Monday, March 30, 2009

Soft Soap Rolling deal DEAD!

Alas I went to the one of the three Walgreen's here in town and tried out the Soft Soap deal. I purchased one and received a RR (register reward) for a FREE Soft Soap, so I went over and grabbed another one. Paid my $0.20 in tax and darn, no more RR...maybe if I feel up to it I will try one of the other 2 stores here and town and see how it goes...

My best friend tried it in Manitowoc (about 30 minutes away from here in Sheboygan) and she had to call the manager because she did not even get one! She often has MANY problems at that Walgreen's because they are NOT very coupon occasionally she will come here. It is VERY frustrating as a consumer when the cashiers are soooo rude to the customers. I mean they act like you are taking the money out of THEIR pockets! In what way does it affect them? You are purchasing items, which help generate revenue, which in turn boosts sales to help the suffering economy...WHERE IS THE PROBLEM! The stores are getting the face value of the coupon PLUS at least $0.08 more! They are getting MORE! Duh people, it is NOT our fault that we are trying to get the most bang for our buck and score a sweet deal! Seriously lighten up...sorry for the rant but some people need to stop. Don't get me wrong there are some REALLY nice cashiers out there...(especially my fav Katie at my Walgreen's both the kids and I LOVE her :) The bads seem to over take the goods at times...Any who...


  1. I completely agree! They look at you like it's a crime for saving money! I personally find it is easier to have a younger cashier and talk to them a lot while they are scanning coupons and make them laugh. It gets you farther for some reason. Just be nice to them no matter what and everything should be fine! :)

  2. Hi Coupon Co-pilot,
    Thanks for the support!