Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pick n Save score!

I got my Jenni-O Turkey coupons the other day and also my FREE Oscar Meyer beef franks coupons so I figured since Pick n Save had a lot of these items on sale this week and I was in the middle of making egg rolls and realized that I had NO eggs left that I needed to swing by the store. I grabbed my stack of coupons and headed out.

I paid $26.38 for ALL this:

4 pks of Jenni-o ground turkey
2 pks Jenni-o Turkey Burgers
2 Oscar Meyer Beef Franks
2 pks Ground Pork
2 pks Brat Patties
2 KC Masterpiece BBQ sauces
2 18lb bags of Kingsford Charcoal
2 bottles of cooking oil
1 Extra Large Eggs
1 Marcal Napkins

I saved $48.55!!!

Now it was a blistering 96 degrees today so by the time I got back I had to hurry and put all of the meat away so that it would not spoil. I used 3 $5 Jenni-o coupons, 2 FREE Oscar Meyer Coupons, 2 FREE KC masterpiece coupons, 2 Kingsford coupons, 2 $6 IP pork coupons, 1 FREE Marcal coupon. I also got a raincheck for some more Marcal, now that Pick n Save finally has this item and there was only one left. I plan on getting more before my coupons expire!

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