Friday, April 17, 2009

YAY More CHEAP Soy Joy bars!! $0.48 before tax!

Sooo... apparently the 2/$1 Soy Joy deal at Walgreen's is good until the 25th. So, I got some more B1G1 coupons and headed on over there. I got 50, yes 50 bars (they are REALLY good) 1 Chapstick and 1 Fiber Choice Tablets all for $1.95!!!!! They have 4 flavors at my Walgreen's and let me tell you they are ALL yummy!

WHOOO HOOO!!! And to top it off I got a $2 RR and a $2.50 RR to buy more stuff!! Everything I got came to like $0.04 each! I used 25 B1G1 coupons, 5 $2/10 coupons and two RR from the Colgate toothbrush and the Edge Shave gel.

I saved $74.50!!!

ONLY $1.95 OOP ( that is a little over the price of just 1 BAR!)

Holy smokes, I just really looked at my receipt and my total was $0.48 before tax ROCK ON!


  1. I love your blog! Thanks for all of the terrific info! Where did you get the coupons for the soyjoy? I don't remember seeing any? Thanks!

  2. Go to ebay. I got 40 coupons for $0.98 plus $0.98 shipping. Which is really decent. But hurry because the deal ends next week. Most sellers will ship asap if you ask them too :D Best wishes and thanks so much!!

    P.S. even though the little signs at Walgreen's say the berry and strawberry ALL the flavors are on sale! YAY!

  3. THANKS so much for the tip! I rcvd my coupons today and already have 40 soyjoy for cents!

  4. Hi Chris, Heidi&Eden,
    So glad that you got your Soy Joys...did you get all four flavors?? I love them all, wish Walgreen's carried the purple one though....:) Best wishes!