Sunday, June 28, 2009

Coke only $1.49 @ Pick n Save!!

Spend $25 on other items and you can score 5 12 pks for only $1.49!! Best part is that if you have any of the $1 IP coupons (no longer available) you can get them for only $0.49 EACH!!! I knew I was holding on to those coupons for a reason!! To maximize savings you could go on Wednesday for double coupons!!


  1. Is this a catalina that prints out or what??

  2. I have an ad print that I got online and took to the store because apparently in store it says 5/$10 but since I brought that in they honored it at the $1.49 per 12 pk. The $1 IP coupons are from quite a ways back but I was saving them for a good sale such as this. I can try to email you the ad print so you can bring it in if you check your online store flyer and it says the 5/$10 :D