

$5 off $20 Walgreens

Head on over to Walgreens.com to get $5 off any purchase of $20 or more by entering coupon code ACHOO at checkout now thru April 3, 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009

$2 Midol Printable

Go here and print off your $2 off Midol coupon. Hey you may be able to score some super cheap or even FREE Midol if you take this to Kmart. Don't forget to print your coupon twice!

Friday 3/27/09 such a busy day!

Friday I may not get too many things posted as we have a pretty busy schedule. I have to go to the post office and mail some of the packages from ebay. Then we plan on swinging by the Bath and Body Works to get a few things. A quick stop to the grocery store to pick up sugar, milk and what not. The boys have a bowling birthday party from 1-3:30, then we are picking up my younger brother (he loves to cook and I plan on baking quite a bit tomorrow he has apparently mastered colored Easter bread, if we have time we may try that too.) But we are making Jumbo Oatmeal Peanut Butter Raisin Cookies and Mexican Lasagna (without the meat for lent.) I got the receipe from my best friend Cindy. It is pretty simple:

1 pckg (8oz) cream cheese
1/4 c cilantro leaves
2 c monterey jack cheese
1 can enchilada sauce (28 oz)
12 corn tortillas
1 lrg can of diced tomatoes
2/3 c diced onion
1 can refried beans
1 can black beans
2 c cooked rice
(then you can add 3 c. chicken, ground beef, ground turkey, steak whatever)

Soften the cream cheese in the microwave for 30-45 seconds until very soft. Add cilantro and 1/2 of the shredded cheese. Mix thoroughly. Put 2/3 c of enchilada sauce on the bottom of a lasagna pan. Cover with tortillas. Pour rest of enchilada sauce in a bowl and put on the side.
For the remaining tortillas you will want to dip them into the enchilada sauce (to get them moist) before using them for the layers. For the layers use beans, onions and cheese (meat), then tortillas, then cream cheese mixture( I also added diced green chilis), then tortillas then tomatoes, rice and cheese, then tortillas, then black beans (you would add meat here), then tortillas. Cover with enchilada sauce and top with cheese. Bake in the oven @ 350 degrees for 40 minutes. You can top with sour cream, chopped cilantro, lettuce olives or whatever you like. Yummmmm! Can't wait!! I also made cornbread, I add 1 can of cream corn and cube up some cheese..it is soooooo good!

FREE Daily Bread Entree

Go over here and sign up for your FREE entree sample from Daily Bread. Just fill out a simple form and they will deliver a delicious entree right to your door. Nice and easy just like I like :D

Bolt coupons $5 DVD/$10 Blu-ray

Don't forget to print your coupons for Bolt! $5 DVD coupon and $10 Blu-ray coupon

Bolt /Ronzoni $4 mail in rebate!

I am waaayyy excited about this! I just bought the DVD and purchased Ronzoni during my last grocery store trip. So tomorrow I am mailing in my receipts and form to get my $4 rebate. Bolt is a great movie, we watched it last night and for only $6.99 how can you go wrong?! Click here for form and details!

Kmart gift cards from Glamour

For every $50 you spend at Kmart from
March 10th through April 30th, 2009, Glamour will send you a $25 gift card! Click here for all of the details!

Best part, it doesn't state a limit!! OH YEAH!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Register Rewards for Glucerna

Don't forget to use your $5 and $10 Glucerna coupons at Walgreen's before March 31st, 2009 if you haven't already to get some great deals! Cereal is only $4.99 a box! Meal bars are $5.99. For purchasing 2 items you will get $2.50 in Register Rewards
3 items gets you $4.50 in Register Rewards
4 items gets you $7 in Register Rewards

Then you send in your receipts to the Caregivers Marketplace for $1 per box of cereal! Talk about a GREAT money maker!

2 Kmart transactions 3/25/09

So this is what all got today from Kmart, I made 2 small transactions so that I would not have to deal with the headache of Monday. My first transaction was only $3.94!!! Second transaction was only $12.30! Whoot whoot! I got:

  • 4 Secret Flawless deodorant ($0.49 each)
  • 1 swiffer dust and shine ($1.49)
  • 2 cans of Pringles (FREE)
  • 1 Johnson's Buddies Soap(FREE)
  • 2 Bags of Goodlife dog bones (FREE)
  • 3 Oxy Clean Stain sticks ($0.30 on clearance each)
  • 1 Febreeze Air Effects ($0.99)
  • 3 Covergirl Eyeshadow ($0.99 each)
  • 1 Covergirl eyeshadow applicators ($0.99)
=$3.94 (saved $55.83)

Second transaction:
  • 1 Swiffer dust and shine ($1.49)
  • 3 bags of Easter candy ($1.33 each)
  • 2 Glade Scented Oil refills ($0.50 each)
  • 4 Secret Flawless Deodorant ($0.49 each)
  • 1 Covergirl eyeshadow applicator ($0.99)
  • 1 Covergirl make up sponges ($0.99 each)
  • 1 Covergirl pencil sharpener ($0.99)
  • 1 Cascade dishwasher liquid (FREE)
  • 2 Always maxi pads ($0.69 each)
=$12.30 (saved $47.32)

So I did pretty darn good! Too bad I won't go back to that particular store!

