Sunday, January 31, 2010

GIVEAWAY end tonight!!

The giveaway ends tonight @ 11:59 pm CST so if you haven't already enter do it quick!!

Good Luck!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

FREE Aqua Essentials sample pack!

The FREE AcquaEssentials sample pack is back, Just hurry on over here to get your FREE AcquaEssentials sample Pack with FREE shipping!

Hurry before they are all gone...please note it did take me about 5 minutes to complete the whole process :)

FREE $5 Babies r Us egift card!

Go here to become a fan of Babies R Us on facebook and you’ll get a Free $5 eGift Card! This gift card may be used in-store or Online! Valid until 2/20/10. Sweet!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm so excited...n I just can't hide it...

So I had ordered some coupons off of eBay last weekend for the ALL laundry soap and the Quaker Rice cakes. I figured that both would be great items to stock up on. Well, the coupons arrived today and I went with ad's and coupons in tow to Walmart (as I figured that Walgreen's would be out of rice cakes this late in the week and heck why make 2 trips.)

Here is what I got:

10 ALL small and mighty Free and Clear 50 oz. $6.97 each
10 ALL small and mighty scented 50 oz. $6.97 each
10 Quaker Rice cakes cheese flavor $2.00 each
5 Quaker Rice cakes chocolate flavor $2.00 each
5 Quaker Rice cakes caramel flavor $2.00 each

Total BEFORE coupons and price match: $179.40

Total AFTER coupons and price match....


Oh yeah oh yeah!!

(I used the Big Lots ad for the laundry soap and the Walgreen's ad for the rice cakes, I also used the $2/1 ALL coupon and the $0.75/1 Quaker coupon )

Happy Shopping!!

Neutrogena clearance @ WAGS!

I ran into Walgreen's yesterday and as I was zipping through the isles I noticed that they had several different Neutrogena items on clearance. THESE WERE NOT BY THE OTHER MAKE UP!! They were hanging on an end by the cosmetics counter. They had foundation and mascara bonus packs (they included a face lotion/moisturizer with SPF). I picked up the mascara pack because it was $4.49 AND here's the kicker...the Feburary issue of ALL YOU has a $3 off any Neutrogena make up...making it only $1.49...yay....

Don't forget to enter!!

If you would like to be included in the giveaway please make sure that you enter your info in the comment section of this post!!

Giveaway ends January 31, 2010


Ugh allergies

Now I have allergies all year long and for the most part my Claratin and Flonase keep them at bay...well we got a puppy 1 week ago today and lately I have been sneezing like a maniac! I am starting to think that I am allergic to him...sigh....

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


1 can of OUST air sanitizer
2 Glade Plug Ins
1 Glade Scented Oil Tin


1. Follow me :) (Click the little "follow" button on the right and sign in/up)
2. Come back and enter your name and email

A winner will be picked at random on January 31, 2010


Sunday, January 17, 2010

FREE Redbox code for McDonald's

Here's a new FREE Redbox code for McDonald's locations:


This code can be used once per transaction. So if you would like to use it more than once, just do separate transactions :)

FREE pen! First 10,000

Sign up here to get a FREE pen from Uni Ball. It is available to the first 10,000 each day until April 30, 2010! It starts at noon central time. Limit one per household. If you miss out today try again tomorrow :) They are still available today because I just got one!

CVS Pharmacy 1/17-1/23

Going to CVS? Here and here are the low down this week :) Including some of the 3 day sale deals!

Walgreen's 1/17-1/23

Here and here are quick weekly round up for Walgreen's this week be sure to check it out before heading to the store :)

Rite Aid Deals 1/17-1/23

Heading out to Rite Aid? Check out these great deals and match ups!

Awesome new coupons including Huggies!

FREE Milk w $100 purchase!

YAY! Milk coupons are few and far between but if you head on over here you can enter to win FREE milk for a year AND score a coupon for a FREE gallon of milk with a $100 purchase! The $100 is before coupons of course! Love it!

Thanks, Hip 2 Save!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Healthy Choice $5/5 coupon reset?!

I was just able to print off 2 more prints of the Healthy Choice $5/5 IP coupon! Awesome I just saw them on sale today at Walmart for $1.75 so only $0.75 after coupon! NICE...

FREE cute Engagement Ring and FREE shipping!

This is super cute if you have a little girl in your life (maybe for a cute Valentine's present). You can head on over here to the Turtle Love Co. website and get the ring for FREE and the shipping is FREE...yay for FREE stuff!

