Sunday, May 17, 2009

Target Spent $46.55 saved $86.59

Well I ventured to Target and let's just say it was not one of my most FUN shopping trips. I did get a lot of items at a decent price BUT I had to make 6 separate transactions. I have the habit now of asking prior to checking out just to save myself alot of headaches and arguing in the end. The girl ALSO made me place my coupons NEXT to each item so that she could check them as she rang them up...YAY ME! Blah...and the crabby manager that I do not get along with was working so I figured it just best that I do what the cashier asked to avoid a show down at the OK

Here is what I got:

4 Hershey Bliss bars=FREE
4 Quaker Bites=FREE
5 Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs=$0.54 each
8 Crystal Light Packs=FREE
6 Oscar Meyer Hot dog packs=$5.94
2 Kraft Dressings=$0.49 each
2 Kraft Miracle Whip=$0.49 each
3 Ritz Crackers=$0.49 each
2 Wheat Thins=$0.04 each
3 Triscuit=$0.04 each
3 Huggies Travel Wipes=$0.02 each
4 Banana Boat Travel Sunscreen=FREE
8 Oscar Meyer Lunch Meats=$2.00 each
GE Light Bulb $0.49
2 kraft Cheese bricks=$1 each
8 Kraft Shredded Cheeses=$1 each
2 Kraft Slices=$1.19 each
Hefty Trash Bags 60 count CLEARANCE $4.64

A lot of Kraft items we completely cleared out, imagine that. I did get everything that I intended it was a decent trip...though a bit of a hassel.


  1. I always luck out at Target. Last time Henry was my checker and he was AWESOME.

    I always debate whether or not it is worth the hassel of dealing with crabby cashiers. I am pretty sure the next time I get one I am going to put everything back into my cart and move to a different cashier.

    BTW I went to walgreens last night and they had Soleil Razors clearanced to 3.50 I still had my "buy soleil razor get refills free" coupon + they took the $3 off soleil razor coupon too! Razor and refills for .73 total!!

  2. You know sometimes I get a GREAT cashier and then other times I get one like last night ugh...the deals are all that gets me going back. I tell them I AM getting all what is in my cart so which ever way you have to ring it up get it personally I don't take their crap anymore...

    The stores want the business but they don't train the cashiers properly. I have had managers run all of my Target coupons and then some of the cashiers and like no we can't do that because this or that manager said only 1 per transaction. Then the lady last night was like "Well this really sucks because we get our raises on how fast we go, whatever" then she told me I need better ink. To which I replied well you are only allowed so many prints and I have new ink now and I was NOT going to throw out REALLY good coupons...humphf...then she was like how long does it take you to do this...well so sorry to ruin her day but alteast I came home happy with all my goodies.

  3. And CRAP!!! I just did a 3 Walgreen's run (to check for clearance Pull ups) and TOTALLY forgot to check for the dang razors! But I did get another meter...the pharmacy girl almost didn't give me my RR though....dork! Some people's

  4. I went an bought some more Ritz and Wheat thins today. That was a great deal. We are stocked up on crackers for our annual Orlando trip.

  5. Good call, as we are also going to Florida this summer!