Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kmart Doubling AGAIN!?!?!

Will the maddness ever stop?! lol Kmart is doing yet ANOTHER double coupon event May 17-23rd..I think they are trying to break Stay tuned for more details!


  1. I had the worst trip to Kmart. It was one of "THOSE" checkers that make you just want to grab back all your coupons and make a giant scene. I will return to Kmart but only if Walmart is on fire and I definitely will not be lulled in by fancy talk of doubles.

    That being said, I am totally jealous you know how to work it there. Ah well- you win some and lose some.

  2. Oh trust me there is this lady there that I would love to drop she was trying to tell me my coupons were fake...yeah ok lady I was like only lets you print 2 per IP address and you can see that they both have unique serial numbers. I sat there until they fixed out to enter em manually. I only go for doubles because everything else is too darn expensive. Everyone else is pretty nice there though. Some of the ladies play with the boys and are super friendly it just that one...argh...

    Now is a 50/50 draw with me...sometimes they rock and sometime grrr....but I tell em either you take the coupons or I go elsewhere. Many places want business. I don't have to shop there...Target they don't even argue with me anymore or make me separate my transactions. I do polietly ask them before. Cuz hey if they want to do 15 separate transactions it is their time. I came to get the things that I put into the cart so. And I think I complained to corp. enough that they just say that it is not worth the time to argue with

  3. where did you here doubles again? I don't see it in any sales ads in my area?

  4. This time it is only Super Kmarts, you can go here and see if there is a Super K in your area Super K's and Big K's are not the same though. There are 2 start dates May 17th and May 20th.