Sunday, June 28, 2009

LOTS of Eggo Bake Shop Coupons!

This week these are on sale 2/$4 at Pick n Save, now while that MAY not seem so great at first since they were on sale at Target 2/$3 last week...bare with me....if you go on Wednesday they are FREE after doubles!!! Whoot whoot!! Also they have Coke on sale for only $1.49!!! After a $25 purchase BUT of course buy items that you have coupons for so you have very little OOP! I am getting FREE pork, BBQ sauce and charcoal...hee hee!!

Go here, here, here and here to get your Eggo coupons. Make sure to use the back button and refresh to get 2 copies of each for a total of 8 coupons!!

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