Friday, September 2, 2011

We're back!

I had intended on blogging while we were spending time with my husband in Mexico for the last part of summer but it seemed as though everywhere we went you had to pay for internet access and even then they only allowed you to use it on one device.  Since my husband has to have the internet for his job he was the one who used it.  I am far behind on my posts and still have to post the winner of the dress.  I did miss blogging, but since it it had been so long since we had seen my husband it was far more important to have quality family time.  Especially since our time there was limited with school starting.

We did a LOT of fun family stuff and daddy and Koby bonded even more.  It saddens me that he misses so much of his important milestones.  Hopefully someday we will all be able to live a normal happy life again.  We are thankful that he has a job and that he does was he had to provide for our family.

We went to Xcaret and it was simply breathtaking!  From the parrots to flamingos and all the way to the jelly fish.  There was so much to do and see.  We even had dinner at a Mayan reinactment show.  Vic really wanted to take the boys to see that since it is part of their heritage seeing as how they are direct desendents of Montezuma.  We went to the pyramids in Campeche and even climbed to the top of one of almost 120 degree weather it was no easy task!  To think the Mayans did that every day is just crazy!  We swam with dolphins and even rode on a pirate ship.  The boys enjoyed every moment with their dad and can't wait until December when we go back for another few weeks. It was MUCH needed family time!! 

Leaving is always the hardest and hurts so much...not to mention taking 3 small children through an airport, let alone an international airport with luggage, strollers car seats and all is no easy task.  It breaks my heart to see the boys hurt and have to get back to our day to day life.  Perhaps someday we may just give in and move to Mexico so we can see him more often. Who knows...

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