Monday, July 27, 2009

Frappuccino Deal!

Walgreen's has 9.5 oz Frappuccino's on sale this week 4/$5 with in ad coupon. Pair these up with the $1/1 coupons from last months coupons final price is ONLY $0.25 per bottle!! Hubby loves these so I try to stock up whenever possible. If you still have the ice cream coupons you can score those for only $0.50 after $2/1 coupon at Walmart!!

HIP cosmetics @ Walgreen's

So the car had to go in for some maintenance today at the dealer so the boys and I walked across the street to Walgreen's to use up a $3RR that was expiring today. I brought the binder as well since we had an hour to burn. Loreal cosmetics are on sale B1G1 50% off AND H.I.P. is also included...the BEST part is that I found a BUNCH that are on clearance for $3.19! So buy 2, use 2 $2 coupons and they are only $0.40 after coupons!!!

Time to stock up on some awesome eyeshadow, these are normally $11.99 each!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009 do or not to do...

So far this month I have only spent a little under $75 on groceries. We have soooo much stuff stockplied up that I figured that we could last quite a while just eating from what we have. We have not been shorted by any means. Since we have a lot of important things coming up I wanted to be quite a bit tighter on our budget. Examples are we are going to Disney next month (YAY) Tristan needs to be registered for school. One of our cars needed new tires (which are sooo expensive btw BUT we did shop around and find a good deal), we have to pay for a home inspection next week as well. Along with a few other things, my point is that I have come to realize that I may have "mad" coupon skills but I do not have to put them to use all the time. I am VERY thankful that I learned the "couponing game" because otherwise we may be in a tight squeeze this month. Sometimes you just have to let some of those sales go by, as you do NOT need to hit up EVERY single one like so many of us do when we start couponing. (Hey it's thrilling and addictive, kinda like the

FREE Gain sample

Go over here to request your FREE sample of Gain with Febreeze freshness. Once you fill out the form you should receive your sample within 4-6 weeks :)

FREE Cookbook from Omaha Steaks

Just enter your information and you will receive a FREE Great Gathering Guide and Cookbook from Omaha Steaks! Go on over here to get yours!

FREE Blockbuster rental!

Visit your local Blockbuster Express Kiosk and enter code CKVPX9A7 to receive a free DVD rental. Visit this site to check for locations in your area. Click to get this freebie

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Target has NEW coupons!!

Be sure to check out all of the new Target coupons that are available!! They even have some to pair up with the BIC coupons that we recently printed. Go on over here to check out all of the new ones ( and be sure to pair them up with you manufactures coupons :) Be on e the look out for some great clearance deals to be had as well!


I came home from running some errands this morning and grabbed the mail quick and MUCH to my surprise I had already gotten my order from Apothica! That ROCKS! Talk about GREAT customer service and lightining FAST shipping! SAWEET!

30 FREE summer songs!

Stanford University is offering up 30 FREE itune songs. Pretty neat eh? Go here for more info! Expires September 30th, 2009!

Free Total Cereal Sample

Go on over here fill out your info and wait for it to's just that simple! Chances are good that you may even get a coupon as lots of the samples come with those too!!

We got an accepted offer to purchase!!

I'm giddier than a little kid on Christmas! This new realtor REALLY worked her hinnie off to find us a nice house. We met right where we wanted to so I am also pleased about that. I even found some really awesome placemats yesterday (ON CLEARANCE!!) that are the inspiration for the new dining room! YAY! My creative visions are flowing!

We are set to close on August 25th, yay!!!

Now I have to start packing and purdging the things that we REALLY don't need or use anymore....thank goodness there is

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some good target deals!

Buy 10 Eggo BakeShop products at Target on sale for $1.50 each

Use 10 $1 coupons from any of these links:
Bricks coupon: IE or Firefox
Pay $5
Submit for the Kellogg's Fuel for School Rebate to get back a $10 check! You will need to send in the UPC's, the receipt, form and can only do it in one transaction. :)

MorningStar Farms products priced around $3.39

Use the $1/1 coupon available here: IE or Firefox or here or here: IE or Firefox.
Plus, combine with the $2/2 Target coupon
Final cost $1.39 per box!
Also, don't forget that these qualify for the Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate

Buy 10 Sobe Life Waters at $1 each=$5 Target gift card

Purchase 10 for a total of $10
Use 5 Sobe buy one get one free coupons from here: IE or Firefox
Pay $5
Get back a $5 Target gift card
Final cost FREE!

