Thursday, May 7, 2009

KFC and their mail in coupon deal...

Personally I think that is pretty lame of KFC to make people send the coupons in for redemption at a "later" date. What is that all about???? How can they make a promotion and then pull it one day in? My mom went to redeem hers today and they said that they were no longer honoring them and that she had to fill out a form and then send it in the mail...And whoo hoo she gets a FREE soda to boot...well that is really sucky of them I think. They should not run a promotion if they were not going to follow they not realize how much ink let alone time people spent on printing these darn coupons! That is just sooooo wrong....way to go KFC! I am sure glad that I went yesterday...humphf!


  1. hee hee hee. I laughed a little because I completely HATE wasting ink on coupons!!!! Pet peeve.

    I also think it is funny that you got yours but still had to rant! Heee hee.

    That is a bad deal for everyone that didn't get to redeem theirs. I didn't even bother printing them off because of the car troubles.

  2. Yeah that TOTALLY stinks that they are being so lame...why make a coupon if people can't use it (or they have to go through all the extra leg work after wasting their time and efforts....) pfffff...sheesh people come on...hopefully you will get a new get away vehicle soon :D Then you can be back to business...

  3. Plus,
    you know they knew it would be a good deal!
    Hello.....Oprah advertised it for them! I think is is sucky they are not honoring it. I think they should have to. I printed out 2 coupons and probably wont even use them now. I am trying to make sure I go to KFC to redeem.

  4. I think it is totally LAME of KFC and what guaranty do we have that they will honor the rain check if they pulled the coupon within 24 hours...personally I think it was in bad taste on their part.