Sunday, March 29, 2009

3/29/09 Target

So I went to Target to see what I could find today. I did have a list in mind, but I wanted to check out the store to see if I could find any good deals. I spent $20.57 and saved $40.85 and this is what I got:

6 boxes of Target fruit snacks reg price $1.52 ($0.52 each) $1 Target IP
10 bags of Cheetos 5 fire/5 reg. regular price $1.29 ($0.29 each) $1 Target IP
2 Oil of Olay bar soaps regular price $0.97 (FREE) $1 manufacture coupon
1 Suave Deodorant regular price $0.94 ($0.19)$0.75 manufacture coupon
5 Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotions on clearance for $2.54 ($0.79 each) $0.75 Target IP & $1 manufacture IP
1 Kashi Frozen Meal $3.04 (FREE) Home Mailer
1 Crystal Light Drink Packets regular price $2.49($0.49) $2 manufacture coupon
1 100 Calorie Cookies regular price $2.49 ($1.66) on sale
4 Glade Room Sprays regular price $0.87 ($0.44 each) B1G1 manufacture coupon
2 Boxes of Frozen Pretzels on sale for $1.87 ($1.12 each) $0.75 manufacture coupon
1 Cool Whip regular price $1.99 ($1.99) NO COUPON
1 pair of socks for kids Easter basket regular price $1.00 ($1.00) NO COUPON
1 Slinky for Easter basket regular price $1.00 ($1.00)NO COUPON
1 activity book for basket regular price $1.00 ($1.00)NO COUPON
1 4 pk scented markers regular price $1.00 ($1.00) NO COUPON

Most everything I had a coupon for except the $1 items and then the cool whip, but I was making a cake and needed it so. Many of the items I combined manufacture coupons along with the Target printables. I will try and get a picture together tomorrow sometime as I a pretty tired today :D

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