Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today I went to Walgreen's to see if I could "roll" the John Freida deal since I had 21 coupons left that I wanted to see if I could use up. Well I am HAPPY to say that it worked like a charm!! I shared some with my brother and he was able to get some as well...and the sweet guy even bought me a present with some of his RR...awwww....I did also take advantage of the Coke deal that they had and got 8 12 pks. for only $8.86 TAX INCLUDED! I did use some Coke coupons and also some RR and I still have $6 RR left for next week. So I am pleased.

Here is what I got:

18 John Freida products $5.94
4 Pins (fillers) $0.25
3 One a day vitamin drinks (fillers) $0.25
8 12 pks of Coke $8.86
1 Scotch Tape pop up refill (filler) $0.50
1 Hair brush (filler) $0.50
1 Lip pencil (filler) $0.41
1 Axe Shampoo (this was AWESOME it popped out of the catilina machine so of course I had to use it!!) FREE

All this for only $17.96 plus tax...nice!!! Real nice! Oh and $6 RR for next week :D Big Smile


  1. I think you want to share some of that shampoo with me. I got the free sample and love it. I know you will, because you love me :) I don't blame you.

  2. Lol...that would REQUIRE you to come and visit your FAVORITE cousin!