BZZ Agent

So I am OFFICALLY a BzzAgent now( I signed up a little while ago but I got my first campaign stuff today)! Yay!! I am soooo excited. Today I received a kit for the Afrin Pure Sea campaign. I received a box of the product to try as well as several coupons to hand out to friends and family. As a Bzz Agent you get to test out new products and then fill out Bzz Reports about the products. Go over here and check em out, it is pretty cool!

UPDATE with Kmart and refund....

SO....I am a bit perterbed with Kmart or actually the people that they having working behind the service desk. I went in today and brought my receipt as well as the breakdown of what each item should have cost me and then what my total was THEN I also had what they had overcharged me. WELL you would have sworn that I was demanding that these ladies pay me out of their own pockets (it started with one, then turned into three and THEN the finally called the GM before anything got accomplished) anywho...two of them were VERY rude and acting like I did something wrong. THEN when I told them that the cashier errored when she did not select all of the items (the problem came from coupons that were for multiple items) they said, "Oh that's not how that works." To which I replied, "Yes otherwise it will not deduct the appropriate amount. You would have sworn that I just asked them to complete brain surgery...they were baffled to say the least even with the breakdown RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM! Finally when the nicer of the the three called the GM he said to refund me my money. I was pleased that someone finally had some common sense. Before I went to shop the one said that she wanted to check out my items PERSONALLY to make sure that there was no funny business, like I was making this up! I was quite offended and had I not driven so far to get there I would have just left. I will be filling out the survey on the bottom of my reciept as well as contacting the corporate office.

It even gets BETTER! So while my friend and I were shopping (she had never been to a double coupon days so she wanted to check each isle to make sure that she could see what she could all get a good bargain on) one of the other ever so rude ladies (rude cashier #2) was following us (it was OBVIOUS) and glaring at us...SERIOUSLY was that necessary?? NO! We are paying customers and I felt harassed to say the least! Then I did not see the rude cashier #1 so I went to another lady and make 2 small purchases (which I scored on!) when I was completing the second one rude cashier #1 came over and watched my coupons like a hawk....THEN low and behold the problem arose with the coupon for 2 items. It was NOT entered correctly so, it only took off $2.50 instead of $4.00...I pointed this out to rude cashier #1 and she try to argue and make up some explanation. I stated that this was the case with the first receipt and that is where all of the $7.75 that was overcharged came from. Finally she gave in and manually took the extra amount off of $1.50...needless to say this was by far my WORST Kmart experience EVER! AND I WILL NEVER GO TO THIS KMART AGAIN! Ugh! (I will share my great deals though...I think that is why they were so grumpy. Well it is NOT my fault I know how to use coupons!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So I am planning to go and make a trip back to Kmart tomorrow to reclaim my $7.75 from the previous transaction that I was overcharged. I also finally got my $2 secret coupons in the mail so that I can stock up on that (since it is my most favorite :) Then I was going to pick up some Covergirl eyeshadow since $0.99 is a great price. As well as a few other things to make my total $50 before coupons. Then I can use the $5 off $50 coupon and my $3 coupon that printed from my trip the other day. I don't plan on spending very much, though I do plan on doing 2 transactions so that I can get a bunch of deodorant and Covergirl make-up...THEN I will be able to mail in the receipts and get 2 GIFT CARDS!!! Yippee!! Can't wait...(I'll just use them on another double coupon extravaganza, ha! I'll post a picture tomorrow, which won't be til a tad later as we have church tomorrow evening.

