Monday, May 4, 2009

ohhh how I LOVE Freecycle!

My, my I went on a shopping adventure yesterday and my poor little binder just couldn't keep up! The poor thing broke on me! (I guess that I am a little more of a hardcore shopping than I I was going to buy another one, but then though....WAIT!! Why not go on to Freecycle first and see if there are any generous people that would like to part with one. And guess what!?!?!?! Not much more than 5 minutes after I posted it did some awfully nice lady offer me not only 1 BUT 2!! YAY! And she offered to drop them off! Gosh I love nice people! :)


  1. Hi, could you please explain how to use, i just tried and couldn't figure it out! Thanks for all your great posts!

  2. Hi RNCouponMomma,
    First you will need to go to and apply to get into the group. (It usually takes 1 day or so to be approved.) Then you will get emails in your inbox everytime someone has something that they no longer want, need or what have you. You can reply to as many items as you want and if they pick you then you make arrangements to get the item or items. Offer is what people are giving away, wanted is if you are looking for something. PPU is pending pick up. Then they will also do taken when something is picked up or received when you get the item that you were looking for. For example I posted an ad that I wanted a 3 ring binder. Then once I got it I posted another ad to let the other freecyclers know that I had received it. You are allowed to post 1 want ad per week with up to 3 items in it. You can offer as many items as you would like. Again you can also reply to as many as you would like. I have gotten some great things and also give away many things. If you need anymore help please let me know. Thanks and best wishes!!