Monday, April 13, 2009

Walgreen's Register Rewards Rolling Scenarios

I absolutely love Hip to Save! Here are some great scenarios that she came up with to get the MOST bang for your buck! She did add filler items (since you will need these to be able to use all of your coupons and keep the register from beeping). If you have more coupons than items the register will beep and not take your coupon. These are just some ideas, but you can also roll the register rewards back and forth as lonog as you are not using them to purchase the same item, because then you will not get another register rewards.

Scenario #1:
Purchase Colgate Max White or Max Fresh Toothbrush $3.49
Use $1 Coupon from here
Total $2.49 plus tax
Get $3.49 Register Rewards
(if you have any register rewards from last week you can use them on this to save more, but then you will need a filler item. You can use the $0.59 Aluminum Foil with in ad coupon for a cheap but useful filler)

Scenario #2
Scrunci Elastics $2
Chapstick !00% Naturals or True Shimmer $1.99
Total $3.99 plus tax
Use the $3.49 Register Rewards from the Colgate deal
Pay $0.50 plus tax
Get a $2 RR for the Scrunci AND $2 for the Chapstick!

Scenario #3
Fiver Choice 10 ct tablets $2.49
Edge shave Gel $2.99
Total $5.48 plus tax
use both of the $2 RR
pay $1.48 plus tax
Get $3 from the Edge RR and $2.49 RR from the Fiber Choice

Scenario #4
6 Vaseline Intensive Care on sale for $2.69
2 Big Roll Bathroom Tissue $1/2 with in ad coupon (filler)
Total $17.14
use 6 $1.25 Vaseline coupons from 3/1 RP
Use both the $3 RR and the $2.49 RR
Pay $4.14 plus tax
Get $6 RR from the Vaseline!

WOW!! It's no wonder why we LOVE Hip to Save and all of her hard work and great ideas!

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