Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pick n Save Deals 4/26- 5/2

Pick n Save has some great deals this week! Tomorrow is double coupon day so that is when I will be heading over. You do have to spend a minimum of $25 before coupons. They will then double 5 coupons up to $1 in value. Here are some of the great items I found:

Scott's Naturals Toliet Paper or Paper Towel sale $4.99 use $1 manuf cpn=$3.99
V8 Splash 4/$9 use 4 $1 manuf cpn=4/$5
Johnsonville Brats $3.99 use $1 manuf cpn=$2.99
White Rain Shampoo/Conditioner $0.57
Vitamin Water $0.99 use $1 manuf cpn=FREE
Barilla Pasta $0.99 use $1 manuf cpn=FREE
La Preferida Refried Beans 10/$10
Aztec Tortillas 10/$10
Tropicana Juice 10/$10
Banquet Meals $0.89
Sunny Valley Fruit Drink $0.99
Kraft Singles $0.97
Budding Lunch Meats $0.37
Roundy's 2 liter Soda $0.37
Roundy's White Bread $0.37

Buy 2 Malt o Meals Cereal get a catalina for 1 FREE
Buy 1 Mids Pasta Sauce get 1 Ronzoni Pasta FREE
Buy 2 Kraft Dressings get a FREE reuseable tote( use 2 $1.50 manuf cpns)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Great NEW Target coupons!

They have some great NEW coupons for at Target! Be sure to print them up to pair up with your manufacture coupons to save even more! (Remember if there is NO size limit try to find the SMALLEST size possible to maximize savings :)

Dove Dimensions

Dove Dimensions offers free samples, coupons and more! I just got a great booklet full of coupons today in the mail (I filed out the form previously)

TGI Friday's great deals!

Love TGI Friday's well they are about to be a little lighter on the wallet. Starting in May they will be making salads and sandwiches for only $5!!! Move over Subway! Also for Cinco de Mayo they are offering $0.05 appetizers!! (with any purchase of a beverage at the bar from 4pm-7pm) Plus they will be giving Cinco de Mayo flair to everyone who walks in the door! How fun is that?!

The appetizers that you can choose from are:

Crispy Green Bean Fries
Fried Mozzarella
BBQ Pork Ravioli Bites
Pot Stickers
1/2 order of Loaded Baked Potatoes

Too bad we don't have one here

$1 off new Frosty flavors

Here is a yummy deal I found out today via my email, get $1 off a new Frosty flavor at Wendy's! This is a Bricks coupon so you should be able to print 2 of these baby's! YUMM-O! Go over here to get your coupon!

Great Clearance Deals at Walgreen's

As I was strolling through Walgreen's today I found several great little clearance finds. Here are some of the really good deals (especially if you have a coupon to match!)

  • Bayer Heart Advantage $1.69 (use $1 manuf cpn)
  • Advil 24 ct $1.09 (use $1 manuf cpn)
  • Children's Motrin $1.39 (not sure if there is a coupon to pair up)
  • various Walgreen's brand tampons and pads as low as $1.79
  • Axe Body Spray $0.50 (if you find enough you could use these for the movie ticket deal I only found 1
  • Yogurt Covered Raisins $0.50
  • Schick Intuition (use the $4 manuf cpn for FREE plus overage

There are MANY more items, those were just some of the better ones that I managed to pick up today :D


So I had to get some rainchecks today. I guess I missed out as I went to Walgreen's to pick up some goodies and EVERYTHING I wanted was sold out! WOW~! tomorrow I am going back to get the Ecotrin (I'm a dork I left the coupons at home on the desk...and that they actually had!) So I will go back and get some of that tomorrow. I was really tired from all of the great deal shopping that I did last week and just didn't want to go on Sunday...I guess that I learned my

FREE Domino's Pasta Bread Bowl 4/29 ONLY

Need something to do for lunch tomorrow? Head on over to Domino's for a FREE (yep FREE) pasta bread bowl. You will have to go there between 11pm and 1pm. Not all Domino's are participating so make sure that you call ahead. My local one is, so I know where I'll be going! YAY!! This is ONLY valid tomorrow 4/29!

FREE Reuseable Tote!

Have you taken the pledge?? Well this is the last week that you can do so. Go on over here and take the pledge! I know I did (especially since my darn Walgreen's one ripped :( ) Hopefully these will last a tad longer. You should receive the tote in 6-8 weeks!

FREE Hallmark Mother's Day Card!

