Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kmart 5/7 MORE free movie tickets!

I took my lil sister to Kmart today for her FIRST ever coupon shopping adventure! She saved almost $84 and spent $25 and some change...not bad for a newbie...She had to get some diapers and other kid essentials so her total was a tad higher than just getting a bunch of freebies. But have NO fear I made sure that she scored a bunch of those also. Here is what she got:

2 Kotex Pantiliners=FREE
1 Venus Razor pack=$2
1 Mac 3 Razor pack=$2
1 Huggies diapers=$5.99
4 Huggies wipes=FREE
2 Johnson's q-tips=FREE
1 Right guard body spray=$0.09
1 Rice Krispies=$1.49
1 V8 Splash=$0.66
6 12 packs of Jones Soda=$1.66 each
1 3pk of Marcal toilet paper=$1.69
1 Air wick freshmatic=$0.99
2 ACT mouthwashes=FREE
1 Tums smoothie=$1.69
4 Vitamin waters=FREE
1 Clariol Hair dye=$0.89

I think that is all she I did have a cart full of my own along with the boys so I sorta had my hands full. I think she did pretty darn good though!

As for me, I was SUPER tired today and didn't get around to taking a picture...yeah boo for me! It is really exciting (atleast to me) to see the pictures of the "end result" I am going out tomorrow with my bestie and the boys so I will make sure to take pictures of the end results there. None the less I did pretty darn good. I spent $23.17 OOP and got 2 more FREE movie tickets! These ones have to be for the Night at the Museum, but that's okay because Tristan really wants to see that movie anyways. Here is what I all got:

2 Dove Ultimate=FREE
2 Clairol Hair Dye=FREE
4 Huggies Wipes=FREE
1 Huggies Little Swimmers=$4.99
1 Pampers=$5.99
2 Chinet Plates=FREE
8 Hershey's dark Chocolate Kisses=$0.50 PLUS 2 FREE movie tickets
8 Vitamin Waters=FREE
6 12pks Jones Soda=$1.66 each
1 Marcal Paper Towel=$1.69

Not a TON of stuff but a LOT of good freebies and some necessities. So a pretty decent haul. Tomorrow will be Target, Walmart and lots of good freebies at Kmart for one last harrah! (At least until the next double coupon event.)

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