Buy 10 Smart Ones Priced at $1.99 each=$19.90

Use 10 $1 Target Smart Ones coupons
Plus, use the $4/10 Smart Ones coupon
To access this coupon go on over here and fill out the simple form
Final cost ONLY .59 per meal!

I did all of these deals, I even rolled the Sobe one a few times. I always love a great deal on drinks. Thanks, Hip to Save for the heads up!

Walgreens Excedrin Deal!

Buy any 2 Excedrin Migrane, Tension or Extra strength B1G1 for $6.99 then use 2 $2/1 coupons from here. Pay $4.99 and get a register reward for $5 which makes these FREE after coupons and RR!!

Bath and Body Works FREE travel size item with any purchase!

Go here to print off your coupon for a FREE travel size item with any purchase at Bath and Body Works! Be sure to check for clearance or inexpensive $1 items~! This coupon is good until July 29, 2009!

Gilette Fusion only $0.99 @ target!!

Are you running low on razors? If so head on over to Target as the Gilette Fusion razors are on sale for only $4.99. Pair this sale with the $4 coupon and you can score some REALLY cheap razors for only $0.99 plus tax!

My hubby said that these are the BEST razors that he has ever used! (If they work that well for men, just imagine how well they work for your legs! lol)

House hunting on a happier note!

We did let out first realtor go...and found the BEST realtor EVER!!! She has went above and BEYOND any and ALL of our expectations! We hired her on Sunday and went through about 25 houses with her. We found a SUPER nice one and put in an offer on Tuesday...we are in the process of negotiations and hopefully all will turn out with this one this time. The last guy lost 4 houses for us. The time and stress has been pretty overwhelming so I am hoping for the best. This time we have 4 back ups that we can pursue "just in case".

I do hope all of this house stuff will be done and over with soon so that I can happily get back to blogging as I truly miss it and all of you GREAT readers! Thanks for bearing with me and all of your support!!

Skincare RX gift card...

I sent a few of these to friends and family. When I finally went to use mine this site was OVERWHELMED with traffic. So I decided to try the next day, I was pretty bummed when it wouldn't work. I contacted the customer service for help (at this point I figured that I wasn't going to get much help and that it wouldn't really result in anything.) BUT much to my surprise they email me back within 48 hours we replied back and forth 2 times, as I have been quite to busy to call the 800 number, and they added my gift card to my account!!! SOOOOO I just got all done and ordered a Pear Peony Body wash which totalled $18.95 with shipping FOR FREE!!!!! YAY me!!! I hope that everyone else that I sent one to got to use them. IF you didn't get to use your code MAKE SURE you contact the customer service because they are SUPER DUPER friendly and willing to help!!

Kmart to double again August 16th!

Get those binders ready ladies and gentes! Kmart will be doing doubles again August 16th, too bad I will be in Florida on vacation with mi familia...(I think I have enough items in my stockpile to miss one

Stay posted for further details!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wanna be remembered forever?

This is a neat freebie, head on over here fill out the information and your name will be included on a microchip on the Mars Science Laboratory rover headed to Mars in 2011! Neat!

Klondike/Breyer's Coupons

If you head on over to you can print off 2 $1/2 Klondike coupons and 2 $1/2 Breyers coupons. The Klondike 6 packs are on sale right now at Walmart for $2.50 OR you can get 2 Choco Tacos for only $0.50 each!

Plus if you wanna get some Breyer's yogurts they have several flavors and after coupon they are only $0.13 each!!

You can score another set of each coupon if you head over to

I LOVE my Walgreens!!

So frankly I have the BEST (in my opinion) Walgreen's EVER!! My cosmetic counter cashier is SUPER nice and sweet! She LOVES when I do multiple transactions even...I did 13 one day! The other day I walked in to grab some sunscreen and she goes, "I have some coupons for you!" How nice is that? She gave me a coupon for FREE hair dye AND a 15% friends and family coupon that she got from work....