Hallmark is giving away yet another GREAT FREE card. Just go over here, select and personalize your card. (You will have to sign up for an account if you haven't done so before). Then enter CARD4MOM and hit apply and you will get a nice FREE card for that special loved one on Mother's Day! How great is that?!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coupon Information Corporation

The Coupon Information Corporation has a GREAT site that lists all of the fradulent coupons that are out there. Being new to couponing myself I was really happy to stubble across this site. If you ever have a coupon that you are in doubt about it would be a really good idea to go on over to their site and check it out. As a good deal is NOT worth getting in trouble over. Yes, we may not know that a coupon is good or not so it is best to just check it out on the site. Many of these coupons on this site I have seen on ebay. THAT IS TERRIBLE! Some of the sellers are selling multiples of the items also.

Lets keep couponing FUN and most importantly LEGAL!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Today is soooo dreary that I feel like blah and don't even want to go out anywhere. I did want to go Kmart and Walgreen's today to get some more cheap/FREE items but I don't even know if I will have the energy. I have been cleaning most of the day and that had aided in wiping me out. The boys are filled with mischief being stuck in the house as well. They are like mini tornados that fly through as soon as I am done cleaning one area....ugh...I wish it was nap

Walgreen's Deals 4/26-5/2

Hip to Save has complied a GREAT list of deals and steals for the upcoming week at Walgreen's. You can check them all out here and prepare your shopping list :) Unfortunately the Walgreen's Easy Saver Rebates and coupon book program will now be over :( But supposevily they will be having MANY more register rewards so...we'll have to see.

Easy Saver $1 for YOUR Choice of Glade Products!

Just wanted to make sure that everyone knows that you can get $1 back from the Easy Saver Rebates for your choice of ANY Glade products. Since today is the end of the period make sure that you check over your receipts if you purchased ANY Glade products this past month. You can get up to $4 back!

Friday, April 24, 2009

FREE Axe Just Clean sample and coupon!

BJ's is giving away FREE samples of Axe just clean along with a $2 coupon. Just go over here and fill out the quick form.

FREE Samples at walmart courtesy of All You magazine

April 25th and 26th, 2009 select Walmart's will be giving away FREE samples of Poise pads and Schick Razors. Go on over here and click on your state to check and see if your local Walmart is participating...unfortunately mine is not, but I have PLENTY of

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

My Walgreen's reuseable totes...

So those GREAT Walgreen's totes that we got the other day...well I am pretty disappointed in mine to say the least! After bringing all of my items in today and unloading...I noticed a HUGE hole in the one all down the I have a sewing machine and can try and fix this but wow I thought it would last a little longer...bummer!! I did see some pretty cool ones at Kmart though today...I may have to snag one of those instead...they are much bigger too...

Kmart 4/24

I know, I know I have been at Kmart quite bit this week, but there were some great items that I could not pass up. Plus my best friend came down here today so we could shop together. I thought that I would stock up on some drinks while I could get them fairly cheap.

I spent $17.26 OOP (I forgot to take a pic of the it has been a LONG day and I was/am tired). I also just noticed that I forgot to put the 4 easy mac's in the picture.

Here is what I got:

4 Easy Macs=FREE
4 Lipton Green Tea=$3.99 each
4 Febreeze Air Effects=FREE
3 12 pks 7UP=3/$5
12 Vitamin Waters=FREE
1 Biore Face Mask=FREE
2 John Freida Frizz Ease Products=2/$0.84

Used the $5/$50 cpn also WHICH by the way silly me ALMOST forgot to hand over! EEECK!!! I had to hurry while my total was still over $50, whew! But I slid it in there...not bad for all of those drinks :D

Kmart Doubles -$1.07!! YEP NEGATIVE!!

So I have made quite a few trips to Kmart this week and I think I am on Kmart the ladies have been so super friendly that it has been quite a pleasure to go back. Here is my BEST shopping trip by FAR! I spent $1.18 OOP (my total was -$0.80 and tax was $1.98) BUT I got 3 catilinas for $0.75 each for buying the post cereal SO my total was -$1.07 I made MONEY!! YAY ME!!

