Thursday, May 28, 2009

Target Clearance finds n deals!

Here are some good scores I recently found at Target:

2pk Colgate Max White $2.24 use $1 Target cpn(found in the palmolive 3pk when u buy it) and $1 manuf cpn=$0.24!!!

3 pk Kleenex $2.12 use $0.25 manuf cpn or $0.50=$1.62-$1.87

Oil of Olay bar soap $0.48 used $1 manuf cpn=FREE plus possible overage!!

Woolite $5.29 use $1.50 manuf cpn=$3.79

Nexcare Travel band aids $0.84 use $0.55 manuf cpn=$0.29

LOT of Ziplock and Glad products are on clearance=various

Cottonelle Wipes $3.19 use $1 IP cpn (when you make the pledge)=$2.19

Lysol BIG can $3.11 use $2 manuf cpn=$1.11

Spray n Wash Bonus pack $3.81 use $0.50 manuf cpn=$3.31

Also you can pair up the Cottonelle toliet paper IP cpn with the Target one and get 12 DOUBLE rolls for $4.49!!

Bring your binders and be on the look out...I usually scan the isels and end caps for the best steals!!


  1. I know! Serious mark downs. last week I used a ton of coupons and I ended up getting $6 overage applied to my other stuff! I found a new favorite target- this one just pushed all 12 of my bliss coupons through, and all the overage ones too.

  2. U lil hustler u...rock it! Don't you just LOVE overage!!