Saturday, March 21, 2009


These are by FAR (to me) one of the greatest things EVER! They have helped me save my family LOTS and LOTS of money. If you haven't started couponing I totally recommend giving it a whirl. That little bit of time can really pay off and make such a difference. Especially with how things in the economy are today. It is a GREAT feeling being able to have extra money to be able to put aside just incase and still have all of the necessities that you need to run your household successfully. There are MANY great places to find coupons. I print A LOT of my coupons on the internet. From signing up to receive emails directly from the company to going to coupon specific sites. Here are a few other great places to find coupons...
  • STORE ADS (these are great because you can pair them up with manufacture coupons)
  • EBAY!! ( I buy many of my coupons on ebay, yes it may seem silly, but if I know a specific item is going on sale and that I use that item a lot I buy that coupon in bulk)
  • IN THE MAIL (Again by signing up for certain things you can receive many coupons in the mail)
There are other places but those are just the ones that I use frequently. Know somewhere else to score a GREAT coupon, let me know! I'll be happy to share it!!

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