Here is what I got:
6 Right Guard Deodorant Body Sprays clearance $1.59 used $1 manuf=FREE
6 Vitamin Waters $1 used $0.50 manuf cpn=FREE
6 Sunsilk travel size $0.99 used $2/2 manuf cpn=FREE
2 Febreeze $2.79 used 41.50 manuf cpn=FREE
3 Post Trail Mix Crunch $3.99 used $2 IP cpn=FREE plus got $0.75 catalina for each
3 Huggies Wipes $1.99 used $1 manuf cpn=FREE
4 ACT mouthwashes $3.99 used $2 manuf cpn=FREE
2 Nylabone Treats $5.99 used $2 IP cpn=$1.99 each
1 Schick Quatro $5 used $4 manuf cpn=$1
1 Kiss Nail Kit $5.99 used $1 manuf cpn=$3.99
1 BIC Comfort 3 $5.82 used $2 manuf cpn=$1.82
1 Emerald Nuts $1.09 used $1 manuf cpn=FREE

I also used the $5/$50 Kmart coupon, this was super duper awesome! I am still in! I saved $81.64...gosh I love Kmart :D

Ecotrin Money Maker at Walgreens next week!

As if there aren't enough sweet deals at Walgreen's next week! Here is another great one! Go on over to Smart Source $2.25/1 coupon.
Next week these will be on sale at Walgreen's for $2! And they will be printing out a $2 RR!! Yippee! I can just see all of the great items I will be getting! After coupon and register rewards these will be a great little money maker! Hurry before they are all gone!!

Now until Sunday April 26th you can head on over to Bath and Body Works and get a FREE Lip item with ANY purchase! These are the best!! You can get a small antibacterial or $1 item and get a FREE lip item! Yippee! Just go over here and print your coupon :D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

NEW Glade $4 Coupon!!

Yippee! The Glade Fragrance Collection $4 coupons are back! Go over here and print off your two! Hurry as I am sure that they will go quickly. (Remember to hit the back button and refresh to get two copies.) Right now Target AND Walgreen's have some great deals on these items!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fishful Thinking Quiz

Here is another great thing from Fishful Thinking. It is to see how resillent your child is. Go over here to take the quick survery. I love being a Brand Ambassador for the Fishful Thinking program. There are so many fun things to do. Tristan LOVES getting up and asking me to check online for new activities.

FREE Aveeno Nourish Hair Care Sample

Want a FREE sample of Aveeno Nourish Hair Care Sample? Go here, here or here to get 3 samples for FREE! Yes 3 samples!!

10 FREE Foodsaver Bags

Go here are sign up to get 10 FREE Food Saver/Steam Bags. Just fill out the easy form.

Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

FREE Reuseable tote at Walgreens 4/22 ONLY!

Tomorrow ONLY 4/22 only you can get a FREE reuseable tote for Earth Day! Go here and print out your coupon. It is also good for 15% off select items and 20% off select Walgreen's brand items!

My Kmart Deals for the day! 4/21

YAY!! I got a LOT more great items for SUPER cheap again today. I figured I venture out and see what I could grab. I forgot to take pics of the receipts (I did 2 transactions). My total was $19.97!! $4.37 of that total was TAX! Now how cool is that?!?! I saved $155.60!! I also purchased 4 boxes of Kellogg's Cereal so I can get the $5 back by about a sweet score for today!!

Here is what I got:
4 Kellogg's Cereals (various flavors $2.50 used $1 manuf cpn=$0.50 each)
3 BIC comfort 3 razors ($5.82 used $2 manuf cpn=$1.82 each)
5 BIC Solei Razors ($5.29 used $2 manuf cpn=$1.29 each)
5 Natural Instincts Hair color ($4.39 used $4 manuf con=$0.39 each)
2 Sunchips ($1.29 used $1/2=$0.29 each)
2 Nestle Cookies ($3.49 used $1 manuf cpn=$1.49 each)
4 Hershey's Special Dark Bars ($1.59 used $1 manuf cpn=FREE)
3 Hershey's Special Dark Mini Bars ($1.25 used $1 manuf cpn=FREE)
2 Johnson's Q-tips ($1.69 used $1 manuf cpn=FREE)
2 Johnson's Buddies Shampoo ($3.39 used $1 manuf cpn=$1.39 each)
4 Huggies 40ct wipes ($1.99 used $1 manuf cpn=FREE)
4 Huggies Travel Wipes ($1.09 used $1 manuf cpn=FREE)
4 VitaminWater10 ($1 used $0.50 manuf cpn=FREE)
1 Secret Deodorant ($2.34 used $1 manuf cpn=$0.34)
1 Ponds Facial Cloths ($6.25 used $1.50 manuf cpn=$3.25)
1 Sally Hansen Nail Polish ($2.39 used $1 manuf cpn=$0.39)
4 ACT Mouthwash ($3.99 used $1 manuf cpn=$1.99)
3 Gillette After Shave ($2.49 used $1 manuf cpn=$0.49 each)

