Friday, May 22, 2009

Ahhh Choooo!



So both of my sweet little boys have come down with colds... :( They have the sneezes and coughs and when Tristan gets the coughs he will cough until he throws up...and last night was my lucky night he made a trail from the bedroom to the I know he tries his best but yuck---EE! Alas after that they both took some medicine and slept through the night. I have not had the chance to post as many things as usual, but the little beasties need my attention more. I have some deal pics and other things that I will try and post up maybe later tonight or tomorrow...until then I hope you all have a GREAT,SAFE Memorial Day Weekend!


  1. Grumble sick kids are the worst. I have the same cold. Well I rather it be a cold then allergies.

  2. I hear ya...I just found out that I have allergies...I had the suspicions...whoppi...THEY SUCK! bleh...