Monday, May 4, 2009

Kmart 5/4 Deals FREE movie tickets!

So I ran back to Kmart in hopes to get some more Chinet Plates...well I shouldn't hold my breath...I just missed out as the gal before me got the last 3 packs. I did get a small pack which will be good for the kiddos with snacks and what not. I did have to return all of my cereal and rebuy it as the cataline machine did not print out the 2 FREE movie tickets and heck that was the whole point of buying all of the cereal. Seriously no one needs ALL that cereal. Good thing there is a food drive coming up! Anyways here is what I all got:

8 Vitamin Waters=FREE
2 Corn Pops=$1.99 each after doubled IP cpn
2 Raisin Bran Crunch= $1.99 after doubled IP cpn
2 Mini Wheats=$0.75 each after doubled IP cpn
2 Frosted Flakes=$0.75 each after doubled IP cpn
2 Special K Blueberries=$0.75 each after doubled IP cpn
4 Right Guard Body Sprays=$0.09 each after doubled cpn (in Kmart cpn Book)
2 Rubbermaid containers=$0.49 each after doubled IP cpn
4 Chinet Crystal Cut Cups=$0.99 each after doubled 5/3 cpn
1 Chinet Plates=FREE
1 Sani Hands Wipes=$0.49 after doubled IP cpn

Then of course I used the $5/$50 AND got my 2 FREE movie tickets now we have enough for all of us to go and see a movie this weekend! YAY! I'm so excited since it has been awhile since we went to the movies. And I spent only $10.75 OOP which is pretty much nothing taking into account the tickets!! WHOOP WHOOP!


  1. I got the free movie tickets from Jewel and I was pretty fired up about that- Isn't that just an amazing deal?!

    Fantastic OOP!

    Hey I was up in your neck of the woods (well not quite) in Racine today.

    Oh and I am sure you have better things to do than drive 3 hours for a craft fest, but if not then stop here:

    I'm going. you could come here and we could carpool the rest of the way.

  2. Hello,
    Yeah I thought this was super awesome with the movie tickets! I did one awhile back from P & G and had to send it for it. I am still waiting for the tickets...this way is soooo much better! Did you get your KFC coupons...oh yeah free dinner! I'm using those on a karate night since my son's class gets done so late and I usually just make something really quick and simple. I will see what I have going is the 22nd right? I would have to ask my mom if she could watch the boys as they would not sit that long in the car, shoot they hate riding 30 Let me get back to you on that sounds pretty cool...I can be crafty when I have some good ideas. I made my Halloween costume when I was prego since I couldn't find anything that fit that I wanted to be...there can only be so many