I also used a $1.50 off of 2 Johnson's Baby Powder (Kmart cpn), 2 $5/$50 cpn also. I LOVE it...I will be going back atleast ONE more time for sure this week. Heck I should go back everyday to get more vitamin I do need to get more paper towel as that is something we go through ALOT of with 2 boys and 3 dogs, 1 being the puppy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Fishful Thinking Ambassador Kit!

WOW! I'm super excited to get a package in the mail from the Fishful Thinking campaign. I signed up to be an brand ambassador on behalf of RepNation for the Fishful Thinking campaign and my welcome kit came. It is just as fun as the BzzAgent campaigns! There were a LOT of great little goodies in the box, included a reusable shopper, some Goldfish packets, pens, folder, tablet and some other goodies. Go on over here and check out all of the FUN! There are TONS of great activities for the whole family. My son loves all of the great things that we can do together as a family. They are perfect for those days when you can't go outside and play :)

Here is the Fishful Thinking home page also!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

FREE Vitaminwater (when doubled) & contest!

104.3 FM is having a contest to win a 3 month's supply of Vitaminwater10 and a dinner party for you and 5 of your friends. Go over here to enter, then you can print off some of the $0.50 off coupons that can be doubled to get some FREE Vitaminwater10~! YAY!! Guess who's going back to Kmart! lol

One last quick stop to Walgreen's 4/19

Our last stop of the day was a quick stop into Walgreen's. Now I don't have any super fantastic deals like last time. But I still got a few things for REALLY cheap...I picked up:

4 bags of Sunchips $1.29 ($1/2 IP cpn=$0.79 each)
1 Scrubby Brush clearance for $0.50
1 Fiber One cereal $2.29 ($1 manuf cpn=$1.29)
1 Crayola Markers clearance $2

Subtotal=$9.95 (before tax)
used $6 RR from previous deal

Paid $1.18 OOP not too shabby

Target FREE Reuseable tote for Earth Day!

Another stop that we made today was Target to score a FREE reuseable (with any purchase). Of course I wanted to get the most bang for my buck so I checked the binder to see what sort of quick pick ups I could get. Here is what I managed to grab for only $0.70!!

1 Axe Travel Size Shower Gel $0.97=FREE ($1 cpn)
1 Oil of Olay Bar Soap $0.97=FREE ($1 cpn)
1 Nexcare Bandaids $0.97=$0.42 ($0.55 cpn)
1 Johnson's Baby Swabs $1.29=FREE ($1 cpn & $0.75 Target cpn)

And of course my great NEW FREE TOTE!!

We did stop over at Home Depot for the FREE light bulb, BUT apparently we missed out due to our mishap at Kmart...we got there and they passed out the last one...oh well....the Target tote has a $2 Target coupon that can be paired with the $1 manufacture coupon from the 4/19 inserts for really cheap or even FREE light bulbs... :)

My Kmart Deals 4/19

I awoke bright and early this morning (much earlier than I would have liked) to go shopping for the Kmart Doubling event. I stayed up pretty late last night making out my list of great scores and freebies. I went to 2 different stores, as both of my local ones were participating. The one in Plymouth is MUCH better and had a nicer selection of items versus the one in Sheboygan.

My best friend, her sister, my younger and both of the kids all ventured out. Our first stop was the Kmart in Sheboygan. Needless to say this was a bit of a hassel as 3 out of the 4 of us had problems with the cashiers and coupons. One of the cashiers tried to say that our Smartsource Easy Mac coupons were no good. We all showed her that they each had different serial numbers. We did get it all cleared up, but it was a bit more of a hassel than I think it should have been.

Plymouth was GREAT! I had several people tell me how awesome my coupon binder was. I even passed out some coupons to fellow shoppers. (I had extra and love being able to help :) Anyways, here is what I all got for only $27.54!! I saved $131.60! $3.62 was tax...I am VERY pleased with what I got and plan to make another trip this week for some more great freebies!

