Monday, September 5, 2011

Yet another busy day!

Today we finished up the Back to School cupcakes, pick up some fun party supplies for Koby's first birthday and headed over to school to start repainting the playground.  Of the fifty states there are 7 left to paint, I will finish those up tomorrow.  My nephew kindly helped me and decided that he no longer likes Alaska (since it is so BIG at least on the playground) I felt similar when it came to Texas...I think the original painter over extrapalated the size of those two states lol.  Once I am done I figured that I would snap a few quick pics and post them up for all to see.

Now I am off to get the beasties into the bath, jammies on and send them off to bed.  THEN it will be some MUCH needed quality quiet MOMMY TIME!  Until tomorrow...

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