Kraft First Taste NEW possible FREEBIE

Kraft First Taste has a cool new FREEBIE (please note some people get the coupon for a FREE item and others get high value coupons). If you are not a member go here to sign up. If you are a member (or once you sign up) click on my account and it will show your offers. Click on that and it will verify your address and you will receive the coupon via snail mail.

I got the FREE coupon...score!

Pick n Save

Pick n Save has some pretty decent deals this week especially on meats. There was LOTS on sale for around $3 or so normally closer to $10. This is great because that is when I buy a lot and then next month I probably won't have to buy any. Anyways here are some of the things I eyeballed when I was at the store this morning:

Yo Plus is B1G1 for $2.45 (only $0.45 for 2 after doubled coupon)

All Holiday items are now 75% this includes the cookies, creamers, kleenex etc. (there are several manufacture and IP coupons to pair up with these items)

Tornados are B1G1 and if you have the B1G1 coupons still from signing up to be a Facebook fan that is 2 packs for FREE (sweet)

Oranges are 2/$4 (which is a good price and I don't think we will be seeing oranges for awhile due to all the poor weather so I would get some while I could)

Campbell's Chicken Noodle and Tomato soups are 2/$1 use the $1/4 IP coupon or the one from the paper 2 weeks ago to get them cheap!

Happy shopping!!

Giveaway prize! maybe just maybe if I reveal what the prize is for the giveaway that will put a little more drive out there! :) The winner will receive the following:

1 can of OUST air sanitizer
2 Glade Plug Ins
1 Glade Scented Oil Candle Tin

So come on lets hit that magic number! Once the number is hit I will make a post and if you would like to be entered in the giveaway all you will have to go is enter your name and email to that post. The winner will be chosen by the random generator. Winner will then be notified by email and have to contact me within 24 hours of receiving notification of winning or a new winner will be chosen.

Thanks and good luck!

Monday, January 11, 2010


So I FINALLY fixed the issue with the insurance that was more headache than one person should have to endure in a day...and as for Walgreen's well they suggested that I wait until the end of the week to see if the money turns up back on my card. If it is not there by Friday they said that they will give me my $17 back...all this because I forgot a stinkin coupon...

As for the giveaway we are almost there...just a few more people! As soon as we hit 25 I will reveal the prize and how to enter! :)

FREE Subscription to CBS WATCH magazine

Here's another FREE magazine subscription for you all. Head over here to get your FREE CBS WATCH magazine...I get so many magazines for FREE it is awesome!

Rite Aid Deals 1/10-1/16

Check out Money Saving Mom's deals and scenarios for this week at Rite Aid. She also has a easy to follow tutorial for newbies :)

FREE Redbox code

Yay! Here is a FREE Redbox code RBXLUV10 good until midnight tomorrow 1/11 be sure to swing on over to your nearest redbox and pick up your FREE movie...LOVE IT!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I redecorated...ta da!

Gave the blog a face year new look...what do you all think?? Out with the old and in with the new :)

Ta da!

Giveaway update!

We are at 20 followers (plus one VERY nice google reader)! That is super cool!! Soon we will be at the special number and the giveaway will commence. Check back soon for more updates! Thanks everyone!!

CVS Weekly Deals 1/10-1/16

Here are some great weekly match up for CVS, be sure to check them out before you head on over there.

Thanks, Hip to Save!

Walgreen's Deals 1/10-1/16

Heading over to Walgreen's check out the weekly deals and match ups here.

Thanks, Hip to Save!

Sometimes I wonder...

A few things that happened to me over the weekend....
As I was preparing the bills for the monthly paycheck I went over to the cork board to check out the amount for the insurance policy (we switched carriers because WI's new laws made our other policy sky rocket) anyways the original amount was reasonable so we switched. Well my husbands company decided that they were going to change his monthly pay date this year from the 15th of every month to the friday closest to the 15th...NOT COOL....since we have some direct debits....WELL this is when the change happened. It shows the same 6 month premium total BUT the monthly debit was raised $17.76...NOT in my I will be calling them tomorrow and telling them it needs to be corrected or we will be taking all of our business elsewhere.

Moving mishap with Walgreen's and my forgetting the coupon is turning out to be more of a hassel that one would have first assumed. I checked my card today and the second mistake was return to my card BUT the $17.00 that the manager said would never show up on my card is still there and there is NO refund in site! I will have to return there tomorrow and look for my cosmetics cashiers and have her call this manager to fix the problem...we are talking $17.00 here! You know what I can buy with that???