Here is the breakdown of items:

3 Veet Bladeless Shaver Kits clearance $4.49 ($2 IP cpn=$0.49 each)
7 Sally Hansen Nail Polish $2.39 ($1 Manuf cpn=$0.39 each)
2 Aveeno Lotion $3.15 ($2 IP cpn=FREE)
2 BIC Soleil $5.29 ($2 IP cpn=$1.29 each)
4 Johnson Baby Swabs $1.69 ($1 manuf cpn=FREE)
2 Huggies 40 ct wipes $1.99 ($1 IP cpn=FREE)
3 Scott's Paper Towel $5.50 ($1 manuf cpn=$3.50 each)
2 Scott's Toliet Paper $5.50 ($1 manuf cpn=$3.50)
1 Post Trail Mix Crunch $3.99 ($2 manuf cpn=FREE)
4 Vitamin Waters $1 ($0.50manuf cpn=FREE)
6 Easy Mac Cups $1.09 each ($1 IP cpn= $0.09 each)
2 Ricola Throat Drops $1.67 ($1 manuf cpn=FREE)
2 Halls Cough Drops $1.34 ($1 Manuf cpn & B1G1 cpn=FREE)
1 Spiderman Easter Egg Kit clearance $0.74
2 Clean n Clean Products $4.49 ($2 IP cpn =$0.49 each)
4 Kotex Pantiliners $1.29 ($0.75 manuf cpn=FREE)
2 Sanihands $2.49 ($1 manuf cpn=$0.49 each)
1 Dawn Hand Care $2.99 ($1 manuf cpn=$0.99)
2 Beggin Strips $2.79 ($1 manuf cpn= $0.79 each)
1 Pedigree Jumbo Bone $2.99 ($1 manuf cpn=$0.99)
3 Marcal Toliet Paper $2.79 ($1 manuf cpn=$0.79 each)
1 Quaker Rice Cakes $1.99 ($1 manuf cpn=FREE)
1 Hormel Complete $2 ($0.75 manuf cpn=$0.50)
1 V8 Fusion $3.99 ($2 IP cpn=FREE)

Busy. Busy, Busy...

I have been getting my things in order today for tomorrow at Kmart...I have some pretty good game plans. I will post deal pics and price and what I have gotten later in the day. I was busy finishing up some laundry (it was SUPER nice today and great to hang out the blankets...they smell sooooo fresh!) Then we had to go to church. So check back tomorrow and I will tell you all of the GREAT things that I was able to score for FREE or SUPER DUPER cheap (I checked prices earlier this week)...I just want to make sure I have the correct amounts and what not before I post them. Best wishes and good luck to everybody at Kmart tomorrow!! Night!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Attention Kmart Shoppers!!

Just wanted to show you all what the little coupon book looks like so you can run out to Kmart and get yourself one before they are all gone. There were some right in the front of the store, as well as by the health and beauty areas. So make sure to be on the look out for them. Inside them are SEVERAL awesome coupons! Including a $2/2 Sunsilk that you can use for the $6 RR deal at Walgreen's! Hurry since that deal ends tomorrow!!! It also has GREAT $1 Tide coupons, $5 PUR water system coupons, and many many other great ones!! $75 worth...don't miss out!

Spent only $17.49 saved $671.28!!!! HOLY FRICKEN COW!

So let me start by saying I did SEVERAL transactions and went to 3 different Walgreen's today. Only because some of the Walgreen's did not have the items that I was looking to buy. My friend N.W. told me that she had stopped at the Kmart and they had some great little coupon books with $75 worth of coupons in them and that I should get one before heading to Walgreen's....

FIRST STOP...Kmart....I grabbed a few booklets and then browsed some of the items that I had coupons for to prepare for this Sunday's Double Coupon event. I just wanted to get an idea of prices and then see what I could get for little to nothing...that's the name of the game!

**( Again I did SEVERAL transactions at each store to achieve the LOWEST OOP and the best deals. I did start with $8.50 total in RR before shopping so that helped keep down OOP costs)**