Today @ Target

So I went to go ol' Target today to pick up somethings that I had coupons for that expire at the end of the month. I got some pretty decent scores. I purchased 2 Bolt DVD's for only $10.99 EACH! One is for the boys and then one is for their friend's birthday party that they have to go to on Friday. That was pretty much my whole total of $32.24! Here is a breakdown of what I got:

2 Bolt DVD's $10.99 ($5 IP cpn)
3 boxes of Hostess 100 calorie snacks $1.74 each ($0.75 IP cpn & $0.50 target printable)
2 Gillette Trial Shave Gels $0.42 each used ($0.55 cpn manuf. cpn)
4 Gillette Face Wash/Body Wash FREE ($2 manuf. cpn)
2 Schick Razors $0.99 after $5 gift card ($4 manuf. cpn)
1 Shout bright n white $3.29 ($1.50 manuf. cpn)
4 Dove trial deodorants FREE ($1.50/2 cpn)
1 Huggies gentle care wipe refill $0.99 ($5 IP cpn)
6 Johnson's Buddies FREE (sending my nieces some with their b-day presents) ($1 manuf. cpn)
1 Dawn Foam $1.00 ($1.50 home mailer cpn)

So I saved $49.35 plus the $5 gift card...not too bad since all was less than the original price of the 2 DVD's. Not a HUGE haul but I still got a lot of good items and covered the birthday present for the party.


Freecycle is a great nonprofit organization that links you with other members of your community to help give and get items for FREE! In order to keep usable items out of landfills. One man's junk may be another may's treasure (isn't that how the old saying goes). I heard about this from my older sister and figured that I would check it out. It is GREAT! I have given away several things that were cluttering my closets (to make room for new things of course...lol) and received some nice things as well. I have gotten crown molding for my kitchen(my kitchen has been in process for quite some time now...moulding is one of the last things I needed YAY!), some cleaning supplies BRAND NEW (how cool) and even an exercise machine!

All you need to do is sign up in your local community, then it takes about a day or so to be approved. Once approved you will receive messages into your inbox daily. All you need to do is reply to the things that interest you. You will receive a message directly if they select you to receive the item. You can list 1 WANT ad per week with 3 items in it. Say you need a TV or couch, you would compose an ad saying "WANTED: TV" then type a short description. You wouldn't believe how many people give away TV's! It's worth checking out!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Caregivers Marketplace

If you have babies you should check this place out, even if not there could be items on their list that you can get reimbursed for. You can get for example $0.75/pack of Huggies and $1/box of Glucerna cereal. It is worth checking out! You just download a form, check off them items (up to 5 per request) and drop it in the mail. Nice and simple! Also if you sign up online ahead of time they will give you an account number so that you can get your money back faster. So far I have gotten a little over $25 back and I am sending out more receipts tomorrow!

Kmart deal pic

Here is a pic of my Kmart trip from today 3/23/09. I got 86 items:
  • 1 Sally Hansen tweezer
  • 1 Lysol toliet cling
  • 4 Glade candes
  • 3 scotch pop up refills (only $0.59!)
  • 1 scotch tape dispenser ($0.49!)
  • 1 Hershey's Bliss
  • 2 Febreeze Air Effects
  • 2 Snuggle Fabric Softener
  • 8 Glade Scented Oil Refill Packs
  • 1 Clorox with Bleach cleaning Spray
  • 1 Good Life Dog Food
  • 2 Listerine Total Care
  • 1 Bayer Children's low dose aspirin
  • 2 Gas X
  • 1 Children's Dimatap
  • 3 pks Stride gum
  • 1 playtex personal wipes
  • 2 playtex tampons
  • 2 regular Pringles
  • 2 Lite Pringles
  • 4 Scotch shipping tape ($0.74!)
  • 8 Dove travel deodorant
  • 3 kotex pantiliners
  • 2 Carpet Fresh
  • 2 Nestle Strawberry milk
  • 2 pounce cat treats
  • 1 carvers dog treats
  • 2 swiffer dust and shine
  • 1 pledge multi surface
  • 1 Renuizit Air Allergen Spray
  • 2 Johnson and Johnson baby powder
  • 2 Dry Idea
  • 1 Hershey cacao bar
  • 4 Covergirl eyeshadow
  • 2 Scrubbing Bubbles
  • 2 Aveeno Lotions
  • 1 Soft Scrub Scrubby Pads
  • 4 Oil of Olay body Mousse
I think that is all that is pictured...Not too bad especially after the $25 gift card from Glamour! My total will then be $29.42! YIPPEE! I love CHEAP and FREE stuff!!