Lastly, I went in the other room to grab some changing supplies for the youngest and the oldest comes in the room and goes "Uh oh mom..." now we all know that is NOT good. See the youngest has severe eczema so we have LOTS of creams and most importantly if you have ever used that product you know that it is very greasy (but that is what helps moisturize so well) The beastie got ahold of this lovely stuff and COVERED the desk, our house warming invitations, the antibacterial bottle, the computer mouse, mouse pad, house phone and of course himself....THEN I WENT TO BED....ugh


Win FREE Milk for a year!

This is a pretty cool promotion go here and enter to win FREE milk for a whole year! Now wouldn't that be sweet! I mean think of all the money that would be saved since milk is pretty costly and rarely does a coupon come along. But wait! There's more!! After you enter you can print off a coupon for a FREE 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk with the purchase of 2 gallons of white milk! This coupon is only available for the first 125,000 so hurry!

Saturday, January 9, 2010



You can sign up here to get a FREE Sample of Youth Eye Complex by iS Clinical.

Head on over here to score a FREE 2-pack sample of Purex Complete 3-in-1! Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Kotex is offering up a FREE sample pack! Just sign up here to score a FREE sample of Kotex Security Tampons and Long Liners! And here and here!! (3 sample links whoo hoo!)

Hurry on over here to snag a FREE sample of Kleenes Tissue from Costco. You do NOT have to be a Costco member.

Go here to request a FREE Benefiber Orange Powder sample from Walmart.

Get a FREE 20oz coffee from Kum & Go Stations with this coupon–valid through January 13th.

Most samples take from 4-12 weeks to arrive, but it is super exciting when they do!

Thanks Hip to Save!!

LOTS of Sally Hansen Clearance @ Wags!!

Does anyone know of any coupons for Sally Hansen products out there?? I was in WAGS the other day checking out in cosmetics and happened to turn around while I was waiting for the manager to come and fix my receipt. Well nearly their WHOLE WALL of Sally Hansen items were marked on clearance all around $1.79 from footcare to nail polish they had a TON of awesome items. I also noticed that they had Listerine on clearance and there is a $2 off in ad coupon. Which would make the listerine $0.79 unless of course you had a manufacture coupon which would most likely make it a money maker!! Check the store there are massive markdowns and great deals to be had!

FREE catalog AND FREE $25 certificate/coupon

I don't know about you but I think that this seems pretty awesome. Go here and you can sign up to get a FREE catalog and the catalog comes with a FREE $25 certificate/code to use on whatever even shipping...score!

I don't know about you but I am soooo ready for spring as I have had my share of cold days and snow this

So...I decided....that....

I am going to host my VERY FIRST giveaway once I reach 25 followers! It will be something fun for you guys (and me to get more followers cuz come on, isn't that uber cool to know people actually are interested in what you have to say). So come on peeps lets get up to 25....details to follow! Whoot whoot!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Note to self...

Dear Self,
Nice attempt at "trying" to take Mookie with to do lunch at school. As much as all of the other kids enjoyed his olympic sprints through the lunch room and hallway as you were trying to clean the tables and keep order it just wasn't as productive as one would have hoped.

The trip to Pick n Save and Walgreen's did not turn out as intended either. For the simple fact that you forgot 2 WAGS coupons which came to the grand total of $16.80...smooth move ex-lax...yes you did have to wait for a manager to come and correct the it the first time AND then return to the store after picking up Tristan in quite the doozy of a snow storm...


If I had a white flag I would have hung it today...Mookie won...I was defeated by a 2 year old....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jump Rope for Heart

Well my baby Tristan is offically in his first school fund raiser...Jump Rope for Heart! I remember doing this several times while in grade school and I loved it. His goal is to raise $100 (hopefully we can get there :) I have sent out some emails and decided to make a post just for him.

Be sure to check out his page and if you are in the giving mood feel free to make a donation. Every little bit helps and it is going to a GREAT cause :)

Tristan and I thank you for support!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New freebies

I just noticed some new freebies on my freebies sure to check em stuff is good stuff!

So...I'm going to lose some weight

Maybe it's this getting older business and I want to be my slender healthy self or maybe because the biggest loser always seems to hit me but I signed up for the pound for pound challenge. I really like this idea because it works in your local community which just makes you feel good.

Go here if you would like to participate in the pound for pound challenge

FREE Daily Grill Cheeseburger Meal!

Wow! This is an awesome freebie for all you that are lucky enough to live near a Daily Grill! Today, 1/5 ONLY, after 4pm, you can head on over to the Daily Grill and say “BurgerTweet” to your server to score a FREE Classic Cheeseburger Meal! …and the best part, everybody in your party will score a FREE meal! The meal comes with 12 oz. Certified Angus Beef burger (that’s HUGE) with a Thick Slice of Cheddar Cheese, Topped with Two Onion Rings, Served with Shoestring Fries and Cole Slaw! The price for this meal is normally $13.95!