Here is what I got total:
*26 Loreal Men's Skin Care products (clearance $1.69-$2.69) used $3/2 manuf. cpn
*18 Sunsilk Shampoo & Conditioners (some even had bonus mousse or shine gel $2.09) used $2/2 manuf. cpn got $6 RR for each 6 did separate transactions
*1 Nivea Cream (clearance $3.29) used $1 manuf. cpn
*3 Zicam ($3 clearance) used $2 manuf. cpn
*3 Fiber Choice Tablets ($2.49) got $2.50 RR for each
*3 Colgate Toothbrushes ($3.29) got $3.50 RR for each
*2 Phsycians Formula Lip Gloss (clearance $4.29) used $1 manuf. cpn
*1 Phsycians Formula dual eyeshadow (clearance $4.79) used $1 manuf. cpn get $10 MIR from spending $10 on Physican's Formula Products
*4 Hershey coconut kisses (clearance $0.62) get $5 MIR
*2 Breyers Ice Creams (2/$6.29) used 2 $0.75 manuf. cpns
*3 Skintamite Shave Gels ($2.99) got $3 RR for each
*2 Edge Shave Gels ($2.99) got $3 RR for each
*2 Scrunci Hair ties ($2) got $2 RR for each
*1 Pringles Southwest Chips (clearance $2.49) used $0.50 manuf. cpn
*1 Poppycock (clearance $2.99) used $0.50 manuf. cpn

AND I still have one of the $6 RR from the Sunsilk left for next time!! YAY!!

Total $17.49 with tax OOP
(after $15 in MIR and $6 RR left)

Total saved $671.28!

(that is with coupons, RR both used and left, MIR and after clearance)


(Total saved w/o taking into account clearance)

No matter how you look at it I think I did FANTASTIC!! I did especially well if you take into account all of my GREAT clearance finds and the drastic mark downs. The Loreal men's items were marked down from $10.49-$11.49 that is just awesome!! Great for those baskets I will be making for Chrismtmas and etc. for all the guys in our family. I feel so accomplished today...

FREE Kids Day April 18th at YMCA!

Need something FUN and FREE to do tomorrow with the kiddos?? Well look no further! Tomorrow is FREE Healthy Kids Day at participating YMCA's!! Go on over here and check through the list to see if your local YMCA is participating. They will have games, giveaways, healthy snacks, crafts and MORE!

Here are the Wisconsin YMCA's participating:

Beaver Dam
Beloit (both locations)
Brown Deer
Eau Claire
Fish Creek
Green Bay (Huron)
Green Bay( Cardinal)
Green Bay (Jefferson)
Green Bay (Broadview)
La Crosse
Madison (Excelsior)
Madison (Cottage Grove)
Madison (Medical)
Menominee Falls
Milwaukee (46th)
Milwaukee (46th)
Milwaukee (Wisconsin)
Milwaukee (North)
Milwaukee (North)
Milwaukee (Swan)
Milwaukee (Wisconsin)
Milwaukee (27th)
Port Edwards
Port Washington
Sturgeon Bay
Sun Prarie
West Bend

Whew! That is a lot! If there are any double that is what the list stated and I just typed them all up. If there were multiples in a city I put the street in parenthesis. Enjoy!

Have expired coupons?? Send them to the Miltarty personnel

So last month I went through and sorted out all of my expired coupons. I was just going to toss them into the recycling when my best friend told me that we can donate them to the Military! WOW! I thought that is so awesome! That is so much better than simply throwing them away! Go over here and you can find a list of bases that accept the coupons. They can only use manufactures coupons for up to 6 months past the expiration date. NO IP coupons OR store coupons. Since a lot of coupons expire at the end of the month now you have something nice you can do with them. It is nice to be able to help out in small little ways.

Make sure that you clip the coupons (to save on shipping costs) and that you fill out a small customs form (it takes like a minute). Postage is the same as if you would be sending them here in the US. You mark the value $0 since they have no value unless used. This is a great way to do something with the coupons that you know you will not be using either.

Make sure that you do not put the city and country as then it may be reroute through the countries mailing system. Use this sort of format:

Family Service (or info as written here)
Unit Number, Box Number
APO AE 00000

Preschool Projects FREE kit!

Do you have little ones? Well here is yet another great "freebie of the day" is from Preschool Projects! I just went to their site filled out the quick and simple form and hit enter. It said that my free sample kit would be sent out shortly. I am sure that Tristan will LOVE this! They have great fun projects that will keep him busy and entertained all summer long until he enters kindergarden.

FREE 500 Gillette Razors everyday!!

Found this courtesy of my "freebie of the day box" and thought that you guys may be interested! Starting at noon EST you can go over here to try and snag one! This will happen everyday until 5/16 (so if you miss out today you'll have another shot!) I got some of these razors for my hubby when they had that GREAT Target deal and he LOVES them. He said that it doesn't even feel like he is shaving...nice!

FREE Pasta Dish from All You!

