Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kmart 5/8

So after all of this great Hershey's movie deal I have been bombarded with more kisses than I know what to do I have been giving them away I mean one can only have so much My total at Kmart was $14.37 plus I got another FREE movie ticket so we can all go and see the museum movie next week. I really love these FREE movie deals, as we have not been to the movies in so long since it is so stinkin expensive. So this was a nice change of pace for a family outing. Here is what I all got:

4 Hershey's Dark Chocolate Kisses=$0.50 each
4 Huggies Wipes=FREE
12 Vitamin Water=FREE
1 Ziploc Bags=$1.19
4 Playtex Gloves=$0.19 each
2 Wet Ones =$0.29 each
4 Glade Soy Candles=$1 each
3 Kraft Mayos=$1.49 each plus $2 cpn
1 Scrubbing Bubbles Toliet Cleaner=$1.50
1 Hot Shot Bug Killer=$0.49
1 Nylabone bag=$1.99
2 Chinet Plates=FREE
1 Glad containers=$0.50
1 Dental Bone $0.49

Nice haul considering the movie ticket...OH and I have to go back and get $4 back since they did not take a coupon off for one of the Glade candles...even better!!


  1. what q did u use for the huggies wipes to get them free here and so cheap at target?

  2. Hi Shaunta,
    I used the $1 Huggies Bath and Body coupon. I don't think I have paid for wipes in months! You can get a lot of 20 on ebay for around $2 :D