Thanks, Hip2Save!!

FREE Blue Ribbon Foods Chicken and Pork Chops!!

Boy do I wish I lived in one of these states:
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee or Virginia! Blue Ribbon Foods is offering FREE food samples which include 2 lemon pepper chicken breasts, 2 pork chops and a cooler. If you live in one of these states head on over here to request yours!

FREE travel size item w/ any purchase @ Bath and Body Works...

Bring this coupon on over to Bath and Body Works to score yourself a FREE travel size item with ANY purchase! Don't forget that the semi annual sale is going on there are some sweet deals to be had!


So....I signed up for a new Snapfish account the other day on Dec. 31st and received a $10 credit in my account. I thought this was pretty cool and wanted to get an address book, then I also saw that I got 50 FREE prints (after I contacted them the first I uploaded my Christmas pics and went to town. Then when I went to check out I saw that my $10 was gone. Apparently their system said it was the 5th yesterday but it was only the I proceeded to contact the LIVE CHAT...the first person told me to get my cart ready and contact them again so that they could manually take off the $ I spend the next hour creating and what have you and then I contacted the LIVE CHAT again and this person was not as user friendly. They tried to tell me that I had to pay full price and then they would refund me....ehhh NO!

FINALLY they fixed it and all was well in the world again :) Persistance does pay off!

P & G Samples and Coupons!

Go here to and log in to your P & G account and you can get a whole bunch of coupons and little freebies. I really really LOVE getting "fun" mail. For example, yesterday I got:

FREE 2 pk Wild Grape Pop Tarts
FREE Town & Country Magazine
FREE Doggie Pee Pee Pads
FREE Seventh Generation Dish Soap

Now isn't that waaaay cooler than getting bills? My kids thought so when they got to eat the Pop

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I ran into Walmart today to grab some of the Healthy Choice meals and to check the Merry Madagascar stuff and just my luck it was all on sale for only $0.50 each! SAWEET!!!! I grabbed all of the plates, cake plates, napkins and cups that I will need for Mookie's birthday next about a score AND to top it off they marked some of the stuff down even further that I had already bought and I went to get a price adjustment and got $11.50 back....NICE! With that I went to Pick and Save and got:
16 yogurts
4 packs of noodles
2 loaves of bread
2 shredded cheese
2 brick cheese

LOVE it!

Maybe this birthday stuff isn't that bad after all... ;)

Walgreens 1/3-1/9

Want some great deals and coupon match ups for Walgreen's? Head on over here before you run out!

CVS deals 1/3-1/9

Heading out to CVS? Be sure to check out these great deals!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Tomorrow I may have to get some newspapers

So I am running LOW on newspaper coupons...why you might ask...well I have not bought any since eh October-ish...I have seriously taken a step back from the "gotta coupon" every moment of my life...I have been more so getting deals from the IP coupons and onces that were mailed to me. I still have been getting some sweet deals, but I think that it is time to go out and replenesh the stash...MAYBE just MAYBE even put them in the "binder". I say it that way because all of the girls at my Walgreen's tell everyone about the "binder" and how awesome it is. (Well thanks guys) I have even had some older people tell me that it was fantastic...(thank you also) They really are quite convient if you have them organizer properly. Though I think that this year I may down size from the 4 inch (yeah I said 4) to the 1.5 inch that hubby bought me for our anniversary...which by the way was VERY sweet of him. At least he is starting to take this coupon thing

OH btw there are supposed to be 5 inserts...this was the motivating factor to go get some :)

Cafe Steamers $0.78??

I have to run out to get some Yoplait and cheese in a little bit and I heard that the Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers were priced at $1.78 which after the $5/5 coupon would make them $0.78 they are good and I will take that :) I also wanted to check and see if they still have the Merry Madagascar plates, cups etc left because that is the theme of Mookie's birthday next year if they still have some...hey I can get away with it since his birthday is the day after Christmas!

It's my birthday ....phewey

I knew this day would come. Personally I do not feel any older than when I went to bed last night which is a plus. BUT I did check out the "smile lines" a little more thoroughly than usual...with a sigh I might add. My husband came into the office and asked me if I wanted him to make me breakfast to which I replied, "No...BUT you could wash the dishes for me..." (thanks for the idea CJ) and he AGREED...well Happy Birthday to me after all!