Friday, April 24, 2009

My Walgreen's reuseable totes...

So those GREAT Walgreen's totes that we got the other day...well I am pretty disappointed in mine to say the least! After bringing all of my items in today and unloading...I noticed a HUGE hole in the one all down the I have a sewing machine and can try and fix this but wow I thought it would last a little longer...bummer!! I did see some pretty cool ones at Kmart though today...I may have to snag one of those instead...they are much bigger too...


  1. grrr mine ripped too, but I am not sewing savvy.

    I haved some other reusable bags that I bought about 3 years ago and the are STILL great and in working condition.

    Hey thank you again for telling me about the glade rebate deal for walgreens. I would have completely missed it! I don't know why the other sites didn't mention it- or maybe they did and I missed it. . . But thank you, you saved me $4!

  2. Well atleast they were free or I would have to go back and complain...
    Yeah I didn't see the Glade thing on ANY of the other blogs, I just sorta figured it out...guess I should post something quick since today is the last day. Then maybe another few people can benefit. Glad you found your receipts :D