Monday, March 23, 2009

Kmart SAVED $163.72!! (so far

So I ventured out today to Kmart's DOUBLE COUPON days. The closest to me was in Ripon, Wisconsin. It took me approx. 1 hr and 30 minutes or so to get there. A few of the items that I was looking for were gone already, but they had most everything on my list. I was a bit disappointed to say the least when the cashier told me my total (initially) of $78.16?!?!?! I was like HUH? Yes my original total before ALL coupons was $225.86 BUT I knew that amount was wrong. I had first questioned the cashier when I noticed her pressing the buttons on the screen and asked if those were the items that I had purchased (which I later realized WERE infact my items). She told me "no" but that if she did not press the correct button then it would not take off the correct amount. I looked over my receipt before I left (good idea if you live far away like me) and noticed that firstly I was charged $1.99 for 2 milks that were supposed to be $0.50 each, so that was my first problem to fix. Then I scanned my receipt and realized that SEVERAL of my coupons had NOT doubled to the tune of $13.00!! So I also had that fixed before I left the store. Something was still sitting funny with me, so once I got home I checked my receipt against my list (which I had intentionally written down the coupon amounts) and realized that they still owe me $7.75. I promptly called and took the woman's name whom I spoke with and will be going back later this week to get it adjusted. SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STORE SO THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN TO YOU. Once I get this fixed I will have saved $171.44 and spent $54.42, not bad not bad at all... (I will post a picture shortly...)

Here are some good deals that I found...
  • Good Life Dog Food on sale $4.99 use the $2 manuf. coupon=$0.99
  • Cover Girl Eye Shadow $2.99 use $1 manuf. coupon=$0.99
  • Oil of Olay Body Mousse clearance price $3.24 use $1 manuf. coupon=$1.24
  • Stride Gum $1.29/pack use $2 manuf. coupon off 3 packs= FREE
  • Snuggle Liquid Fabric Softener $3.29 use $2 IP coupon=FREE
  • Playtex Cleansing Cloths $2.99 use $1 manuf. coupon=$0.99
  • Playtex 18 ct. tampons $2.19 on sale use $1 manuf. coupon=$0.19
  • Gas X 20 ct. $4.49 use $2 IP coupon=$0.49
  • Bayer children's low dose aspirin $2.29 use $1 manuf. coupon=$0.29
  • Carpet Fresh $2.49 use $1.50 IP coupon=FREE
  • Dove travel size deodorant $0.99 use $1.50/2 manuf. coupon=FREE
  • Listerine Total Care $4.29 use $2 IP coupon=$0.29
  • Kotex 22 ct. pantiliners $1.29 use $0.75 manuf. coupon= FREE
  • Dry Idea $4.99 use $2 IP coupon=$0.99
  • Sally Hansen Tweezers $1.99 use $1 manuf. coupon=FREE
  • Aveno Lotion $3.29 use $2 IP coupon=FREE
  • Pringles clearance price $0.99 use $1/2=FREE
  • Lite Pringles clearance price $1.73 use $1/2=$0.73 each!

I had some other deals but many of those are listed on other sites...these were the ones that I got today :D PLUS I will mail in my receipt to Glamour Magazine to get a $25 Kmart gift card. Not bad for a days work!

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