Monday, April 13, 2009

This weeks shopping trips...LOTS of Freebies!!

Hope everyone had a GREAT Easter! The kids LOVED all of the great little goodies that I was able to get for them, their baskets were The past week was SUPER busy and therefor I wasn't able to do as many posts as usual. None the less I am back! I have a bunch of great deals that I plan on doing this week and I am SUPER excited. Hubby and I are finally breaking down and getting a chest freezer(as these new deals will require the extra freezer space!) It all started when I was checking ebay for some good soda coupons. Hubby loves his soda and I love a great deal~! I found the coupons for the Sara Lee bread(you get FREE 2 liters of soda when you buy this.) Soooo, I searched some more. I found coupons for $1 0ff ANY bread when you buy 2 bags of Lays those motors working and then I found coupons for FREE chips when you buy Sara Lee bread and lunch meat. Then I got the coupons for the meat. And also scored some great coupons for dips to go with the chips! So I will be getting:

10 Sara Lee Breads ($1 each)
12 2 liter Bottles of Diet soda (I also am using the B1G1 Coupons I printed) (FREE)
10 Hillshire Farms Lunch Meats ($1.45 each)
5 Frijto Lay's Dips (FREE)
10 Bags of Lays Chips (FREE)

ALL FOR $24.50 (I priced the items at the store)

I am SUPER excited about that!!!

Then I have ANOTHER great deal I will be picking up!!

20 Kraft Dressings ($0.08 each)
10 Meat items (using $2 off meat when you buy 2 Kraft items)
10 Produce items (FREE when you buy 2 Kraft items)

I will choose the meats that are the closest to $2 or less to maximize savings. I LOVE ebay for when I need to find a specific coupon. I ALWAYS make sure that I get at least 20 coupons for $2.00 or less (which is what I pay for a paper on Sunday).

Nothing has REALLY jumped out at me this week at Walgreen's or Target at the moment. So I believe that I will be making the one trip to Wal-mart (at least for now :)

I will make sure to post up the pics as soon as I go out and get these items. This is going to last us QUITE awhile and put a very very little dent in our grocery budget which should allow us to put a little extra into our savings!! YIPPEE!!

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