Monday, April 13, 2009

Pick n Save P&G Deals! FREE movie tickets!!

Wednesdays are double coupon days at Pick n Save and I plan on stopping by there to get a few items for their P&G Promotion that they have this week. If you spend $35 on ANY P&G products you will get 2 FREE movie tickets, up to $24 value. This PERFECT for us, as hubby wants to go and see the new Fast & Furious movie, score!!

Here are some of the items from the flyer(make sure to pair these with manufacture coupons for maximum savings):

Bounce or Downy 2 for $10
Charmin 9-18 rolls $10.99
Febreeze Candles $6.49
Febreeze Air Effects 2 for $5
Iams canned Dog Food 10 for $10
Iams canned Cat Food 10 for $5
Mr. Clean various products $2.39
Bounty 8 giant rolls $10.99
Tide select 75-100 loads detergent $10.99
Cascade various size dishwasher detergent $3.99
Dawn 2 for $5
Puffs 4 for $6
Pampers jumbo pack $8.99
Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner 2 for $11
Febreeze noticeables starter kit $6.99
Febreeze noticeables refills $3.99
Iams Dog Food various sizes $14.99
Iams Cat food $5.99
Mr Clean liquid cleaner 2 for $5

I am going on Wednesday as I stated before to get the double coupons deal. Make sure to hand over your $1 coupons first (since they only double the first 5 up to $1). Iams has a lot of B1G1 canned food coupons as well as some good high value bag coupons. The Home Made Simple mailer has a TON of great match ups for these items also. Plan your list now so you can enjoy a FREE date night later!


  1. If you signed up for that P&G $120 Coupon book (rebate) earlier this year there are some great matchups! That book was full of $1/1 coupons.

  2. Hi Kim,
    Yeah you can get some great items AND go to the movies! What a deal!!

  3. I am a sahm who homeschools our four. Just wanted to let you know I think you are doing a great job for your first few months. Checkout Not only can you use your coupons and match the deals, but you can get paid for your option on a store you shop ats service. I now don't pay for any grocries after I am reimbursed for my purchases. It really works, and best yet it is free to sign up. I do it with my kids, so I don't even need a babysitter. They are great at paying on time and I have worked for them for over 8 years. Hope you are not in the Mukwonago, Waueksha area or you might take some of my work, but I like to give people options to make Staying at home possiable.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by. I would LOVE to check that out. I have often wanted to homeschool my son's but have NO idea where to start. If you have any pointers or direction for me I would truly appreciate it. I wish I would have started coupon shopping years ago, we would probably be MUCH farther ahead in life. Ya live ya learn I guess. Best wishes!!

  5. Oh, and we don't live in that area lol we are farther north :)

  6. Email me any time.
    I always say start homeschooling preschool. Whats the worst that can happen? Most parents can teach a child to at least 5-8 grade without having to learn to much themselves. And we only spend 3-4 hours a day compared to what the regular schools do. Plus I get my emails, laundry, dishes, lunch, dinner done while they do seat work so it is really much less time a day for me personally. Cost is not much either, it can get expensive for extras. Still much less than a private school. I have tried several curriculums an can advise well on what works best for each style of learner. Last year each child tested at least 3 grade above there age in every subject. It really is easier than you would expect.