Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Kmart Deals 4/19

I awoke bright and early this morning (much earlier than I would have liked) to go shopping for the Kmart Doubling event. I stayed up pretty late last night making out my list of great scores and freebies. I went to 2 different stores, as both of my local ones were participating. The one in Plymouth is MUCH better and had a nicer selection of items versus the one in Sheboygan.

My best friend, her sister, my younger and both of the kids all ventured out. Our first stop was the Kmart in Sheboygan. Needless to say this was a bit of a hassel as 3 out of the 4 of us had problems with the cashiers and coupons. One of the cashiers tried to say that our Smartsource Easy Mac coupons were no good. We all showed her that they each had different serial numbers. We did get it all cleared up, but it was a bit more of a hassel than I think it should have been.

Plymouth was GREAT! I had several people tell me how awesome my coupon binder was. I even passed out some coupons to fellow shoppers. (I had extra and love being able to help :) Anyways, here is what I all got for only $27.54!! I saved $131.60! $3.62 was tax...I am VERY pleased with what I got and plan to make another trip this week for some more great freebies!

Here is the breakdown of items:

3 Veet Bladeless Shaver Kits clearance $4.49 ($2 IP cpn=$0.49 each)
7 Sally Hansen Nail Polish $2.39 ($1 Manuf cpn=$0.39 each)
2 Aveeno Lotion $3.15 ($2 IP cpn=FREE)
2 BIC Soleil $5.29 ($2 IP cpn=$1.29 each)
4 Johnson Baby Swabs $1.69 ($1 manuf cpn=FREE)
2 Huggies 40 ct wipes $1.99 ($1 IP cpn=FREE)
3 Scott's Paper Towel $5.50 ($1 manuf cpn=$3.50 each)
2 Scott's Toliet Paper $5.50 ($1 manuf cpn=$3.50)
1 Post Trail Mix Crunch $3.99 ($2 manuf cpn=FREE)
4 Vitamin Waters $1 ($0.50manuf cpn=FREE)
6 Easy Mac Cups $1.09 each ($1 IP cpn= $0.09 each)
2 Ricola Throat Drops $1.67 ($1 manuf cpn=FREE)
2 Halls Cough Drops $1.34 ($1 Manuf cpn & B1G1 cpn=FREE)
1 Spiderman Easter Egg Kit clearance $0.74
2 Clean n Clean Products $4.49 ($2 IP cpn =$0.49 each)
4 Kotex Pantiliners $1.29 ($0.75 manuf cpn=FREE)
2 Sanihands $2.49 ($1 manuf cpn=$0.49 each)
1 Dawn Hand Care $2.99 ($1 manuf cpn=$0.99)
2 Beggin Strips $2.79 ($1 manuf cpn= $0.79 each)
1 Pedigree Jumbo Bone $2.99 ($1 manuf cpn=$0.99)
3 Marcal Toliet Paper $2.79 ($1 manuf cpn=$0.79 each)
1 Quaker Rice Cakes $1.99 ($1 manuf cpn=FREE)
1 Hormel Complete $2 ($0.75 manuf cpn=$0.50)
1 V8 Fusion $3.99 ($2 IP cpn=FREE)


  1. OH my did FAR better than I did!
    I just found your blog and LOVE it!
    We don't have any Kmarts in our town...and took a little road trip 1 1/2 hours was so much fun! You bought things that i didn't even think of...maybe I should go back!

  2. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks so much! I was SUPER excited when I unloaded all my goodies for the picture! I would make a coupon binder and go back. This is the first time my local one did this (last time I drove the same distance but I got a bunch of freebies then too). The binder made it a BREEZE! So many people commented on how cool the binder was. I totally recommend one :D Best wishes!!

  3. I'm so jealous! I called our Kmart this morning after getting super excited and they are not participating--sad day.

  4. Hi Mindy,
    I would check Kmart's website or call customer service to see if any of the stores in a decent driving range were doubling. As I had to drive a little over an hour the last 2 times but it was sooo worth it. Check out this post:

    You can also find another 2 in my March blog list. I saved a HEAP of money...if you plan right I personally think it is worth the drive...AND it is soooo much fun!