Thursday, June 18, 2009

Do you still have your B1G1 Kemp's cups coupon??

If so then you're in LUCK! I went over to Pick n Save for double coupons yesterday and as I was heading to the check out I saw that they have these cups on sale 10/$10 paired with the B1G1 coupon that is only $0.50 each! I grabbed as many as I had coupons for! This is a great easy dessert or snack and MUCH cheaper than going out for ice cream. They also have sooooo many flavors I didn't know where to start! Head on out, as I am sure this sale is only good until Saturday 6/20!


  1. Also, the Pick n Save (Grafton) i was at last night, I was able to get the country time lemonade in the container, it was 3.25 Plus was on BOGO so 2 for 3.25 PLUS, I had the 1.50/2 from So 1.75 for 2 containers and lemonade is great for the hot WI summers! :-)

  2. You said it! I picked up some of the Jack's Pizzas 4/$10, Macaroni Grill Meals 2/$7, the Kemp's cups and a few other items. I think I saved a little over $45 and spent $28 for 37 items :D