Go over here and fill out this QUICK (I mean quick) form to receive a coupon for a FREE pasta dish. Not sure what it is, but FREE is FREE!

Thanks, Hip to Save!!


Today I am thinking of making my FIRST trip to CVS. (There are no CVS pharmacies located here so I will have to drive 25-30 minutes thus the reason I have never went before.) So, I am a tad nervous about this whole adventure, seeing as how I have never been there before. Yes, I know about the ECB and all that hoopala. I even signed up for a card online (I think I should have done this at the store, as it said it would be here in TWO WEEKS!) Though I am determined to get my 4 bottles of FREE Purex laundry soap. So, my whole point here is if anyone has any quick pointers or great deals for me...I AM GAME! I would like to make the trip as worth while as possible. Oh and one more quick question, do the ECB expire as quickly as the RR? Just so I know if I should spend them while I am there versus making another trip (or forgetting later). Thanks!!!

Coupons & eBay!

Lots of people ask me where I get a lot of my coupons, well....eBay of course! I sell things on there so I am really familiar with it. Every now and again when I am looking for some specific coupons I turn to eBay. Now yes, they CAN'T sell the coupons but they sell their time rather. I do use a LOT of my coupons from my Sunday papers or my printables. But MANY of my deals are made possible all thanks to eBay. If you haven't looked there before I recommend that you check it out! You may be able to score some really sweet deals!! And you pay for the paper, so why not pay someone else for a little of their time and effort to get yourself a great bargain!

My coupon binder :)

I finally broke down and got WAY more organized with my coupon binder. I had one of those tiny acordian ones and it just wasn't cutting it. Then I used ziplock bags and envelopes. Finally I have something that WORKS awesome (I used it at Walgreen's today in fact). I was working on it while Tristan was in karate, all of the other moms were in aww...I had my label maker and everything. Well, probably 6 hard hours later she is done. (I think I may need a LARGER binder in the REALLY near future) But it is nice to be so organized. Tristan made me a label that says "mamma's coupons" how sweet....I really think he just wanted to play with the label maker

I made little label tabs for the sides to help me be more organized. Hopefully Kmart will be a breeze with this little tool :D

YAY More CHEAP Soy Joy bars!! $0.48 before tax!

Sooo... apparently the 2/$1 Soy Joy deal at Walgreen's is good until the 25th. So, I got some more B1G1 coupons and headed on over there. I got 50, yes 50 bars (they are REALLY good) 1 Chapstick and 1 Fiber Choice Tablets all for $1.95!!!!! They have 4 flavors at my Walgreen's and let me tell you they are ALL yummy!

WHOOO HOOO!!! And to top it off I got a $2 RR and a $2.50 RR to buy more stuff!! Everything I got came to like $0.04 each! I used 25 B1G1 coupons, 5 $2/10 coupons and two RR from the Colgate toothbrush and the Edge Shave gel.

I saved $74.50!!!

ONLY $1.95 OOP ( that is a little over the price of just 1 BAR!)

Holy smokes, I just really looked at my receipt and my total was $0.48 before tax ROCK ON!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walgreen's 4/13

I made a quick run to Walgreen's on Monday and forgot to post it. I did spend $15.82 OOP BUT I got back a lot of RR. I did 2 transactions to help minimize OOP costs.

Here is what I got:

2 Bounty Basic $0.95 used $0.25 manuf cpn
1 Scrunci Elastic Bands got $2 RR
3 Jalepeno Almonds (filler) $3/3 and hubby likes them & ate one before the pic
1 500 ct Q-Tips $2.99 used $0.30 manuf cpn
2 Caress Body Wash used $1 manuf cpn
3 Vaseline Lotions $2.69 used $1 manuf cpn
1 Colgate Max Fresh Toothbrush $3.29 used $0.75 manuf cpn
2 Edge Shave Gels $3 RR each
St. Ives Scrub clearance $2.99 used $1 manuf cpn
St. Ives Elements clearance $3.29 used $2 manuf cpn
Glade Fragrance Candle $9.99 used $4 manuf cpn & $3 ES cpn
2 Axe Shower Gels 2/$10 used 2 $1 manuf cpn got $3 RR
4 Lean Cusines (I forgot to take them out for the picture...oops) clearance $0.99 each

So after my transactions I had the $6 RR, the $3.50 RR & the $2 RR. I probably could have done more transactions to keep OOP lower, but I was in a hurry and ended up using them today when I got the other greats deals so I am fine with that :)