Monday, May 4, 2009

Target a little over $5 OOP

Target was a quick run in but a bit of a hassel. I did get quite a few things and pretty darn cheap I might add. I did have to whip out my handy dandy corp. coupon policy...I should make I had to pretty much tell them how to price adjust the coupons. As at first they seemed rather confused. Since it was either that or not take them. Overage is great but FREE is just as good in my book. I spent $5.27 OOP and got all this:

4 Pace Salsa $3.19=FREE
10 Quaker Mini Bites $1=FREE
3 Chex Mix $0.99=FREE
1 Cottonelle Ultra $7.69 (used 1 manuf & 1 Target cpn)

My total was $4.99 before tax...not bad since I got it all for less than the price of the toilet paper. I did do 2 transactions because at first they said that I could not use all the Target coupons at once. I said fine and that we could do separate transactions so they just ran them all big...

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