Saturday, September 3, 2011

Koby's First Birthday!!

It is hard to believe that day is quickly approaching...he will be a WHOLE YEAR OLD baby has grown far to quickly.  My friend makes the best cakes in the world and the Nightmare Before Christmas just so happens to be her favorite movie.  She amazingly has never made a Nightmare Before Christmas cake and she said it is about time.  Since Koby was born only a few days from Halloween (I actually think all the walking for trick-or-treat is what put me in labor lol) he is going to have a Nightmare Before Christmas Costume Birthday Party.  I LOVE HALLOWEEN!  Before my husband took his promotion we used to have yearly Halloween themed parties.  I loved planning them all down to the little details.  One year I even sent out bloody severed "fingers" in little boxes as the invitations.  I won't get that gruesome with Koby's party (maybe when he is a teenager ;) I hope and wish that his dad could be here with us, but won't hold my breath.  Maybe someday the economy will pick back up and we can be together as a family again.

Anyways...I have started to find all sorts of great ideas for decorations and party favors.  I will be sure to take LOTS of pictures to post and so that daddy can see too!  Stay tuned!!

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