Kmart SAVED $163.72!! (so far anyway...lol)

So I ventured out today to Kmart's DOUBLE COUPON days. The closest to me was in Ripon, Wisconsin. It took me approx. 1 hr and 30 minutes or so to get there. A few of the items that I was looking for were gone already, but they had most everything on my list. I was a bit disappointed to say the least when the cashier told me my total (initially) of $78.16?!?!?! I was like HUH? Yes my original total before ALL coupons was $225.86 BUT I knew that amount was wrong. I had first questioned the cashier when I noticed her pressing the buttons on the screen and asked if those were the items that I had purchased (which I later realized WERE infact my items). She told me "no" but that if she did not press the correct button then it would not take off the correct amount. I looked over my receipt before I left (good idea if you live far away like me) and noticed that firstly I was charged $1.99 for 2 milks that were supposed to be $0.50 each, so that was my first problem to fix. Then I scanned my receipt and realized that SEVERAL of my coupons had NOT doubled to the tune of $13.00!! So I also had that fixed before I left the store. Something was still sitting funny with me, so once I got home I checked my receipt against my list (which I had intentionally written down the coupon amounts) and realized that they still owe me $7.75. I promptly called and took the woman's name whom I spoke with and will be going back later this week to get it adjusted. SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STORE SO THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN TO YOU. Once I get this fixed I will have saved $171.44 and spent $54.42, not bad not bad at all... (I will post a picture shortly...)

Here are some good deals that I found...
  • Good Life Dog Food on sale $4.99 use the $2 manuf. coupon=$0.99
  • Cover Girl Eye Shadow $2.99 use $1 manuf. coupon=$0.99
  • Oil of Olay Body Mousse clearance price $3.24 use $1 manuf. coupon=$1.24
  • Stride Gum $1.29/pack use $2 manuf. coupon off 3 packs= FREE
  • Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener $3.29 use $2 IP coupon=FREE
  • Playtex Cleansing Cloths $2.99 use $1 manuf. coupon=$0.99
  • Playtex 18 ct. tampons $2.19 on sale use $1 manuf. coupon=$0.19
  • Gas X 20 ct. $4.49 use $2 IP coupon=$0.49
  • Bayer children's low dose aspirin $2.29 use $1 manuf. coupon=$0.29
  • Carpet Fresh $2.49 use $1.50 IP coupon=FREE
  • Dove travel size deodorant $0.99 use $1.50/2 manuf. coupon=FREE
  • Listerine Total Care $4.29 use $2 IP coupon=$0.29
  • Kotex 22 ct. pantiliners $1.29 use $0.75 manuf. coupon= FREE
  • Dry Idea $4.99 use $2 IP coupon=$0.99
  • Sally Hansen Tweezers $1.99 use $1 manuf. coupon=FREE
  • Aveno Lotion $3.29 use $2 IP coupon=FREE
  • Pringles clearance price $0.99 use $1/2=FREE
  • Lite Pringles clearance price $1.73 use $1/2=$0.73 each!

I had some other deals but many of those are listed on other sites...these were the ones that I got today :D PLUS I will mail in my receipt to Glamour Magazine to get a $25 Kmart gift card. Not bad for a days work!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kmart Double Coupons 3/22/09-3/28/09

YAY!!!!!!! kmart is doing double coupon days again this week 3/22/09-3/28/09! Last month when they had this I have to say I got some pretty good deals. I was a little bummed as none of my local Kmarts were participating, but we were on our way to Wisconsin Dells and passed through Portage and they were doing the double coupons. They double coupons up to $2 (so a $2 coupon would then turn into a $4 coupon.) I got some great items CHEAP and other FREE...you do have to do your homework and get organized for a shopping adventure of this sort...or your head will be spinning...lol They let you double up to 25 coupons, PLUS if you spend $50 BEFORE coupons you can use this coupon and save $5 BUT you HAVE to make sure that this is the FIRST coupon that you hand over to the cashier or you will not be able to use it.

This time my best friend and I will be going to Oshkosh, which is about an hour or so away from where we live to shop. You may want to call your store ahead of time and see if they will double internet printable coupons, as some will and some will not. It is best to check first not that you do all of that work and then come away empty handed. Here and here are some great match ups by Hip 2 Save and Hot Coupon World I will add more link ups as I find them.

The stores that I found that are participating here in Wisconsin are Oshkosh, Portage, Ripon, Fort Atkinson(their ad said doubling $1 coupons NOT $2), Stevens Point, Janesville, Mauston and Kenosha. Those were the ones I found anyway. If you know of any others let me know and I will be sure to post em! You can also go to kmart.com and type in your zip code if your store's flyer says double coupons then your store is particpating.

Walgreen's deal 3/22-3/28

Personally I LOVE all of the GREAT deals that I get at Walgreen's! Many of those great deals I find here. Thanks to Hip 2 Save! That by far is my FAVORITE blog. All of the time and effort she puts into helping us all get the most bang for our buck! Be sure to check out all of her match ups (as she is WAY better at this than me...lol) She also has some great posts for CVS if you have one near you, unfortunately for me I do not :(

Glucerna Coupon!

