Saturday, May 9, 2009

Walmart 5/8

So me n my bestie and the boys made our way out to do our Friday shopping adventure....after looking over my receipts I did realize that I will be going back to Kmart as I got stiffed out of a coupon...argh! They are pretty nice there so it should not be a problem though...I also want to go back and get 2 more movie tickets as Tristan has REALLY wanted to see Monsters vs. Aliens for quite some time and I promised him. We went to see Wolverine last night which was pretty good. Next week we are going to see the Night at the Museum, any who here is what I got at Walmart today. I did take pictures of my Kmart and Target transactions, but not the Walmart because by the time I got home most all of it needed to get into the fridge or freezer...

7 Kashi Waffles $2.54 (used 1 FREE cpn and 6 $1.50/1 cpns)
2 Green Giant Family Size Veggies $3 (used $1/1 cpn)
1 Pillsbury Brownies $1 (used $0.30 cpn)
1 Clamato Juice $4.38 (no coupon)
1 6pk Garlic burgers $6 (no cpn)
2 Digiorno Flatbread Pizza $2.50 (used $1 cpn)
1 Pillsbury Ready Brownies $2.50 (used $0.75 cpn)
6 3M Metal Hooks $3.87 (used $2.50/1 cpn)
3 Oral B dental floss $1 (used $1 cpn)
2 Soft Pretzels $2.28 (used $0.75 cpn)
1 Skim Milk $2.34 (no coupon)
2 Ballpark Franks $1.50 (no cpn)
1 Breyers Ice Cream $2.75 (used $0.75 cpn)
2 Hebrew National Franks $3 (used $1 cpn)
9 McCormick Marinades $0.75 (used $0.50 cpn)
1 Fiber One toaster pastries $1.98 (used $1.50 cpn)
4 Sure Men's deodorant $1.78 (used $1.50 cpn)
2 Aveeno Lotions $3 (used $2/1 and $1/1 cpn)

Total before coupons $111.44
Total after coupons=$57.55 OOP

Oh yeah! I was pretty happy...and the SUPER friendly CSM who had to come over and approve it said I did good...yay me! She was a "fellow couponer"! Back to the northside Walmart I shall go!

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