Friday, June 19, 2009

$5 off $5 from Schwan's!

This is a GREAT coupon code! Get $5 off any $5 or more purchase! I got the Quick Bake French Fries for $5.49. They also have cheaper items like the Bomb Pops for $5.19. And the delivery fee is only $1!!! So my total is $1.49 not too shabby especially since it is delivered right to you door!! Nice real nice :D Use the code D5 at checkout...sorry about that I totally forgot to post the mind has been consumed by the home


  1. Hi,
    Sooooo sorry about that...I added the code mind has been consumed with the house buying...enjoy!

  2. Thanks for posting that and GOOD LUCK buying a house! :0) What an exciting time!