Yet another great coupon for Glucerna cereal! This time around you can call 1-877-879-4857 (it is automated, but you can speak directly if you choose to do so.) Once I completed the call it said that I would receive my coupon in about 4 weeks. My local Wal-Mart has these for $3.87 a box and my local Walgreens has them for $4.99 a box. So they will pretty much be FREE with a possible overage depending on where you go!

Also if you have not already done so, you can go here, fill out a short form and print off 2 $5/1 coupons ( you will need to hit you back button and refresh to print the second coupon.)

Thanks so much, Money Saving Mom!

FREE Dove samples and coupons!

Go here and select your sample, fill out the short form and your sample will arrive in the mail. You can also go here and print out some great coupons!


Want to score some freebies for you little four legged friend? Go here, here, or here and fill out the short forms. Most items will be delivered via snail mail in a few weeks. The picture is of our newest addition Roro (he's a Puggle) and my cousin Michelle's adorable cat...he should be a model :D

Wal-Mart FREE samples

YAY! I love free samples! Go over here select the item or items that you wish to receive and fill out a short form. You will receive your FREE samples in the mail in a few weeks. Also I can not guarantee but with all of the samples I have received from Wal-Mart's site I also received COUPONS!! Whooo hooo! Perfect way to try before you buy :D

FREE trial of All You Magazine!

Go over here click on the "click here now" button, fill out the form and score! You get a FREE trial of the magazine. If you choose to no longer receive the magazine make sure to write CANCEL on your bill or contact the customer service and the canellation will be effective immediately.

Pegetables dog treats sample!

Go here and sign up to get FREE dog treats sample. Nice and simple!!

Hostess Coupons!

Go over here enter your email and print off your $0.75 off coupon. I printed 3 so I am not sure if there is a limit. THEN go over here and print off how ever many $0.50/1 that you need to go with your other coupons take them to target and voila! With both the Target coupon and the manufacture coupon the 100 calorie packs come up to around $2.74! You can also print off some other great coupons here for cheap Cheetos (the ones by the register) Soft Scrub (it is on sale AND you can use a manuf. and Target coupon to get it for only $1!


e.l.f. is GREAT inexpensive make up where almost everything they have is only $1! To score some FREE bronzer enter one of these codes (for the color that you like) at checkout.
  • Sunkissed enter code: ECBROAZ
  • Warm Tan enter code: ECBROBZ
  • Luminance enter code: ECBROCZ
  • Buy one get second item 50% off use code: EGSPRAP
  • 75% off (up to $7.50 total) use code: RNDMDSC7OER84
Just go over here and start shopping!!

$25 Restaurant gift certificates for $4 PLUS Bonus!

WOW! go here and get a $25 gift certificate for only $4! PLUS you get a FREE $10 gift certificate with every order. Enter discount code GREEN at checkout and hit apply!

Clinique FREE with purchase!

Try Clinique's best-selling makeup. With any clinique.com purchase*, enjoy: - FREE Standard Shipping - FREE Dual Ended High Impact Mascara .07 oz. and Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 in Air Kiss .08 oz.
Just enter offer code BASICS at checkout.

Ends tomorrow! I LOVE Clinique and when you can get a great deal on it that's even better! Buy something small to get more for less!!

Glade $4 off The Fragrance Collection

Go over here sign up and print out your coupon, remember to hit the back button and refresh so that you can print your coupon out twice! Print them soon because sometimes they pull coupons (once so many have been printed). THEN next month in the Easy Saver Catalog(the small catalog in the front of the store by the weekly flyers) there is a $2 off coupon for these that you can pair with the manufacture coupon to get these great Glade Candles for FREE!!! Yippee!!

There are a LOT of great scents too:
  • Currants & Acai
  • Mcintosh Apple
  • Earthly Awakening
  • Sheer White Cotton
  • Lotus Bamboo
  • Orange Vanilla


Like Arby's? Wanna try the new Roast burger for FREE?? Go here sign up for Arby's Extra's and take your coupon into your local Arby's purchase a small drink and you've got lunch! YUM!

CHEAP Legos!

What a score! This set is originally $99.99 but you can get it for $20 shipped! This is the Lego Space Skulls 956 piece set that is on sale for only $19.98! The original price is $99.99!! Talk about a bargain!! Shipping is $4.95 but by adding a small filler item you can add the $5 off $20 coupon code bscd29. Inexpensive items like these.

Thanks It's Hip to Save!

Victoria's Secret Deals!

Love Victoria's Secret? Well they have some great deals this weekend! Get 7 PAIRS of panties (with over 30 styles to choose from) for only $24.50! Use code BUY7. FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100!! Use code FREE100. Also take an additional 40% off any single clearance item! Use code SAVE40, hurry ends SUNDAY MARCH 22nd!