Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Walmart using those Kraft coupons!

I ventured out to Walmart to use up some of my great kraft coupons (these REALLY are some GREAT coupons btw) I spent $14.60 OOP and got all of these goodies! I took a survey awhile back and they said that I would get some coupons for doing it...THE COUPONS THEY SENT WERE AWESOME!!!! I got the Sense and Spray FREE and also scored some other deals at other stores with them!

Here is what I all got:

4 Ritz Bites $2 used $1 manuf cpn=$1 each
1 Glade Sense and Spray $5 used $5 manuf cpn=FREE
2 Cool Whips $1 used $1/2 =$0.50 each
2 Bagelfuls $1.88 used $1 manuf cpn=$0.88 each
2 Lunchables $2.24 used $1/2 manuf. cpn=$1.79 each
2 Kraft Deluxe $1.50 used $1 manuf cpn=$0.50 each
3 Hunts Puddings $1 used $1/3 manuf cpn=$0.67 each
2 Dole Oranges $0.84 each used $0.55/2 manuf cpn=$0.56 each

It was a good run...I will be sad when there are no more Kraft cubbards a bursting with all of the great deals and goodies I have been able to get....I even had to pass some onto my mom and sister to make room for more. Good thing there will be another donation/food drive coming up :D

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