Gosh I <3 her~! Tristan told her she looked pretty too (nothing like scorin some brownie

I feel for all of you out there that have problems with Walgreen's, I wish you could all have a cashier like mine...SHE'S THE BEST~ Thanks Trina!! :D

Walmart 7/18

My next mad dash was into Walmart. Here I felt REALLY proud for all the dough I saved!! My total before coupons was $57.89 Here is what I all got:

20 Hefty one zip small bags $1 each
20 Hefty one zip large bags $1 each
4 Breyers yogurts $0.63 each
4 Klondike Choco Tacos $1 each
1 Blue Bunny Ice cream sandwich $1
2 Green Peppers $0.50 each
2 Vegetable Soup mix $0.73 each
1 Kids vitamins $4.93

After ALL coupons I spent $12.51!!! $2.50 of that was TAX and most of my total was vitamins for the kids!!

YAY for coupons!


So I headed on over to Target in a QUICK shopping trip since hubby had the kids. So here is what I all got:

10 Sobe waters $1 each
2 Alexia Sweet Potato Fries $2.18 each
10 Smart Ones $1.99 each
2 Morning Star Patties $2.54 each

Total OOP after coupons $12.11 plus a $5 gift card!!

I was pretty upset today as the printer got jammed and I got the paper out BUT the part that feeds the paper broke...ugh! Good thing I got all my coupons printed that I needed for today. Now I have to either find a great deal on a new printer or a part to fix it...whoopi!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bath n Body Works FREE lip item with ANY purchase!!

These are GREAT coupons! Head on over to BBW for a FREE lip care item with ANY purchase!! Print off your coupon here. Be sure to look for items around $1-$2 to maximize savings!

Good through July 19th, 2009!

Fuel for school rebate!!

Did any of you happen to swing by Pick n Save when they had the GREAT Kellogg's cereal deal? If by chance you bought the 8 cereals and the the Eggo bake shop items as in my scenario then you are in LUCK!!! There is a Fuel for School rebate offered by Kellogg's. You can print off the form here and check the participating brands.

You will then need to send in 10 UPC's and the receipt all items need to be bought in a single transaction. Sooooo, if you bought 8 cereals and 2 Eggo bakeshops for $2 like I did then you mail all the above items in and you MAKE $8!!!!


If you did not get to do that you can check out specially marked boxes of Kellogg's cereal and find 5 $1 coupons inside and head on over to Target to get cereal for only $0.88 per box after $1 coupon!!

So I have been hiatus in the bloggin world...

I have been sooo tired and exhausted from the house hunting, the cooking, the cleaning, the summer classes, the dr.'s appointments, the meetings with bankers, real estate agents, showings, open houses, shopping and what ever else you can throw in there and I have been BEAT!! So tired that my blog is definately lacking of new deals n posts....

I am trying to post up some fun new deals and freebies and hope that you all bare with me. I REALLY hope this house hunting comes to an end soon, as we have now lost 4 count em 4 houses to date! Grrrr.....

$20 ecard from Skincare RX FREE items! YAY!

Head on over here and sign up you and 4 friends and you will each receive a FREE $20 ecard from can even use this on shipping!!! Wooo hooo! I see some freebies takes a few minutes to get the email.

Limit one per person, per household. You can use the gift card on SkincareRX, Apothica, or SkinBotanica!

Thanks Hip to Save!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

IS it only me?!?

This house buying crap is VERY frustrating so after putting in a WHOLE month with all of the contractors, appraisal people and what have you we have what seems to be the WORST realtor EVER!!! Ugh!!! He doesn NOT know how to do his job and I can tell you this as my husband was a realtor and I too went to school for that....sooooo ARGH!!!!!!

He was supposed to put our offer in asap and we come to find out that he messed around and put it in later which means another offer was submitted first. AND to top it off since it is a foreclosure this particular bank won't even LOOK at our offer since the other one was submitted first. They do one and only one at a time. We even countered our own offer to go higher but NOTHING!

We really wanted to be in a new house before Tristan started school but it appears that if we keep on dealing with this numb skull then it will NOT happen.

