Friday, March 20, 2009


At first I know that couponing can be overwhelming. But once you sort of figure it out you think, "GEEZ...why didn't I start this sooner!" I mean all of the things that you can get for your family for little to nothing is simply AMAZING! I love being able to show my husband, mom and friends all of the GREAT things that I have scored! It is such a rush!!! Sometimes I aquire more than I need or can use so I give them away to friends, family and others that need them. As I have come to learn that many times you need to get some items in order to get the items that you really NEED for little to nothing. All part of the couponing game. :D It feels great being able to share these things with others. I just wanted to show everyone that YOU too can also be a "newbie" like me and come away with a great deal! I have shown some of my best yet receipts from various stores in hopes to inspire those who think that it is too hard, too much work or maybe not worth it. Many of these receipts shown from Walgreens also earned me Register Rewards (a coupon with a certain value amount to be used on your next transaction.) If anyone has any that they would like to share I would LOVE to see them!

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