Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UPDATE with Kmart and refund....

SO....I am a bit perterbed with Kmart or actually the people that they having working behind the service desk. I went in today and brought my receipt as well as the breakdown of what each item should have cost me and then what my total was THEN I also had what they had overcharged me. WELL you would have sworn that I was demanding that these ladies pay me out of their own pockets (it started with one, then turned into three and THEN the finally called the GM before anything got accomplished) anywho...two of them were VERY rude and acting like I did something wrong. THEN when I told them that the cashier errored when she did not select all of the items (the problem came from coupons that were for multiple items) they said, "Oh that's not how that works." To which I replied, "Yes otherwise it will not deduct the appropriate amount. You would have sworn that I just asked them to complete brain surgery...they were baffled to say the least even with the breakdown RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM! Finally when the nicer of the the three called the GM he said to refund me my money. I was pleased that someone finally had some common sense. Before I went to shop the one said that she wanted to check out my items PERSONALLY to make sure that there was no funny business, like I was making this up! I was quite offended and had I not driven so far to get there I would have just left. I will be filling out the survey on the bottom of my reciept as well as contacting the corporate office.

It even gets BETTER! So while my friend and I were shopping (she had never been to a double coupon days so she wanted to check each isle to make sure that she could see what she could all get a good bargain on) one of the other ever so rude ladies (rude cashier #2) was following us (it was OBVIOUS) and glaring at us...SERIOUSLY was that necessary?? NO! We are paying customers and I felt harassed to say the least! Then I did not see the rude cashier #1 so I went to another lady and make 2 small purchases (which I scored on!) when I was completing the second one rude cashier #1 came over and watched my coupons like a hawk....THEN low and behold the problem arose with the coupon for 2 items. It was NOT entered correctly so, it only took off $2.50 instead of $4.00...I pointed this out to rude cashier #1 and she try to argue and make up some explanation. I stated that this was the case with the first receipt and that is where all of the $7.75 that was overcharged came from. Finally she gave in and manually took the extra amount off of $1.50...needless to say this was by far my WORST Kmart experience EVER! AND I WILL NEVER GO TO THIS KMART AGAIN! Ugh! (I will share my great deals though...I think that is why they were so grumpy. Well it is NOT my fault I know how to use coupons!)

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