Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today @ Target

So I went to go ol' Target today to pick up somethings that I had coupons for that expire at the end of the month. I got some pretty decent scores. I purchased 2 Bolt DVD's for only $10.99 EACH! One is for the boys and then one is for their friend's birthday party that they have to go to on Friday. That was pretty much my whole total of $32.24! Here is a breakdown of what I got:

2 Bolt DVD's $10.99 ($5 IP cpn)
3 boxes of Hostess 100 calorie snacks $1.74 each ($0.75 IP cpn & $0.50 target printable)
2 Gillette Trial Shave Gels $0.42 each used ($0.55 cpn manuf. cpn)
4 Gillette Face Wash/Body Wash FREE ($2 manuf. cpn)
2 Schick Razors $0.99 after $5 gift card ($4 manuf. cpn)
1 Shout bright n white $3.29 ($1.50 manuf. cpn)
4 Dove trial deodorants FREE ($1.50/2 cpn)
1 Huggies gentle care wipe refill $0.99 ($5 IP cpn)
6 Johnson's Buddies FREE (sending my nieces some with their b-day presents) ($1 manuf. cpn)
1 Dawn Foam $1.00 ($1.50 home mailer cpn)

So I saved $49.35 plus the $5 gift card...not too bad since all was less than the original price of the 2 DVD's. Not a HUGE haul but I still got a lot of good items and covered the birthday present for the party.


  1. Can you start shopping for me? Seriously. I'll pay for you to ship it here. It'll be way cheaper than getting it myself. I'm amazed at how much you save.

  2. Hey no problem! Even my mom said that I should start doing that for people...

  3. I'm so serious. It would save me a ton of money! I don't have any time for it. Working = :( and no free time. Really though. I'd love you forever if you did :P Haha. You get such amazing deals on things at places I've never set foot in.

  4. Sorry Shell this comment just now came up...huh...yeah if you come up here sometime I could definately show you the ropes...I LOVE getting FREE stuff it is addicting...lol...I miss u come visit!! (for more than a day!! and then I can give you that printer!!)