Monday, June 1, 2009

WOW WOW Walgreen's!!!!!!!! I made $22.15

Oh how I love Walgreen's, let me count the Seriously though I LOVE Walgreen's...we have 3 here in town and today MUST have been my lucky day! Not only did I score the awesomely CHEAP NEW hair dryer (my old one is 10+years old!!) I also got 5 Bayer Meters ($50 in RR...wooo hooo) and I found Angel Soft on clearance! Today was a good day! And I still have $30 RR left to spend...I LOVE IT!

Here is what I all got:

5 Bayer Meters $10=FREE plus $10 each in RR
2 DUB City Cars =$5.99 each
2 Squirt Guns =$0.99 each
1 Stuffed Panda =$3
1 US Magazine =$3.99 (it was a close filler and apparently I needed another...huh...couldn't figure it out since my coupon/item ratio was WAY different)
11 Angel Soft 4 pk. $0.47 each =(used 2 $0.50 coupons)
1 Cortizone Cooling =$5.99
3 pks of Brown Sandwich bags =$0.45 each
2 Ectotrin $2 =FREE used $2 Wags cpn plus got $2 RR
1 Dawn $1.99=used $1 wags cpn=$0.99
1 OFF Power Lamp bug killer clearance $7.19= used $2 manuf cpn $5.19
1 OFF Power Lamp refill $3.59=used $1 manuf cpn $2.59
3 Pringles clearance $0.75 each
1 Revlon Hair Dryer $12.99=$2.99 after $10 RR
2 Chinet Plates 2/$3=2 $1 cpns=$0.50 each

Now keep in mind I did do several transactions, as each of the meters were in one. My first purchase included the hair dryer and I started out with a $9 RR. I spent $3.27 OOP in the first transaction and $4.53 in the last BUT I still have $30 RR left so I made $22.15! Oh and Tristan decided he was proud of our trip and wanted to get in on the the boys were boy good so I spend $20 of the RR on them and their toys in the picture...hey they deserve it for all of the couponing we do :D


  1. Several things:

    1- I love that your son is smiling through the pile.

    2- Amazing- how did you hold onto your bayer coupons for so long? Walgreens has done like 4 deals with them I used all mine up in the 1st promo. How many did you start with?

    3- I like that you purchased US (a guilty pleasure prize for YOU being patient couponing too?)

    4- Great deals. Amazing trips.

  2. Yeah I love how Tristan is cheesing in the background...he was proud that him and his brother both got 20 worth of RR to blow how ever they wanted...hey they put up with all of my couponin...yeah the US magazine was because my one total was negative and I was too tired to take another lap through the store (as I had to do it to grab more TP and lunch bags...)it was the closest useable thing and heck I haven't bought one of them in forever. Yeah I still have 9 more Bayer coupons so HOPEFULLY I will be able to score a few more....bring on the FREE money...I LOVE IT!!! I was soooo shocked when I saw they they were giving away $10 per meter that rocks! And my brother loves all the free strips...a win win :D