I mean SERIOUSLY!!! WTF?!?!?! Does the guy NOT want to make money or something? Hello...this will now be the SECOND house that we will have lost dealing with him. He is constantly late to showings, doesn't follow up or returns our calls unless we hound him like a bill collector....WHAT GIVES?!?!?!

Sorry for the rant...just has to get this off of my chest...seeing as today has been a really bad top it off someone unplugged my chest is NOT a good day...sigh....

Kmart doubles only $0.61!

I love Kmart doubles, yet hate the new rules. I have managed to make the best of things though. I have had quite a few AWESOME trips this week, here is my best:

1 pack Huggies
12 Glade Scented Oil Candle Refills
1 Orbit Gum
6 Starbucks Frappaccinos

drum roll please...............

TOTAL OOP: $0.61!!!! And I got a $7 catilina :D

yay for me!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

2 FREE Redbox codes!

Here are two FREE Redbox codes for you! Go rent some FREE movies...just make sure to bring them back on
4J7LF6 good til 7/6/09 (TODAY)
7HE79B good til 7/7/09 (TOMORROW)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

Hope everyone has a Happy and SAFE 4th of July!!

Kmart Doubles 7/5/09-7/11/09 $5 off $50 coupon!

If you're headed out to Kmart for doubles this next week make sure that you bring the $5 off $50 coupon. Now I know that they have started the limit of 10 coupons (which is RATHER well, DUMB I think it is still good to have this coupon handy. It's when you don't think that you will need it that you will.) Go here to print off the coupon. This will work great if you are going to do the catilina deal with the various brands. Most importantly Huggies, Pull Ups and Goodnights!
The best way to maximize this deal is like this:
Buy 5 Pull ups, Huggies or Goodnights $9.99 each
1 Huggies Travel Wipes $1.09
use the $5 off $50 coupon
use 5 $2 coupons for the Pull ups/Huggies/Goodnights
use $1 Huggies Bath and Body coupon
Pay $25.04 plus tax OOP
get $14 catilina back!
BUT it gets better you can ROLL this deal!!! I did this a few times last doubles!! Stock up while they are cheap!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Save a Lot deals!

I was on my way back to Pick n Save to pick up some more CHEAP cereal and thought that I would swing by Save a Lot as they had some good deals. Bananas are 3 lbs for $1 and Imperial Margarine is 2 for $1.

Here is what I got:

8 Imperial Margarine
6 lbs of bananas
1 18 pk of eggs

All for $7.39

BIC coupons!

Whether we like it or not it is almost time to get the kiddos back off to school....I know....I know.....well I thought that I would pass along these GREAT coupons from BIC good for various pens and what not. Pair them up with a sale and you can score some FREEBIES! Who doesn't love that?? Go here to print them :D

Another Home Made Simple Book!!!

Home Made Simple is offering up yet ANOTHER great coupon booklet filled with over $30 worth of coupons including one for a FREE Cascade Rinse Aid...this alone makes the booklet worth while! Included are coupons for Febreeze, Dawn, Cascade and more!! Sign up for your's today!!

Heading out to Target??

Be sure to check out Hip to Save's Deal post!! Who doesn't love a GREAT deal!?!

Build a Bear Bearville FREEBIE!

During the month of July your child can log-on and play at Build-a-Bearville for free. An access code is normally required, but that requirement has temporarily been suspended. Click to get this freebie

This is a GREAT freebie for the kiddos! Be sure to check it out!

FREE Baby Calendar

If you are expecting, then visit this site to request a free baby calendar. US residents only. Click to get this freebie

It is quick and easy to sign up!!

Chickdowntown FREE friendship bracelet!

Sign-up for their email list or add them on Facebook or Twitter to receive a free friendship bracelet. Visit the site and scroll to the bottom of the page for full details. Click to get this freebie

4th of July ebook!

This ebook contains a downloadable collection of 4th of July-themed craft projects as well as recipes perfect for July 4th celebrations. Click to get this freebie

KFC $5 fill up giveaway!

