Friday, April 17, 2009

Have expired coupons?? Send them to the Miltarty personnel

So last month I went through and sorted out all of my expired coupons. I was just going to toss them into the recycling when my best friend told me that we can donate them to the Military! WOW! I thought that is so awesome! That is so much better than simply throwing them away! Go over here and you can find a list of bases that accept the coupons. They can only use manufactures coupons for up to 6 months past the expiration date. NO IP coupons OR store coupons. Since a lot of coupons expire at the end of the month now you have something nice you can do with them. It is nice to be able to help out in small little ways.

Make sure that you clip the coupons (to save on shipping costs) and that you fill out a small customs form (it takes like a minute). Postage is the same as if you would be sending them here in the US. You mark the value $0 since they have no value unless used. This is a great way to do something with the coupons that you know you will not be using either.

Make sure that you do not put the city and country as then it may be reroute through the countries mailing system. Use this sort of format:

Family Service (or info as written here)
Unit Number, Box Number
APO AE 00000


  1. Very cool. I'm going to have to do this. We always throw away tons of unused/expired coupons. Thanks!!!

  2. Hi Laura,
    Yeah I think that is an awesome way to put those expired coupons to some good use ;)