Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walgreen's!! CHEAP DRINKS!!

I didn't really care for many of the items that were on sale this week at Walgreen's but the beverage deals DID catch my eye. So I went to get some of those. I paid $24.70 for:

6 12 packs of Lipton Green Tea they are B2G1 (used $2/2 manuf cpn)
3 Starbucks Frapp. Drinks B2G1 (used $1/1 easy saver cpn)
1 Colgate Total ($3.50 RR received)
4 One a Day Drink Mixes (used $4/2 & $1/1)

I was QUITE impressed as these items are usually VERY pricey! I did go back again today and get 6 more Lipton Green Teas, with the same coupons and then I got 6 more Starbucks coffees (this time I used the $1/4 easy saver AND $1/2 manuf cpn). 3 packs of coffees for ONLY $7.50!!! My hubby was excited! So was I to stock up on beverages for so cheap!


  1. Darn, we don't have the same drink deals at our Walgreens in Milwaukee...enjoy!

  2. I just sort of stumbled upon the drink deal, which was nice. I think it may have ended Saturday as it was in the flyer. Hope you and your family had a great Easter! Thanks for stopping by! Best wishes!!