Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pick n Save AWESOME deals!

I don't have a picture sue to the lack of time with the boys being sick but just wanted to make a couple quick little posts. I scored some really great deals this weekend. As I ran out while the boys were resting and taking their naps. I actually went to Pick n Save two times because the deals were sooooo good! Here is what I all got:

Transaction #1:

1 pk Pork Spare Ribs $6.01 (paid $0.01!!) used $6 off pork coupon
1 pk boneless Pork Chops $6.36 (paid $0.36!)
2 Kingsford Charcoal $5.99 (paid $4.99) they have coupon tear pads by the soda
2 KC BBQ Sauce 2/$3 (FREE w cpn when u buy charcoal)
2 Claussen pickles 2/$6 (paid 2/$5 used kraft cpn)
1 Hidden Valley Ranch Mix $1.25 on sale-no coupon

Now since I bought 5 select items then I also had a coupon for $3 off

TOTAL $13.99 for everything!

Transaction #2:

2 Kingsford Charcoal $4.99 (used same cpn) 18 lb bags
1 Johnstonville Brats $6.88 (paid $0.88) 3 lb box
1 Pork Spare Ribs $6.19 (paid $0.19)
2 KC BBQ sauce 2/$3 (FREE)
1 Hiddenvalley Ranch Mix $1.25
4 A1 Marinades $2.63 (paid $0.63 each)
2 Kraft Singles 2/$3 (paid $1 each used Kraft coupon)
2 Johnstonville Turkey Better Cheddars 2/$6 ($1 each)

Total $16.61!
I was also going to get some Wacky Mac for only $0.25 per bag but they were sold out! Rats!!


  1. How did you get the brats for $.88?

  2. Hi,
    I used the $6 off any pork with purchase (the coupon I have posted) I used the coupon for the FREE KC bbq sauce and bought the kingsford charcoal. The brats were $6.88 so with the coupon they came to $0.88 :) Best wishes!

  3. Are you able to divide your Pick 'n Save orders into two separate orders AND still use your savers card to get double coupons? My Pick n Save in Milwaukee said I can only use my card once to get the double coupons.

  4. Hi,
    Yes my Pick n Saves are SUPER friendly and awesome! They have not EVER said that I couldn't use a coupon and are really nice on double days. I even had one lady double my coupons when my total wasn't over $25...I was like WOW thanks! Have you asked to speak with a manager? If that doesn't work you could contact the corp office. and if all else fails you could tell them, this is separate because I am paying with 2 different methods. My theory is I am going home with what I have in my cart, I have had to do sometimes 10 transactions at Target to use all my coupons and yes they may get frustrated. But hey I went through the store planned out my trip, spent time and effort so...

    Ask them to show you in writing where it says that you can only do it once. I have not EVER seen that anywhere. Hope this helps :D