Visit the site to register for your chance to win KFC gift checks for a $5 Fill-Up Box and a $10 gas card. The giveaway will be conducted from July 2, 2009 to July 5, 2009 for a randomly determined time period between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. ET. The first 200 people to register during the giveaway will win. Click to get this freebie

FREE Sample Hugo BOSS Orange

Submit the form to request a free sample of BOSS ORANGE fragrance.Click to get this freebie

Head n Shoulders samples, coupons and more!

Sign in or sign-up at the P&G Brand Sampler site to receive coupons, samples, and savings. Click to get this freebie

FREE M.A.C. cosmetics!

By returning six M·A·C primary packaging containers to a M·A·C counter or M·A·C Cosmetics online, you’ll receive a free M·A·C lipstick of your choice as their thanks to you. Click to get this freebie

5 FABULOUS Finds n freebies!!

Wow....just cruizin the web and came across some super sweet deals and FREEBIES!! Check out all of the info here!!

Some of the great deals are sign up to follow Pizza Hut on Twitter or Facebook and get FREE stuffed rolls tomorrow!!
$1 Old Navy Flag tees today!
10 Patriotic Music Downloads!!
FREE Wings @ Checkers!
FREE sample of Degree men's deodorant!
FREE foaming antibacterial!!
FREEBIES from Dairy Queen and Ben & Jerry's!!

AND MANY MANY MORE!! Check it out!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My two runs to Pick n Save Double Coupons

I headed out to Pick n Save yesterday to get in on the Kellogg's deal and to my surprise I found out that the $10 comes off AUTOMATICALLY when you buy 8 boxes of cereal and use your card yahooooo!!! So I did two transactions and this is what I got:

Transaction #1:
8 Boxes of Kellogg's Cereal used $1 coupon
5 Eggo Bake shop items used $1 IP coupons (check my post here)

Total OOP WITH tax $2!!!

Transaction #2:
8 Boxes of Kellogg's Cereal used $1 coupons
3 Eggo Bake shop items used $1 IP coupon
Bag of Mushrooms $2
2 Cucumbers 2/$1
2 Red Peppers $1.99
Squash & Zuchini $0.99
Sour Cream $0.99
Flour $2.49
Sugar $1.79
Diced Chilis $1.49

Total OOP with tax $12.11

I had to pick up some veggies for grillin out this weekend and was COMPLETELY out of sugar and flour which I needed to make cupcakes for my son's play class for today so...not too shabby :D

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

FREE Signature Travel Item from BBW!

Print out this coupon for a FREE signature travel item with ANY purchase good until July 15th!

Also here is a coupon good for 20% off of a $25 purchase good until July 5th (the LAST day of the semi annual sale)

New month, new printables!!

It's July, a new month and that means NEW coupons! Be sure to check out, and to print off your coupons! Use your back button and refresh to get 2 copies of each coupon :D Happy shopping!!

$55 worth of savings booklet from Kraft foods!

Hurry over here to get your $55 worth of savings booklet, as I am QUITE sure these will go rather quickly. Savings will include brands such as Nabisco, Ritz, Capri Sun, Planters and Easy Cheese!

Pick N Save

Want a GREAT deal to pair up with the $6 off Pork coupon?? This week Kingsford Charcoal is on sale for $5.88 (limit 1, all others are $6.99) then inside the weekly add there is a coupon for FREE Roundy's select sauage! Here is what I did:

1 Kingsford Charcoal used $3 off coupon
1 FREE KC BBQ sauce wyb charcoal coupon
1 FREE Roundy's select sausage (in ad)
2 FREE Pork stir fry meat (picked 2 pk close to $3 each) used $6 off pork coupon

So all I paid was $2.88 plus tax for ALL of that, most of which was MEAT! I did this SEVERAL times this week and we are really stocked up on brats, brat patties, breakfast sausage, bacon, Roundy's select sausage, spare ribs, stir fry meat...what have you!

Need something to wear for the 4th??

Head on over to Old Navy on July 3rd as they are offering up $1 Flag Tees!!! How cool is that??? Plus if you use the 15% off coupon from can get these for under a BUCK! Oh yeah!!

P.S. The 15% off coupon is located in the orange bubble that says "get their no sweat style"

Lots of cool new stuff...

So I have been getting some REALLY great emails lately!! Pssst... is from General Mills. They send you email, coupons and samples about NEW products before everyone else. Check it out!!